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  1. Thanks so much Panda. I was panicking at this 11th hour because I have quite a lot in that account and will be needing to keep it there to pay the tax on a house sale soon. BTW, BonnBonn here, using my husband's account because after trying to change my email address on TT, I got locked out. Needless to say, there is no response from the site, so I guess BonnBonn is byebye.
  2. Hi Panda, I have US dollars in a US credit union. Under one acct. number, I have both a checking and a savings. On my statements, I earn what the CU calls "dividends" on the money in the savings account. I have also read that sometimes credit unions use the terms interest and dividends interchangeably. I never purchased any shares or anything...I simply deposited a lump some of money into the account. My question is: Are accounts held in US credit Unions that pay out what they call dividends subject to these new German rules. Thanks for all your input on the forum.