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  1. thanks for highlighting HEM.
  2. Uetersen has high crime rate as per one of my police acquitance . I would not recommend Uetersen. Elmshorn is really nice and it has all the amenities that one would need.
  3. Hello, In your case, since your daughter is in 9th Grade, it makes sense to put her in international school. ISC in Pinneberg did not fit our needs , but that does not mean it wont fit others. I suggest give the school a call and discuss your situation with them. The school in Elmshorn ( Leibiz) does not offer english medium education, It is german curriculum focussed with english as an additional language. Good luck with your move.
  4. Nice to  know about another Pinneberger. if you ever want to catch up for a coffee or beer, let m know. my son is 10 years old and still settling down in PI. so far its been  nice and good.
  5. i live close to Pinnerberg Mitte. I can be reached via west ring ( the new bridge) in few mins. so ideally very close to Prisdorf.
  6. My son went to this school for a year. It was totally disappointing with the facilities and the management of the school. They are interested only in money from the parents and in return there is nothing on the offering. The school even lacks a decent play ground and he learnt nothing useful in this 1 year. we pulled him out of the school and he goes to another private school. Stay away from ISC. If you need any specific details, feel free to write to me. I live in Pinneberg and we could meet for a coffee if you need. Thanks Decow.