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  1. On 19/05/2010, 13:10:31, Tap said:

    "I like dragons, good men and other things of fantasy"


    ... it did make me smile 


    I can't help wondering how funny you'd find it if, instead of "good men", that sticker had read "rational women" or "intelligent women".


    (And only 11 years late with a response -- my feed oddly put this up on top)




  2. Scheißegal can just as well simply mean "it just doesn't matter" or "I really don't care". Like so many phrases, it all depends on how you say it and in what context. Adding "scheiß" to "egal" merely strengthens the intended meaning.




  3. I come not to praise Caesar but to bury him.

    That racist shitball found it perfectly acceptable to bully a woman who wasn't 1/3 his size. He turned on me when I called him out for that, his racism, and the general bullshittery he could spout with the rest of the worst here. Differences in opinions are fine; pig-headed ignorance is quite another. Bluedave proudly wore his ignorance and stated as much. Fuck that and fuck him. And fuck any other BNP supporter or apologist.

    I told him I'd piss on his grave and it seems I've managed to survive my own disease long enough to do so.



  4. > I think he said in earlier answer- He is NOT German, but when he registered on TT, he left the "Default as German"!!


    Walks like a duck, talks like a duck, Hait' Obend steht a Bratenten aufda Speisekart'. The fact remains that this is a forum for forinjers from English-speaking countries, and this muppet's language proficiency is right up there with his ladykilling prowess. Having just skimmed through a page of his posting history I find he claimed to "have very good social and communication skills" six months ago when he went begging for someone to basically hold his hand when going out... to bars. Which he has already excellently communicated are the ideal totally worst place to pick up chicks, ever his subject of expertise.

    I honestly hope he finds the therapeutic help he also asked for in another thread and would suggest that until he does, he perhaps more carefully consider mixing it up with, well, pretty much anyone on-line. That's advice not just for this hole but for anywhere random people write.



  5. 30 minutes ago, Aasemk said:

    I think girls gonna like you a lot when they see how smart ass you are

    By your very own public admission, when it comes to girls, you don't know dick.


    33 minutes ago, Aasemk said:

    I can see how insecure you are

    Projection is a terribly sad trait. You're revealing a lot more about yourself than you probably mean to.


    36 minutes ago, Aasemk said:

    At least I dare to talk publicly about a thing that I might find kind of an issue

    Proud to publicly admit your social ineptitude. Gotcha.


    48 minutes ago, Aasemk said:

    so please shut up

    Go play on the motorway, little boy. I was posting on this board (and effortlessly picking up chicks here) before you had pubes. How do you not see the absurdity of asking foreigners questions about social interaction in your own country?!



  6. I can''t understand why the chicks aren't all killing each other trying to land a catch like you.

    21 hours ago, Aasemk said:

    Let's start by forgetting dating apps for the sake of the argument



    21 hours ago, Aasemk said:

    I dont think that meetups are the place to get to know a girls that you might settle down with or have fun with for some time , It could happen of course but it's not the realistic and most efficient way for that.

    Pick-up efficiency?

    21 hours ago, Aasemk said:

    I believe that the best way is to go for a Bar , one with lots of chicks inside
    I dont wanna pickup a girls while she's drunk so I dont think about clubs

    So bars are awesome, except that you hate everything about them, from drinking down to the drunk chicks in the place who, oddly, aren't throwing themselves at you.


    21 hours ago, Aasemk said:

    I start to think that Berlin is bad city for picking up girls

    Not if you're a girl.


    21 hours ago, Aasemk said:

    I dont have friends who are ready to go with me for such activity because the're either pussies

    YOU are a Kraut on a public forum for English-speaking expats who can't manage to get himself laid in Berlin, but THEY'RE the pussies.


    What the hell has happened to this place?



  7. Mostly excellent advice from 2B_orNot2B. You could send them a letter as he suggests but with that you've agreed to start playing the game. Me, I'd bin the goddamned letter, maybe scanning it first to have a copy in case they come back and I'm forced to play the game. But that probably won't happen because it's a trawling exercise to find easily scared rubes. They're hoping you don't notice that whatever info they have on you ain't legit -- who the hell carefully checks IBAN numbers? Once you respond, the game is on and they're ready for the next few steps. No response? No worries, lots of other easy fishies out there who will.

    Did you even have to sign for the envelope? No? Yeah, fuck 'em. When you have to sign for the letter, present ID, or you get a big yellow envelope from the Amtsgericht, then you can worry for a few seconds. Then you follow the usual advice for dealing with these sorts of companies and their... questionable demands (*cough*Waldorf*thievingscammerfilthonlymyopinion*Frommer*cough*).




  8. 2 hours ago, yourkeau said:

    if you make something like British milk stout or Belgian kriek you cannot sell it in Germany due to Reinheitsgebot


    That hasn't been the case for years. Since 1987 it only applied to beer brewed within Germany and since 1990 it and new laws continually weakened the controls to the point where we are now, namely that the Reinheitsgebot is a marketing gimmick with no legal meaning nor ramifications.


    > but the Zoll will still charge you the beer tax because they would consider it beer

    Based on the amount of alcohol contained, but why let reality get in the way of your whingefest?


    > after two weeks there you start missing the taste of classical sugar-free beers made only from malt and hops.
    Maybe you do, maybe I don't. Who the fuck are you to decide what I or someone else should drink or which flavours we should prefer?




    just as i could have cracked him under the jaw .

     half that race seems to be mildly autistic , in my opinion. 


