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  1. Hi, am calling from Microsoft. Your PC is infected

    We've had two of these shock calls recently starting with "your daughter has killed someone in Brussels" etc. Well we only have sons so that was easy! I strung them along until I got bored and then we traded insults for a few minutes. They won because they cursed me in German, English and Turkish!!! More than I could manage... They also told me that they knew where I lived, so I told them to bring it on as I have a big dog waiting for them. I do. Anyhow we have a couple of relatively senior city police as personal friends and we've now been asked to get involved in helping create some kind of public awareness campaign. It is quite awful to hear of an old lady being suckered for 300k by these b'stards.
  2. Schreck Shock Calls

    I regularly read about these calls in the local rag and recently got one!  "Female" voice speaking German, "Dad I had an accident etc etc. Arrested etc etc. Can you help me?". Now I don't have a daughter, so I answered "Well you deserve it!". The "female" said "Why?", and I answered "Because you called me last week and you're a f-ing scammer". The voice immediately changed to male and I was cursed in German, English and Turkish I wasted a lot of his time with insults which he returned and then his "brother" took on the debate so I wasted more of his time. I had fun and in the end he said "I know where you live" to which I replied that I have a big dog waiting for him. Anyhow reported to the Police and to a good friend who is head of the local Kripo.   Question is why does the telephone system allow anonymous calls to private numbers? Is it a German thing, a European thing or a world wide issue? Anyone else had experience of them?