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  1. The coffee thread

    OK I did a search, and didn't find anything. I actually just have a quick question: how bad do coffee beans go? Just found a huge container from the US of Trader Joe's Volcano beans that expired 2 1/2 years ago. This is great, kick-ass coffee..   Which brings me to the broader point: I cannot stand this limp-wristed, flaccid, barely-if-at-all-caffeinated burnt-tasting German coffee. I need a fucking kick in the morning, and NO German coffee has a kick. I'm sick of buying fancy "select bean" blends from German super markets, only to brew a pot, taste it, and realize after three seconds that nothing is going to happen, and that I just wasted the time and effort again on German coffee.. I have bought some Starbucks beans recently, and they are good - but expensive - about twice store-bought stuff. Is that the only alternative in Germany?   I was drinkig the Dalmayer's blue stuff, which is less awful than most of the others, but even that is pussy-ass wuss-water..