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  1.   Admit it: you also want his body, so come on, Sugar,  tell him so.   If you're gonna shove that song back in to my head you're getting the same back from me (bark-bark).   Over 10K posts and I'm supposed to stop signing them now?    woof.  
  2. Who'd've thought I'd be passing out wuvvie-(totally-not-very-ghey)-cuddles for any comment from Janx? Yeah well,  back to our program...     This is the hill you want to die on (or hole you want to die in), Vicar‽‽   > BadDoggie's style reminds me of a certain Don Riina.  Anyone remember him?   And yet you wrote shit apparently designed to stop my tail wagging and start me  growling.   I'm pretty sure I was the first overly sweary one  back when it were all fiel... I mean, back when it was TT_MUNICH.   DonRiina's still around and currently won't STFU about  gardening. You can find him on FB, or you can PM me your E-Mail and I'll pass it on    > Punchy, but to the point.  I'm no Quaker myself, but I like it when truth is spoken to power.   That's always been my way, even though a lot of people needed time to recognise it past their being all butt-hurt with 'strong' language despite never having had trouble with my potty-mouth at any TT meets, from Tuesday drinks to Curry Nights to any of the one-off events.  Not even the Thanksgiving when I tried to rescue the Twisted in spite of its owners, one running around the place for more than an hour yelling about just how high she was. (Falls Du dies siehst Jürgen, bitte ein PM, auch wenn nur zu sagen, daß Dir noch gibt's, und auch,  daß Du immer noch meine Sauerstoff verschwendest.)   > My 7 year old (1st year school) is one of those kids who suffers terribly wearing a mask.   WTF? How does your kid "suffer" wearing a mask? Are you going to claim that simple facemasks have any effect on breathing conditions?   Sure, they can be uncomfortable. What a terrible sacrifice to make in order to not kill others around you. This is the kind of shit parents are supposed to teach their sprog. The masks are there to protect others FROM YOU. It's exactly what my other comments were about!   Are you not aware of 12-20-member transplant teams who spend 18. hours straight on their feet, gloved, gowned, masked and more? All just to save only one person's life. If they're lucky there's a nurse to bring them sippy cups of water with straws.   > one of the young female assistants at the KiTa got infected.   Which is what the damned masks prevent spreading.  It's a virus spread by breathing... OUT. If she was wearing her fucking mask, that'd be why the other kids in the KiTa weren't also infected and possibly shuffled off this mortal coil.   As for Klinikum RdI, you won't live long enough to hear even the most abbreviated versions of stories about that place I have to tell.   I will say that anyone whose job requires contact with others either masks and gets fucking vaccinated or stays at home WITHOUT PAY. 'Fertility concerns' my black ass! More of that 3-minute Facebook-ology medical course.   > But "singing is dangerous" they have learned.   Only because unmasked exhalation is dangerous. In your own home,  together with everyone who's been properly shielded, not a problem.  Again, parenting.   Or are you going to complain that you can't do a version of  "Knees Up Mother Brown" during a performance of Tristan und Isilde?   woof.
  3. Coronavirus

    The Rockefeller Foundation is now some sort of leftie, conmie organisation??   You should hear my version of "A World Turned Upside Down".
  4. Coronavirus

    Medical degrees courtesy tik-tok kollij.   woof.  
  5. What made you laugh today?

      I can't help wondering how funny you'd find it if, instead of "good men", that sticker had read "rational women" or "intelligent women".   (And only 11 years late with a response -- my feed oddly put this up on top)   woof.
  6. Coronavirus

      The intentionally ignorant don't understand that wearing a mask isn't to prevent them getting sick themselves but to protect everyone else getting sick from them. The secret is in the word "respiratory".   The fuckwits.   woof.
  7. Coronavirus

    No, you could also slowly bludgeon their parents to death.   woof.
  8. Did you really think I was history?   For fuck's sake! No one gets rid of me that easily -- especially not shitballs who've helped make this shit go on more than a year extra by not masking &/or stirring up the ideas of disbelief and incredulity. Had everyone worn fucking masks from the outset, this would've been over last August.    Funny how people with those U of Goog degrees don't have the sense to look for <1918  Spanish flu WWI deaths>.  Well, except it's not really making me laugh.    woof.   (Edit: This post needs a bit more dog.   WOOF WOOF WOOF WOOF WOOF! you fucking ignorant pieces of shit.)    
  9. What fucking kind of stupidity lurks behind this sort of shitposting from someone who seems to believe that his 5-minute degree from the Univesity of Google Search (with a minor in Facebook-olgy) is somehow equivalent to the knowledge of any doctor,  nurse, or other medical professinal in any of more thn 180 countries who spent more than a decade just in basic medical education?   ...says the guy with no immune system and whose life these godamned idiots put in danger every fucking  day.   woof.