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  1. DSL Wiring problems

    Just recently I’ve been having problems connecting to the Internet. I got in touch with Deutsche Telekom and they did some checks and could find nothing wrong at their end and as it seemed to solve itself after turning the modem on and off a few times, I decided that I should buy a new modem. As my daughter would like to be able to use her laptop when she visits, I bought a wireless router/modem. However when I came to plug it in I discovered that when the Telekom engineer installed my DSL stuff instead of just using a cable with a plug at either end to connect the splitter to the modem he wired it in directly. I tried just plugging in a new cable, but the wiring he has done seems to bypass the plug sockets as nothing worked. The wiring into the modem looks like this:   The red arrow shows what has been used and the green one shows what I want to use.   As you can maybe see in this photo: There are 4 wires coming out of the main phone cable. One red, and one red with black stripes, shown by the red arrows, which go into what was the normal phone socket. One green and one green with black stripes, shown by the green arrows, that are wired into the splitter. (The telekom guy obviously had to extend them as they change colour to grey and grey/black) There is then a black and a red wire, shown by the blue arrows, that go from the splitter to the modem.   So it looks to me if I connected the two green wires to the phone socket, like the red ones are, I could then connect the splitter to the modem using a normal cable with the normal plugs. The problem is of course I don’t know where to put the green, green/black wires, presumably in two of these connectors shown in this photo by the green arrow.     Does anybody know which ones I should connect them to?   The set-up looks like this when it's all connected and got the covers on:     Obviously if this is more complex than just moving two wires then I will pay someone to come round and do it for me, but I’m hoping someone out there can tell me what goes where, without me having to go to all that trouble.   Thanks in advance.