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  1. I am using Vodafone DSL 6000 connection (free landline calls in Germany), and I find their service ok.

    - Its 2 year contract, €19.95 first year and €29.95 2nd year.

    - You get €50 discount if you book it thru internet!

    - If you want to talk to English speaking support person and none of English speaking staff is free, then they take your number and English speaking support person give you call back within minutes. hmm its not efficient way to get help on your problem but still works for non-english speakers.

    - First relocation to anywhere in Germany is free, you dont have to pay for line initiation in new house. Where as other service providers charge €50 - 60.

    - After relocating, Vodafone did not charge me during my internet downtime due to delay caused in Arcor telephone line setup.


    Having said that... 1&1 is big compitition to Vodafone. 1&1's 16000 connection price (with free landline) is same as Vodafone's 6000 connection proce (with free landline) - which I discovered after getting Vodafone connection!! Vodafone charges extra for wireless router hardware but 1&1 gives it free.