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  1. Hi,


    Whilst at home in Ireland recently, I bought some storage bags which allow you to attach a vacuum cleaner and suck out all of the air, compressing clothing etc to a fraction fo its volume for handy storage...


    anyone seenthe fir sale in munich?






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  2. as far as i know the aufenthaltserlaubnis & genehmigung are no longer necessary for eu-citizens... they became obsolete a couple of years ago... but a lot of employers and credit institutions aren't aware of that yet...

    so you might have to tell them to check it out with the local KVR or Rathaus for themselves...


  3. Hi All,

    In preparation for the impending arrival of our first child in February of next year, my wife an I are looking about for some Anti-Natal classes to attend over the coming months.

    Ideally we would like to take the classes in English so that we can both relax and get the most from them rather than concentrating on the German and translating bits for each other...

    Has anyone visited English speaking classes in Munich?

    Thanks in Advance,


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  4. if they had deployed he would have known all about it... and you would have seen them if you did had seen the car after the accident...


    egal. it is perfectly safe to drive around with auto-locks on... to get a car approved as roadworthy there are numerous tests and what-if szenarios that have to be carried out... this is just one of them...


    whatever the circumstances i'd be more interested to know how your friend managed to kick out a windscreen with one good leg... might be doable if the windscreen was broken, (which leads us back to the severity of the impact), but otherwise i can't imagine it...


    that is my 2c, must get back to designing auto-locks...


  5. did the airbags deploy?


    if the impact was severe enough and they did then the automatic locks would definite have opened... if not, then it is possible that the locks were still on, but then i would imagine that the circuits were still active in which case one should be able to open the locks with the buttons... unless one had a freak ankle injury and wasn't thinking clearly anymore...


    however, if the impact was severe enough for the pedal box to be deformed relative to the car body itself then the deformation would definitely be enough to sqew the doors, or at least the hinges and locks...


  6. Hi,


    Really informative thread, well done people...


    However, I have a couple of further questions (probably best answered by somebody who has had a kid here since the start of the year):


    1. My wife will be paid Mutterschutzgeld for 6 weeks b4 and 8 weeks after the birth. I read then that the Elterngeld is paid for the first 12 months after the birth including the 2 months when mutterschutz is still being paid... does that mean that for month one and two she'll get both? Or does the Elterngeld start at month 3? If so does it run then to month 12 (so 10 months Elterngeld) or to Month 14?


    2. What about health insurance during this phase? She is currently with the AOK, will we have to pay the AOK subs out of our own pocket while she is receiving Elterngeld or is that somehow also covered?


    3. I know that both parents can take Elternzeit and split it between them as they like, but can both parents take Elternzeit at the same time?


    Any light shed would be appreciated...




  7. Hi,


    An appeal for info to anyone who has sold or remortgaged a house or apartment in Germany.


    I bought an apartment here in Munich some 4 years ago and I'm now considering switching my mortgage to a better deal on offer from another bank in Munich. To do so, I need to get the apartmant valued and I have today been in touch with a number of Sachverständigers.


    They have told me it could take anywhere between 6 and 12 weeks to make the valuation and that it will cost between €800 and €1500.


    Even though I'm used to German buerocracy, I'm a bit surprised that it a) takes so long, B) costs so much and c) that there is such descrepancies between quotes.


    Can anybody tell me if these are ball park figures, or am I being led up the garden path?


    Can anybody maybe recommend a Sachverständiger in Munich that might work in a more efficient manner?


    Thanks in Advance!


  8. perhaps when selling a makler might use their experience to get you a better price?


    i don't know if there is any 'bidding' process here as the market isn't as hot as say, ireland... for example, if you name your price to one buyer, do you have to stick to that, even if a second buyer approached you with a better offer?


  9. i recently picked up a load of them for a wedding in the camera section in the basement of galleria kaufhof at stachus... 2 in a pack for about 6€, 27 exp with flash... that was the best price i had seen... they are either agfa or kodak, can't remember...


  10. hi,


    we live in a neubau apartment and as people were moving in and hadn't put their names on the post boxes the post man just left any mail that didn't have a matching name on top of the boxes...


    fair enough... most of it was collected...


    now, a year later there are still a number of letters and packages hanging around that nobody has collected... they are bugging me and i'm planning to stick them back in the mailbox with 'recipient not known' or something written on them...


    what might the appropriate term/phrase auf deutsch be?