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  1.   This interesting error is best avoided by investing in an induction hob.
  2. Like him or loath him, here's what Prince Charles is said to have written on this matter, according to a recent Vanity Fair interview:  
  3. How has language usage changed over the years?

    A couple more that make me cringe, despite their having been recognised by - my "bad" (an adjective or adverb pretending to be a noun) - a big "ask" (a verb doing the same)
  4. How has language usage changed over the years?

    In the 14 years since moving to Germany in 2004 I've continued to listen to BBC 4, BBC World Service and LBC (Nick Ferrari & James O'Brien) and continued to watch the UK FTA TV channels and I've noticed to my dismay that several words and phrases have intruded on the English I left behind, including the following: - using "so" instead of "well" when responding to a question - using "less" (as in "less people") instead of "fewer" - using "amount" (as in "the amount of cars") instead of "number" - saying "crate" instead of "create" (and "claps" for "collapse" and "creer" for "career")
  5. TV via the Internet as an alternative to satellite

      Unless I'm mistaken, RT, you seem to have confused Getflix (SmartDNS & VPN provider) with Netflix (movies). I've been using Getflix SmartDNS services for several years with hardly any problems. Whenever the BBC, NowTV or whichever UK channel I'm using has gone on the blink, Getflix Support have responded quickly and reliably. I'd recommend you give 'em a try: AB