    So you consider violence a normal response to a verbal disagreement AND you*re so fucking ignorant you don't know the difference between nationality and race. Luckily for them, I doubt many Germans will lose sleep over being slighted by someone from a race of subjugated drunks.

    Your complaint about respect is bullshit. If they didn't treat you respectfully (right down to Sie/Du), you can file charges for Beleidigung, but you can't actually do that because what you mean by "respect" is "do it my way you meanie-pegs!" Your explanation notwithstanding, you were using an invalid ticket. Could the guy have deduced by the timestamp and location that your story was legit? Absolutely. Was he under any obligation to consider the circumstances and make judgments? Absolutely not. Dick move, but it's that time of year when all the shitbags are descending on the city. You didn't mention whether you spoke in German.

    If you went to the office and they still insisted on the full €40 instead of a fiver, the normal response is to write a letter to the MVV, not go into a forum and tell everyone how hard you are. 




    I believe it will be a good investment as it makes me a much smaller target

    You're an idiot. It makes you a HUGE target. You have admitted guilt. You're on the short list if WF or any other one of these filth is forced to actually take someone to court to prove they're not just demand-scamming (which they are).



    No I don't have any stats to back this up

    Because none exist?



    it's just my gut feel after lots of research.

    Would that be the same gut feeling that you had when you figured torrents are so ubiquitous and your list was so small that you'd never show up on their radar? You claim "lots of research" and yet have nothing to back up your claims or gut feelings.



    all of us here are just making educated guesses in accordance with our individual situation and risk adverseness

    Speak for yourself, Sunshine. I read this thread and much other information. Having paid attention to it all I didn't contact WF myself, wouldn't talk to any lawyer who would go the negotiation route, and haven't paid jack shit, save for a one-time specialist lawyer fee. So maybe I should thank you for taking the heat for me.



    do yourself a favour and read through the thread 5over the weekend.

    Now that's the first sensible thing I've seen you write. Let's hope for his sake that Day Glo Dave is a bit more cautious and a bit less interpretive.




  11. I saw your post in the thread about your wiring and was going to post there but figured you'd already made up your mind. You really should talk to an electrician; breaking out the three-phase into separate circuits on the common return is the professional and "proper" way for what you've described.



    Diameter in mm² max current in Amps max power in Watts
     1.0 10 2400
     1.25 13 3120
     1.50 15 3600
     2.50 20 4800
     4.0 25 6000



    Son of a bitch! I spent 10 minutes building this as a bbcode-formatted table and it turns out this forum disallows it. Fucksocks.


    Anyway, all the breakers I've seen run 10 or 16A which seems to have been the fuse standard prior to breaker conversion/adoption (my last house had both). Even though you're running well below Pmax, the oven draws that heavy load continuously for an extended period, so you should seriously consider 2.5mm rather than 1.5mm core wiring.


    Even with the gas stove, if it was my house I'd run 5-core 2.5mm or even 4.0mm cable up to the stove so that a future better oven could be popped in with no wiring concerns. Just terminate the two wires not in use and connect up the three you need. Me, I ran three-phase through the whole kitchen, with 3-gang sockets all along the counter. Left socket in each block was phase 1, centre phase 2, right 3 for maximum load distribution.


    Ground fault interruption is also done a bit differently in Germany so again, you should really at least pay an electrician to come in and consult for half an hour or so, giving your plans the twice-over and making corrections/recommendations. You really don't want to fuck up your wiring.







    Wow, those are some real factual sources you got there! You do know, Jon Stewart is a comedian right?

    You're not just a shitty troll in general, you're an extremely shitty political troll. Good trolls know the difference between a source citation and a comment. Good trolls know how to respond to cites with better and ideally more difficult to argue counterexamples. Good trolls know how to maintain focus. Good trolls know it's the fish on the hook that's supposed to wriggle and writhe uncontrollably, not the guy holding (or in your case, smoking) the pole.


    What? You're not trolling? What then, simple stupidity? Because the title is hyperbole over a complaint that's dishonest which is in a country an ocean away having nothing to do with the German focus of this forum. I'm trying to think of a third option but nothing comes to mind.





    There must be a business opportunity there for a savvy pastor, providing funerals at the crem chapel for church tax dodgers, for a fee...

    Leaving aside for a moment the legal issues of, say... fraud, if you believe those particular myths (out of the 2000+ that comprise the world's current religious beliefs) why would you not pay your tithe as commanded? Alternatively, if you don't believe it, why would you want a wedding or funeral based in and invoking such beliefs?


    As for the business opportunity, why would someone sanctioned by a body which is entitled to the big payments ever settle for a one-off small payment? Think of it like GEZ but with fewer channels.




  14. What's "passable" -- no horrible smells, probably cleaned with washed bedding, no insect infestation, etc. I don't mind bloodstains and police markings; I just don't want to leave with more life than I arrived with. I've avoided fleas and bedbugs for nearly half a century; no need to fuck up a good thing.





    I think Zovirax is what you are looking for.




    The generic name for the substance is aciclovir (or acyclovir in the US) and you do NOT need a prescription for it in Germany, although like aspirin and damned near everything else, you can only get it at an Apotheke. It's available as a topical creme and in oral tablets.