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  1. I received a huge letter from the Deutsche Rentenversicherung (German Pension) asking for a clarification of my pension account.  I haven't yet attempted to read through this mountain of bureaucratic correspondence but has anyone else received this package in the mail?  One thing that stood out which I don't quite understand is that they provided a list called Versicherungslauf von xx.xx.2015.  It then lists each year ending with DEÜV 01.01.14-31.01.14  xx.xxx EUR Pflichtbeitragzeit.   The xx.xxx amount was less than my total salary for each year. Is there a maximum amount or maximum percentage of salary that is calculated for the pension?     For all of my private pension stuff I have no problem understanding what they write but for some reason the Deutsche Rentenversicherung seems to take an extremely confusing approach to getting and giving information!  Anyone else find this confusing too? What did you do, fill out the questionnaire? Any websites to recommend that explain it more clearly?