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  1. The situation in the video is a tough one.  The cyclists, the truck driver and especially those who put the markings on the ground all made mistakes.  The biggest problem is that there wasn't space for a separate bike lane through that construction zone.  That was hard for the cyclist to see before they were in danger, though as they had to cross a lane of traffic before they could see that.  That is a situation where I, as a cyclist, would have taken the road (assuming I was too committed to be able to stop safely before).  Get out in the middle of the lane in front of the truck to make it clear for everyone that there is no passing in that situation.


  2. Send him a letter stating that you will be reducing your rent payments unless the matter is resolved in a timely fashion.  State a reasonable time.

    Best is of course to join a mieterverein and have them prepare the letter for you.  They are reasonably affordable.


  3. As Krieg said, you can get a 2 person tent, sleeping bag and matt for a total of 32€ from Decathlon.  Of course none of those are items I would want to use longer term ... but if you just want to try it cheap ...


  4. 41 minutes ago, NorseMan said:

    However, if we look at the numbers from 2006 to 2014 (presumably before the crisis), the number of children taken into care rose with over 80 %. .

    over 80%? I would be VERY worried about them taking my own kids then!  I'm pretty sure that's over 80 total cases.


  5. 12 hours ago, home less said:

    Can someone explain, why diesel in the first place? ... If someone tells it's more economical I would ask how much you spent on your long life oil, new turbo, failed pump or injectors?

    In 2006 I bought a diesel 2002 VW Golf IV Variant.  It used about 5l/100km, the equivalent petrol car used 9l/100km.  I averaged 20000km/year I kept that car for 10 years.  Estimating diesel prices at 1.175€/l and petrol prices at 1.325€/l (some numbers I just grabbed off the net), that means I spent roughly 11750€ on diesel, that would have been 23850€ on petrol.  So I saved 12100€ on fuel prices over 10 years.  I spent roughly 2000€ total on oil/parts/repairs over those 10 years.


  6. Buying certificates still makes sense in a number of situations.

    • You need extended validation instead of just domain validation
      • This means that the certificate authority is actually verifying that the company behind the site is being verified instead of just the domain.  This way you get a nice green bar as well.
    • Your site/infrastructure isn't directly available on the internet and you don't want to go through the hassle of dealing with let's encrypt in that setup.  (It's possible, but a hassle)
    • I'm sure there are numerous others that aren't popping up at the moment.

  7. You join a club which will practice 2 or 3 times a week, and play games/tournament on many/most weekends.  There are clubs all over Munich, so ask again when you know where you will live or what school the kids will go to.  I can ask a soccer coach friend of mine which teams he would recommend in that part of town.


    Caveat: I don't play soccer, or have children who play soccer competitively.


  8. 7 minutes ago, theGman said:

    Oh well, you can lead a horse to water and all that...

    Yep, I agree.  Ancel Keys did a poorly run study in 1970, the American Heart Association jumped on it, and hasn't been willing to listen to modern findings that saturated fats are not a major contributor to heart disease, rather the concern is sugars/carbohydrates.

    BTW - there are many findings that show that cholesterol/ldl is also not the evil that it was once believed to be.


  9. 52 minutes ago, theGman said:

    Even coconut oil has come under some criticism. Just because something has been used for thousands of years doesn't make it good.

    That site uses the argument that coconut oil is unhealthy because 1 tbsp contains the same amount of unsaturated fat as 3.5 sugary donuts, or 10 squares of sugar filled chocolate ...

    Sorry, if they can't find comparisons that actually make sense, no point reading further.