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  1. Thanks guys, I had a lovely time. I made it safely back to NY last night and am back at work today. I had some great conversations with people on Saturday that kind of put what I am doing in perspective, and I am not exaggerating when I say it made a difference to the way I feel and perceive NY. So thanks for that. And also for the tequila shots. They helped with perceptions of a different sort.





  2. Hey guys! So I was thinking Saturday for drinks. Some say it will get warmer after Wednesday and others say it will will...rain. So I think tentatively we should pick a spot in case it rains, and its warm we can go to a beergarden-y place.


    So here are the details:



    April 12




    I couldn't think of a place other than Kilians, so if anyone has a better idea please let me know!


    I hope you guys can make it then. The only times I can do it on Thursday and Friday is on the late night (which I am totally down for btw, if anyone wants to hang out) so Saturday it is.


    Hope to see y'all there! Everyone is welcome, I love meeting new (and old) people.


  3. Hey guys! I hope things in Munich are going well. New York is good! I now have one of those 9-to-5 job-things, a teeny shoe box in the city (it's a good thing I like shoes) and I think my soul has remained intact, though I'm still waiting to hear back on that one.


    I will be back in Munich in April for a week and was wondering if anyone wants to get together for drinks, maybe on April 10 or 11? Place is to be decided, I'm thinking beer garden, but will let you know for sure once I become realistic about April weather in Munich and pick an indoors venue.


    I miss you guys a lot and hope to see some of you oldies/newbies/groupies around! Suggestions/comments/heckling welcome.




  4. After spending five minutes looking for the sign up sheet, I realized how this is played:


    1) thefirelane – Barschwein

    2) jozhik - anything old

    3) Kodiak33 - Ododo

    4) nwhalen - anything is new to me

    5) ozchowdown - anything is new to me too

    6) TexasLauren - just hoping my boss was serious when she said "free after 6"

    7) Nokareyes - Barschwein (I don't really trust thefirelane's judgement anymore though)

    8) beckydance - thefirelane is awesome, where ever he wants to go is ok with me.

    9) CanadianGal - anywhere, so long as TexasLauren is there...

    10) Caffeineinc


    12) Francesco - haven't been to barschwein in ages, good choice

    13) Johnny Bravo

    14) Lindsey Wu

    15) Phil Bo (Schembelcher?)

    16) Wolverinizer

    17) Llew

    18) Nicky von- where ever.. just let me know

    19) Bubble Gum - A maybe depending on how my 'I'm back' do goes