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  1. Animal import questions

    I was asked by someone on Live Chat about bringing a dog into Germany but I wasn't at the computer. I searched TT and came across Getting a dog in Germany but the thre... discussion links that Webmaster6 gave were all dead.   Since I'm bringing two cats to Germany on Saturday, I've had to find out what to do. If you have other info, please add it. I'll update this with anything else I find out once I get to MUC.   First, see this document for some helpful info.   Shipping pets is pain in the ass/arse. Certain dogs are classified as "dangerous" and import is either restricted or outright banned in Germany.   You'll need to have each animal either tattooed or chipped (the latter is less stressful, less painful and more certain).   You also must have a Veterinärbescheinigung. The form is in German and English so that your vet can read it without a translation. The second page will probably not have to be filled out but that doesn't matter. Make certain that the vet staples both pages together, writes "N/A" in the boxes, and stamps and initials the page (one 2-page form per animal). You don't want customs to think that it wasn't filled out completely. Getting this busywork done ensures there can be no question that the second page (tick and echinococcus treatments) don't apply.   Your pet has to have had a rabies shot within the past year, and it had to be given at least three months prior to travel. Many sites state it's only 30 days but I was told by someone at the German embassy that it's 90 days. Making matters worse, the rabies shots are supposed to be with inactivated vaccine which isn't normally available in the US. The vaccine in the US is either killed or trans-species virus. I'm hoping customs doesn't notice.   Transport is another problem. Some airlines (like Lufthansa) will let you take a single pet weighing 8kg or less on board as hand luggage. Others won't. I have two cats and will be begging, pleading, and holding up a sign offering $100 to anyone willing to take my second cat as hand luggage so that they don't have to go into the hold.   Call the airlines to find out about charges first! It may be cheaper to fly on a more expensive airline. Some charge nothing, some charge a small fee, others charge a fortune. BA charges "double excess baggage ($125x2) plus a 'handling fee' ($150) for transfer in London per animal" whether or not you have other baggage. Taking the cats with BA would've cost me $800 on BA; it's not costing $100 on Lufthansa. The charges apply regardless of class of travel.   The hold that pets are kept in is pressurised and heated, but the animals are stuck in the cage for the duration and you can't go to them during the flight. You need to have a blanket in the cage and find some sort of water dispenser for each at the very least.   You should take your pet to the vet a couple days before travel. Tell the vet where you're going and you should get some mild tranquiliser for the animal which will ease the stress of cage, travel, handling and no food or place to relieve itself.   Your pet should not have food at least 6 hours prior to travel. Have some food (not snacks) in your hand luggage ready to put in the cage upon arrival so your pet can finally eat before you get home.   Once in Germany, take your pet and the customs paperwork to a vet and get a pet passport which is recognised throughout the EU. If nothing else it will help avoid you having to get additional and/or unnecessary vaccinations and treatments.   Dogs have to have a license. Someone else will have to chime in to say where to get it. I have cats; they don't need licenses.   That's all for now. Updates as I find out more.   woof.