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  1. Again, this may have been covered here before, and I may not be using the correct search terms to find the answer, so if someone could point me somewhere else, that would be great...


    looking for housing and wondering why the steep fees for estate agents. What is it to their services that merits 2 months rent +?


    I thought it was steep in the UK when there was a processing fee on my application.


  2. Excellent, thanks for the advice.


    Actually, I lied a bit when I said I understood the paperwork for moving.


    My confusion is over this part... my dog has a pet passport, and he was vaccinated for rabies last April (the 11th I think?). I am planning to move at the end of April/be there in time to start a job 1 May. I know I need to get a booster. What I don't understand is the time limit. From what I've read, his vaccination should be no more than 12 months old and no less than 30 days.


    What I am wondering, then, is whether he needs the rabies shot a bit early rather than on the anniversary of his last shot. Or will it be okay to just wait till the anniversary and get it done then?


  3. Apologies if this has been addressed before, but I searched and couldn't find much of anything on the topic.


    I am planning to move to Germany within the next two months with my dog. I am clear on the paperwork and travel process, and I know I will have to pay a "dog tax" in Heidelberg.


    I visited HD a couple weeks ago and an American friend who hasn't been living there long said that ALL dogs have to wear a muzzle unless they go through a specific obedience course. I didn't see many dogs there, but none of the ones I saw had any sort of muzzle. Is this information correct? I haven't been able to find anything online that confirms what she said. If so, can anyone point me towards a link? My pup is not one of the "dangerous breeds", and he has been through three obedience courses here in the UK.


    Also, in my search here on dogs, someone mentioned that dogs may not be left alone for more than 6 hours. Is that Germany-wide? Is having a dog walker stopping by mid-day sufficient to comply with this rule? And what is the penalty for breaking this rule (not that I am planning on it, just curious)? Currently my pup has a dog walker while I am at work, and I will make the same arrangement once I move (though I am really hoping to find some place close enough to work that I could just pop by during lunch).




  4. Is the Quoka site similar to Craigslist or Gumtree (i.e., personal advertisements vs. through an agent)? That's how it appears to me, but I don't speak German (yet). I am planning to move to HD by 1 May now and I am trying to sift through the housing ads.


    I didn't see anything listed on the RNZ site for rent in HD, but then I may just not know what I am looking for!


  5. I am considering a job offer in Germany, and I currently live in the UK. One of my coworkers here said he thought all my UK appliances (fridge, washing machine, etc.) should work over there as long as I change the plug on them. Is this correct?


    When I moved to the UK a few years ago, I was surprised by the diminutive appliances necessary for the smaller kitchens. Are Germany flats similar to the UK in this regard? At my current house, I have an almost American-sized fridge freezer. I am wondering if it will be a challenge to find a place where it will fit (as it would be if I was moving within the UK).