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  1. So what would you do with EUR 100. million ?

    In my world i know what i would do with atleast half of that amount... decent house, car, taking care of others etc...   Have just spent the evening with my uncle and now know how people can actually spend or have that vast amount.
  2. Why are you happy today?

    Went and got myself another "all important" certificate, came 2nd in the class too.... rock 'n' roll bitches..  :)
  3. Leonardo Porcelain Dolls

     Open to offers...  
  4. The Off-spring needs more room and is selling off her dolls, considering their age and use they are in good nick..and need a new home like yesterday.  She is asking 5€ a piece...  
  5. Why are you happy today?

    Signed up to do a Metall work course awhile back , courtesy of the Arbeitsamt,  and was persuaded to also do a  course in Lager  Logistiks, explained that i really had no interest in this Lager malarkey but as it was only for a few weeks and was just maybe making up the numbers, why not ?   Welllll, so far i have come away with those all important certificates,  1 in Logistiks and 2 a bloody Staplerschein,  😊, totally unexpected. All one needs to do now is finish this Metall work course and gain another certificate.   H😊ppy Days.
  6. What are you currently reading?

     'Tis.... Frank McCourt
  7. What are you listening to right now?

      Got NOW 80's blaring out on the Sat-Chan whilst oiling up our stairs..
  8. Morning Gav,


       Is there an age restriction on what you were advertising ?