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  1. Getting off the recent earlier rants;     68000 is doable in Ulm.     I just rented out an 84 m two bedroom apt for 1050 hot rent in Ulm.     That said, Ulm is HOT now.   Rediculous actually.  To the OP.   If you can take some time and look around,  the further you are from the Uni the more affordable (and spacious) you will find.  And since you have wheels, the further from bus line the cheaper housing will be.  Regarding vehicle.   Do you have a vehicle currently?   Is so, why not just bring it?    Play with the offer, no vehicle, more pay, or longer housing subsidy or more vacation.     You do NOT have to pay VAT on ‘household goods’ when immigrating. A vehicle is considered a household good ( you just have to be able to prove ownership for one year prior to immigrating).  I agree with one comment:    Said plan on salary.    Don’t EVER count on the bonus. They can be changed, lessened or dropped at whim.    Salary is the only sure thing.