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    Hi Everyone,

    It was nice to meet you all last Friday. I could not introduce myself to everyone since I had to leave early. But I am Ravi, from India, work in BASF and live in MA. Looking forward to the next gettogether. Anyone interested in some other outdoor activities..hike etc?



    Definitely up for hiking. What distances are you talking?


  2. My vote is for a beer garden, at least if it's going to happen in the next couple of weeks. Barbecue would be nice, too, but maybe when the weather is a little more dependable for being sunny and when there is not a holiday weekend coming up - then again, I don't know if most people here get American and/or British holidays (looks there's no summer holiday in late May for Germans).



    How about one of the outdoor beer garden/cafes in Schwetzingen or the Weldebrau beergarden? The doggies can lie under the tables. A few folks mentioned last night how much they like Schwetzingen... Sorry we didn't get to meet everyone. I think next time we need to get the babysitter to come a bit earlier.

    A few of my coworkers apparently make it a regular habit of going to Weldebrau. I was invited yesterday to join them in "beer heaven" but I had a lot of stuff to catch up on so I didn't make it.


    I'm really not picky about where as long as I can bring my pup (which I know a lot of places allow, but I probably won't be too brave about it until I know some German and can understand if someone yells at me). Especially staying in a guest house, where he is in his crate when he's alone, a few extra hours of crate time after a workday starts to add up.


  4. Sorry we had to leave early - my pup has been alone in an unfamiliar place too much lately and I worry about him - but it was nice to meet everyone we were able to. My friend had a great time too, and we hope to meet up with everyone again soon (I hope in a beer garden on a sunny evening where I can bring my dog!).


  5. I am willing, and close (I think). My dog is not older though, only 16 months, and he isn't really calm... well, he is sorta is. He tends to want to play with other dogs immediately in most cases, sometimes more than they want. I think I am better at reading other dog-body language than he is ;-) (most recently he met a poodle who was so afraid she hid between his owners legs and he was prancing around in play stance, silly boy).


  6. Nice. I am really hoping to find a place with a patch of grass. Most of the places I've seen advertised have a "shared garden", so I don't know that I'll have much luck with setting up my own agility area. Have to find out about a club once we get into permanent housing. He's just coming up to the age where he can do these sorts of things.


  7. He looks great, Bipa!


    Looking at this thread reminded me that I need to register pup here very soon. Will have to make it priority next week when I have access to a printer at work. We're loving it here so far. Found a nice place to eat and sit outside last night, waitress brought him some water, and then we walked along the river down to O'Reilly's. More sitting outside. Saw lots of dogs off leash downtown, too. I would be too scared to let him go right now.


  8. I dunno, he's been at the park before and watched other dogs wade in. I've been really surprised that he doesn't seem more keen on swimming since he was bred for it.


    Thanks for the info on insurance. I had insurance in Britain, and I had done some searches here on the forum and it seemed like the consensus was that it was a waste of money. The insurance I had in the UK covered vet bills, but the one you are talking about is only if he causes harm, correct? Do you have any recommendations for companies?


  9. Thanks for the tip, leky. Speaking of the PX, how is it there? The one near me in the UK sucks. One of my buddies in Stuttgart said the one in Ramstein is "the big one".


    I noticed the commissary hours are MUCH better there than where I live now (damn thing shuts down at 1800 most evenings).


  10. Re. kids, after thinking about it more, I might be a little wary about my dog for two reasons. He likes to jump on people (even though I have tried hard to train him out of this habit), and he might knock a kid over. He's also a bit mouthy. I don't know how that would compare to a lab since they are mouthy too. He doesn't bite, but he will use his mouth (gently) to get me to pet him sometimes. Kids might react differently to that sort of thing than I do.


    And despite being a "water dog" he hasn't done much swimming yet. When I took him camping in Cornwall last year, he only went in the water to try to drag me out of it, and when he couldn't, he stood on the shore barking at me! He will only go in to get a drink so far. Never has gone out far enough on his own that his paws aren't touching the ground.


  11. After searching the forum and finding some of the bike laws in Germany, and reading the wiki on requirements in Munich, I figure my bike is not quite up to snuff for getting to work like I thought it would be. Is it safe to assume that all the requirements listed for Munich are the same for HD? I am still searching Google to see if I can find something on it, but not knowing German is getting in the way a bit.


    Are there any recommended bike shops in the area that will help me figure out what I am missing?


    So far, I am pretty sure I need more reflectors (I've got only one on each wheel, and none on the front or back of the bike) and a dynamo light (if that is indeed a requirement). I have battery-powered front and rear lights at the moment. I *think* that's it, but I am not certain.


  12. Maybe try lucid dreaming (Google it or look on Amazon - you can find several books on the subject).


    For me, it's always stress that causes it. Do you exercise on a regular basis? If not, that could help reduce your stress levels and sleep better overall.