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  1. Jugendamt, rights to see daughter and my ex

    TLDR: OP has a 3 yo. daughter with ex, not getting visitation, not getting help from jugendamt.   You can see here: https://www.olg-duesseldorf.nrw.de/infos/Duesseldorfer_Tabelle/Tabelle-2021/Duesseldorfer-Tabelle-2021.pdf how much you should pay.  Look for your net income per month on the left and see the amount  you have to pay under 0-5 (age of child). I don't know why she would be capped unless if she's on welfare.   In my opinion you shouldn't confuse things by paying for bits and bobs like music, clothing and this and that.  Just transfer money to your ex once a month, the amount you are supposed to and that's it.  Definitely get a lawyer to help you.  It sounds like you are not getting anywhere without one.  
  2. Coronavirus

      I've read that older siblings smoking is an even bigger factor than parents but parents are a big factor too.  My uncle and his wife smoked and they offered their two older boys to pay for their driving school if they didn't start by that time.  For the older, it worked, the younger was already smoking by 14.
  3. Coronavirus

      I had a coworker who said he started smoking at 30, mostly due to other people taking smoke breaks and wanting to join in.  My brother started smoking at 25 or so but he had been using snuff from the age of 16 or so.    
  4. Coronavirus

      I got mine at a vaccination center and don't think they even asked about insurance.  A friend got his at a vaccination centre too and I know he was blocked by AOK at the time because he owed them and he did not get a bill.
  5. Public vs. private health insurance

      True, you can have all kinds of plans today and tomorrow you might have an accident or become seriously ill making all your plans useless.  
  6. Public vs. private health insurance

      If you were to compare 2 people applying for insurance today where one is 40 and the other is 70, you can do that at https://www.check24.de/private-krankenversicherung/ This may not tell you however how much the 40 year old will pay in 30 years if he stays with the same insurance.  Surely his rates will go up but maybe he will get some good will if he's healthy, possibly bad will if he's getting sick a lot.  
  7. Why are you unhappy today?

      Years ago I was in the UK and met up with a couple of people I knew from the internet.  There was this one guy who I could not understand a word of what he said.  I'd ask him to repeat himself, same thing.  His friends seemed to understand him though.  
  8. Dental Emergency treatment coverage under Public insurance

    Even when the 3rd party is not to blame, his haftpflicht might pay.  A guest of a friend fell on his stairs and hurt himself.  His kasse wrote to my friend and stated that the guest had admittedly been drunk and that the fall was his own fault but still asked him if he had haftpflicht.  He asked why as he was not to blame.  The kasse replied that they have agreements with insurance to split such costs regardless.   OP, report your accident to TK and get a dentist to make an offer for the work needed.  The dentist will have a good idea on how much they'll cover but after getting the offer, you give it to TK and they will reply with how much they'll pay.  I'm in the process of getting two crowns and AOK is paying 75%
  9.   They probably wouldn't believe it if you told them.  There are a lot of right wing grifters who don't really believe in the cause.  They're just trying to part fools from their money.  Working out well for them too.  If anybody asks if they are vaccinated, they say it's nobody's business.  If they were true believers, they'd proudly say that they aren't.
  10. Coronavirus

      In winter you eat the yellow snow.
  11.   You can't eat 4 big macs before breakfast because they don't start selling them until mid morning 😢   That said I think it's a slippery slope to start denying anybody health coverage because they may have brought it upon themselves because where would that end?  Do we deny coverage for people who slip and fall while drunk? How about people who broke their neck mountain biking or horse riding? It's their own stupid fault, right?
  12.   You can find a link to a PDF list of countries / states that Germany has an agreement with here: https://www.adac.de/verkehr/rund-um-den-fuehrerschein/auslaendische-fuehrerscheine/staaten-auserhalb/   New York is not on the list and neither is RI but Massachusetts or Pennsylvania would work.
  13. There have been a few threads recently on roommates wanting to stay / leave a lease which is legally the same as a couple getting divorced when it comes to the mutual rental agreement.  As far as I can google, you can not force the landlord to let one of you out of the rental agreement.  If the landlord is not willing, it leaves you two options, either you both give notice and leave or one leaves but you both stay on the contract.  As you said, if you leave but stay on your ex' contract, there could be risk for you later if he has financial problems and stops paying the rent.  Since both your names are on the contract, the landlord could go after either one of you.  If one of you is an employee, it's easier for the landlord to get a verdict to make your employer withhold a portion of your wages than it is to go after someone who is self-employed.   Here is an old thread I found that tells of a thing called  "Freistellung im Innenverhältnis" where you and your ex would draw up an agreement making him solely responsible for anything that happens with the apartment after you have left.  You could do something like that and hope that your ex continues paying the rent and if not, that this document will help you to stay out of it.  You could also discuss with a lawyer and / or mieterverein if there are other options available.    
  14. moving to NRW from BW

