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  1. How to repair a Rolladen

    The motors are not repairable. They are not that expensive. The job is fiddly. Ask me how i know!
  2. Letter from Finanzamt!

    So... I now have a bunch of forms to fill in but will use an advisor to complete them. Can someone help me with what is the allowed/required way to calculate the Euro value of un-remitted £ and $ income in a year?
  3. Letter from Finanzamt!

    Thanks for all the feedback guys. When it's all over I'll let you know how painful it was...
  4. Letter from Finanzamt!

    After checking my records I see that I have paid tax in the UK on this income so it looks like I now have to pay tax twice...
  5. Letter from Finanzamt!

    Haha! Definitely not a huge amount otherwise I would already have the same team as Gates, Warren, Musk, etc working on this for years.
  6. Letter from Finanzamt!

    OK thanks. It's only money.
  7. Letter from Finanzamt!

    Thanks for the reply. I know nothing about the Selbstanzeige option. I am planning to consult a tax adviser but you advise a lawyer rather than tax advisor or are they they same thing?
  8. Letter from Finanzamt!

    I have some UK income retained in the UK for some years and it is taxed in the UK. I have not declared this to the German Finanzamt. What should I do and what is my best strategy to avoid jail? Thanks for any links and advice.