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  1. Banks have utterly lost their mind...or have they?

      I get a notification from my banking app (VR-Banking) within seconds of my credit card being used, every time. It's a great feature!
  2. Bavaria and the real estate bubble

      Well the difference is that I don't expect to turn a profit on the place I live in. I always looked at that as: if the interest per month is no more than paying rent for the same property then it's a good deal. Yes, there are associated costs but that's just maintaining your investment.
  3. Bavaria and the real estate bubble

      The house price doesn't really interest him, he's in it for the rental income. Even if the house prices crash, rents aren't going to suddenly fall through the floor. The only risk is when it comes to the time where the fixed interest finishes. If interest rates have exploded then there could be trouble.
  4. Bavaria and the real estate bubble

      Buying to rent is something different to buying to live in.   A friend of mine invests in a lot of property and explained how he calculates his Rendite: Buys property for €1,000,000 Costs @ 5.5% = €55,000 Own capital = €100,000 Total loan = €955,000 Mortgage @ 1% = €795.83 Interest per month Cold rent of €2,000 per month Cold rent minus interest = €1,204,17 per month = €14,450 per year   He has a return of €14,450 per year on his investment of €100,000 = Rendite of 14.45%   The €14,450 per year either is invested in Tilgung or is building towards the next purchase.
  5. I woke up blind in one eye this morning

    Sorry to hear about your continued eye troubles John!   I had surgery to repair a detached retina in one eye 5 weeks ago and then some laser "welding" to repair holes in the other one last week.   My timeline went: Sunday evening - 2/3rds of the vision in the left eye was suddenly covered by a grey curtain Monday morning - went to eye doctor who sent me to the Uni Klinik in Regensburg Tuesday afternoon - operation (scleral buckle) Thursday afternoon - went home   I still can't see sod all in the operated eye, although I've got quite a lot of blood swimming around inside the Glaskörper which means seeing is impossible anyway.   It's doing my head in not being able to drive, the longest time since passing my test 30 years ago.   How long after your operation could you see more or less normally again?