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  1. Hello, I live in Pinneberg and lot of our friends kids are going to this ISC. They seem to be happy so far is what I hear. If you want any specific info, then reach out to me.   Cheers  
  2. Handling the aftermath of a car accident

    Thanks, i have given the car to a gutachter to estimate the damage and the cost of fixing it. Unfortunately the police did not give a report although the other party admitted it was his fault. I shall submit the report from gutachter to see what the insurance company says. In case if they refuse, then i shall engage a lawyer as a second step. 
  3. Handling the aftermath of a car accident

    Thanks a lot for the response. I have reached out to my insurance and they said they cannot help and i need to talk to the other parties insurance. I have asked a workshop to provide me a quote and i am waiting still for it. Once i have that , i shall inform the other parties insurance on the cost and other details. But when i called them, they did not provide me an option for rental car though.
  4. Handling the aftermath of a car accident

    The doors and outside of the car is completed dented. In case if my car could be purchase by the insurance that would be the easiest than the hassle of me fixing it. In that case, i would rather buy a used car and drive for the next years.   when i meant not worth fixing, i refer to the fact that car is 13 years old that they would rather substitute the market value instead of paying few thousands to repair. I have an appointment with a local garage for a quote. But the the whole point of other party not informing their insurance worries me to be honest.
  5. Handling the aftermath of a car accident

    New post on the same topic: I was hit by truck on the rear side end while waiting for the signal to turn green. The truck person accepted that it was his mistake and we called the police. The police person gave a slip with a remark ' nicht aufgenommen' due to data protection rules in Schleswig-Holstein.   I called the other parties insurance and reported the incident. So far the other party did not take any steps or inform his insurance company. But I have been told by the other parties insurance to get a quote from a garage and send the pictures.   My car is already 13 years old and the damage is not really worth fixing . Is there a way where the insurance company can offer to purchase the car with whatever value the car holds or should I go ahead and get it repaired after the quote from the workshop.   Not sure what should be done here or should I involve the lawyer. Any suggestions would greatly help.