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  1. Check that you are on the last page of the thread, then copy all the text here, and paste it in a new post. With your name added to the bottom. How can it go wrong?   1. Ian 2. Allershausen (I'm going to regret this I'm sure!  ) 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10.
  2. Tickets Wanted for Rugby Oktoberfest 7s 30.09.17

    Tickets appear to be available here: Tickets  (I've sent the OP a message too, just thought I would post it here as well in case anybody else is interested).
  3. 2 tickets for Paulaner on Sat, Sep 16 at 1500-1900

    You paid €350 for something worth €60? There is no such thing as tickets for the Oktoberfest, entry is free. A complete table can be reserved, but still only costs €30 - €40 per person which includes vouchers which cover the price of 2 beers , half a chicken and sometimes a snack platter. Either you or whoever you got the reservation from, presuming you have one, are seriously ripping people off. See here. If you don't have a reservation these vouchers are pointless.
  4. TV via the Internet as an alternative to satellite

    I use Unotelly SmartDNS and I can watch the player and the ITV player etc. I can also watch SKY Go on my computer using it. The ip address update sometimes has problems in so much as my router doesn't recognise it any more, but pulling the plug out and then putting it back a few seconds later seems to do the trick.
  5. Agent Requests "Commission" To Ensure I Get Apartment

    There is, however, a Hafenplatz 1,10963 Berlin. Edit: El Jeffo beat me to it.
  6. Britain Bans Diesel and Gasoline Cars Starting in 2040

    Read the report again. There weren't 570,000 plug in cars sold last year, that figure is the total number sold up to that date, i.e. including all the years proceeding that. The figure is a drop in the ocean compared to all the petrol cars sold. This doesn't mean that won't change, but we are a long way off from having all electric cars, in fact I doubt if it will have happened by 2040. I would like to be wrong.