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  1. Hello Experts! I have an unusual situation and seeking your help. I went to a lawyer to get some information about immigration. The lawyer was not able to answer any of my questions and was saying that he is not sure about things. Not a single question he answered with certainty. One of the questions was how long till I can apply got Niederlassungserlaubnis. He said it was 3 years. So I went to the immigration office to apply and sure enough, they said it's 5 years. So I wrote him a polite email asking if I could get my 100 EUR refund since the information he provided was incorrect or he was not sure about it and therefore he gave me no answer at all. He replied that he can't pay for my interpretation of his answers. I replied back that I would like the refund since the information was not useful to me. He replied with a rude email saying he won't give me the money. I said that I am posting a review online. His response was this email in German that if I don't remove it within 15 minutes (he gave me a deadline!) he will start a legal proceedings against me. My review is still online. It has no name calling, no insults, just says what happened and to avoid going to his office, and of course 1 star. So, what should I do? I don't want to remove my review as I believe it is my right to do so legally. But I don't know what the legality of such review is. Can he sue me or is he only trying to scare me? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!