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  1. Hooray, I have a TT stalker

    I love joke accounts as much as the next guy, and glub knows I've had enough of them myself, some of which were truly tasteless (like my Pol Pot and Idi Amin characters on one board). The sad thing is that this guy is just not funny.   So there's the same old crap about Wikipedia even though there have been dozens of people who have already told him that I talk just as I write in person at drinks and dinners with no computer in sight.   What was really funny was his having his ass handed to him with a single sentence by a long-time user:   So be as lame as you want, be as jealous of me as you want, even try and insinuate that I'm a pædo with that Gary Glitter profile pic. But when you start trying to confuse people into thinking that I'm willing to buy things I don't want from them, you've gone too far. Fucking with me is fine; screwing up people's sale ads and trying to make it look like there's a legitimate offer? That's just being a dick.   woof.