      Looking at google maps it takes +/- 1 hr. to drive from Neuss to Remscheid starting at 7:30 am on a weekday but +/- 1 hr. 20 min. to drive from Mönchengladbach to Remscheid.  Going by train, it's 1 hr. vs. 1 hr and 15 min.  It's not really that much difference.  Still, if you are both happy with Neuss, why not.  I didn't find any news about Neuss being flooded but it is close to the Rhein.
  15. How to avoid a serious tipping mistake

      I know of small restaurants where the only person to take payment is the owner and he keeps all the tips.  This is actually illegal though.  There was a case in Bavaria where a waitress took her case to the union and they said either the waitstaff keep their tips or pool them and share with the kitchen. They shouldn't have to share with the owner.
  16.   The problem is proving that they knew about it.  Unless they've patched things up with tape and pieces of string, it can be very hard to prove.
  17.   That's good to know.  In Icelandic news, a graduating class from a gymnasium went on a graduation trip to Crete.  By the time they went on the plane home, about half of them were already showing symptoms but still got on the plane, came late so they weren't seated together and ran around the plane for 6 hrs without masks, sneezing and coughing on everybody.  So far no reports about other people on that plane getting sick but still early days.
  18. It's not unheard of for dealers to do something like this but I also went with a friend to buy a car who said he was selling it for his old aunt who only drove it to church on Sundays and that car was just perfect.  If you don't trust the people, then just buy from a dealer and get your guarantee.
  19.   I believe you can divorce in Canada only if at least one of you is living there and has been living there for at least a year.   Your husband could ask a lawyer in Hungary if it's doable even though he is living and also registered in Germany. 
  20. Here's a thing on where to get divorced: https://www.kanzlei-hasselbach.de/2013/internationales-scheidungsrecht-wichtige-fragen-und-antworten/08/#scheidung   As far as I can see, if you are both living in Germany, you should get divorced in Germany.  If you were both from Hungary, you could get divorced there even though you live in Germany.  If one of you were living in Hungary, you could get divorced there.  You say he's registered there but also in Germany so that could be a problem.  Also as well as I don't think it's a good idea to lie and say that he doesn't know where you are.  Why not talk to a lawyer, here or in Hungary and find out?  
  21. Coronavirus

      Mayo clinic: https://www.mayoclinic.org/diseases-conditions/coronavirus/in-depth/covid-19-vaccines-for-kids/art-20513332  They also talk about possible side effects etc.
  22. Coronavirus

  23.   I rented an apartment exactly like that and somehow never managed to cool down at night much either, even though I had windows 3 sides, wide open all night long.  Steel shutters really help but if you don't have them and your landlord is not willing to install them, you can look for less expensive "thermorollo" (blinds with a reflective back) or "wärmeschutzfolie" (a film you stick on the glass).  Both are supposed to help keep the heat out.  I had eventually bought thermorollo when I lived at the apartment but ended up moving a bit later so not sure how much they helped.  I worked in a place where they had the film installed and that definitely helped.
  24. What everybody else said.  If your radiator is not hot, it's not on.  If you complain to the landlord, he will either have no idea what you are talking about or he will laugh.  The 6° setting on your radiator is there to make sure that it doesn't go lower than 6° in winter to prevent the water from freezing and damaging the pipes.  In summer, it wont do a thing.  Your radiator will not turn on unless you set it to something higher than the current temperature in your house.   Houses tend to retain heat so when it's 30° outside, day after day, your heat inside will slowly rise to match that temperature and they are a bit harder to cool down.  Keep your windows, rolling shutters, curtains or whatever you have closed during the day.  When the outside temps go lower than inside, open all your windows to air out.  Close them again in the morning when the temps outside start to rise.   The reason your current apartment may be warmer than some other apartment you had in the past could be that it's top floor, big windows to the south, not well insulated etc. etc.  
  25. Sending cheques to Germany

    Since a cheque is already being sent, I suppose he needs to wait for it and try to cash it here.  It's been years since I had anything to do with cheques but in the past, in my experience, you could mail IMO's and cashiers cheques internationally and personal cheques not so much.