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  1. Hi all,   we'll be shortly starting to furnish our newly purchased apartment... the big luxury item we are allowing ourselves is leather couch (probably a two seater) and a matching armchair.   We want one that is fairly contempory in design, one with a relatively low back that you can put your arms up on when kicking back to watch tv... in a fairly dark brown...   I've seen the one at Ikea, it is fairly close to what we want, but not quite... they also have a nice one in KARE, but the seat part of it seems very short, to be honest they both feel a bit 'waitingroom-ish' to me...   So far, people have recommended a shop called 'blue'(?) near lindwurmstrasse... but i haven't tried it out yet...   Anybody have any other suggestions? what about Who's Perfect?   The going rate for such a couch and chair sems to be a little over a grand, we might smidge a little bit more for the right pieces though...   Also, as we'll be buying a new bed and other miscellanious furniture, does anybody know if these shops are open to negotiation for big order discount?
  2. today the fellah from the water/heat company is coming to our apartment to read the meters...   i'm an engineer and for the past two years i've been trying to figure out how exactly the meters that are stuck onto the side of the radiators work... i've asked all my colleagues and nobody can give me a straight answer...   do they gauge how much heat you have used throughout the year by measuring the amount of liquid that has evaporated from the little tubes? do they eventaully have to fill up the tubes again?   is this not open to a lot of abuse? if this is their sole measure it can't be very accurate... or can it?   enlighten me please!!!