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  1. Previous owner feels he can enter my home

      So by reporting you for a dog attack he actually made problems for himself. Police probably told him he could have been charged for being there in the first place.
  2. Previous owner feels he can enter my home

      Did you press charges? If not, how are you "making problems" for this guy?   It sounds like the guy knows he screwed up or maybe his friends told him and now someone's come over for damage control.  
  3. Previous owner feels he can enter my home

      I have a cousin who grew up in a village and he used to do this at my parents house, just try the door and walk in if it was open. We found it strange. Why come around to visit if you don't know if the person is even home or if they are that you are not disturbing them? We all have phones, right? Personally I don't want anyone at my house unless I invite them.
  4. Previous owner feels he can enter my home

      She says half the ppl there are outsiders so the outsiders can stick together since they will never be accepted anyway.  I was working with a guy who built a house in the outskirts of a village, kind of a new neighbourhood.  He said the ppl in the village all lived there for generations and all related to each other like seems to be the case here while the new neighbourhood is all outsiders.  The two groups have as little to do with each other as possible.
  5. Previous owner feels he can enter my home

      But she probably will be anyway because she's an outsider and the trespasser is running all over town by now telling stories.   I'd be happy to be shunned if it meant I'm not going to have the locals trespassing in my house because I forgot to lock the door.
  6. Why are you unhappy today?

      Why don't you switch back then?
  7. Previous owner feels he can enter my home

    Write him a letter giving him reasonable notice (2 weeks or so) to move his junk or you will take it to the dump.  Write that he needs to make an appointment with you and your husband before coming over.  Send it by registered mail.   Either he makes an appointment and takes his junk or you get rid of it for him. Either way it's no longer at your house. Also file charges for trespassing. Probably the friendly policeman will tell him to stay out of your house. Hopefully he will.
  8.   I would actually tend to agree with Bangladesh on that.  Having citizenship and having the right to citizenship isn't the same thing.  If she or her parents had registered her for citizenship, there would be paperwork and there would be no doubt that she has it. In the current situation, if she were to not request it before the age of 21, she will have missed the boat on it and that does not mean that she was a citizen until age 21 and lost her citizenship but rather that she never had it.  IMO she can't be or have been a citizen if the Bangladesh authorities didn't even know about her existence.    As for still having the right to it and being able to request it now and having that request approved or denied it a different matter.  It doesn't seem likely at this point though that she will request it.  If she did, like you said, she might have to go to court if they refuse but I think it's more likely that she will not request it because it's really UK citizenship she wants and her chances of getting it back are better if she's stateless.   In another case, US authorities seem to have decided that this woman is not a US citizen although she was born in the US and held a US passport.  They are not even saying that they stripped her of citizenship, just that she never had it.
  9. what happens at a pap smear test

      I know a woman in Canada who always had a rash on her hands and then she started to periodically get a rash all over.  After a number of tests, the doctor figured out it was a food dye, very common and unfortunately does not have to be listed on ingredients in Canada.  So basically because it could be in anything, she had to stop eating out and start baking bread and cooking all food from scratch.  The rash cleared up and she claims to feel much healthier too.  
  10.   Exactly.  There's nothing much we can do to change the law but when you know the law, you know what to expect.  When you go on vacation, you could opt to leave your car in a parking garage or at a friends house or you could park it on the street and give someone a key and ask them to check on it every couple of days.  Or you just park it somewhere and take the risk.  When I go on vacation I try to leave my car in a parking bay and not on the street because I think it less likely that they'll block parking in the bays than on the street.  Still, I know if I leave it there for 2 to 3 weeks, it might be towed before I'm back.
  11. what happens at a pap smear test

      It's good that someone is finally dealing with your allergies.  They can be very hard to pin point.  In my case I ate something and suddenly had a swollen lip and a coughing fit that rendered me almost voiceless for a couple of hours.  I was on the road so stopped by an ER someplace and got pumped full of good meds and felt better right away.  However, they suggested I get an allergy test.  I went to my GP and asked.  The assistants said that a dermatologist will do it.  I went to a dermatologist.  The assistants asked me to describe what happened.  As soon as I mentioned coughing, they said I need to go to a pneumonologist.  I went to a pneumonologist and the assistants told me that they don't do allergy tests for food and that I should see a dermatologist.  So I went back there and they gave me an appointment.  The dermatologist then told me that it would not help me to know that I am allergic to E-xxx because going to a restaurant, asking the staff if there's E-xxx in the food, they wont even know so I should eat clean, stick to what I know etc.   The German system is very well financed.  Hence the risk that doctors will do exams and even procedures that aren't necessary in order to get paid from insurance.  I saw a news program on this a couple of years ago.  They said that the financial dept. of a hospital for example has already decided at the start of the fiscal year how many knee replacements and hip replacements they will do and they then put pressure on their surgeons to find the patients.  Hence an old lady comes in with a bit of hip pain, there's added pressure on the surgeon to recommend surgery rather than say try physio.  I have also been to physio and heard from them that they often get patients who've already had surgery where physio was never even tried before surgery.
  12. what happens at a pap smear test

    I've had physio in the past and had to pay something over 20€ for each prescription of 6 appointments.   I'm trying to get an allergy test but my dermatologist wasn't happy to do one.  Said I should just eat clean and avoid sauces.  She did me a birth mark check a couple of years ago though based on that the insurance will pay.
  13. what happens at a pap smear test

      Not being an expert on female health or anything but with the shopping list of procedures there at the start, it sounds very much to me that the doctor / clinic is trying to bill health insurance to the maximum.  That is unless the doctor can give you some grounds for it such as for example if you are high risk for something and need to have check ups more often.  I've certainly come across this mentality with some doctors here.  They will say oh, the health insurance will pay for this checkup every 2 yrs. so you should have it (so I can bill for it).   I just looked up on the Icelandic cancer centre website how often they recommend getting checked and they say pap smear every 3 yrs. between the ages of 23 and 63 unless you've had some history of cancer in your past.  They include info on cancer checks in various neighbouring countries and it seems to be 3-5 yrs. in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and the UK.  However, looking it up for Germany here: https://www.krebsinformationsdienst.de/vorbeugung/frueherkennung/frueherkennung.php they are saying yearly or at least they are paying for as often as yearly.  
  14.   They do have the right to temporarily block legal parking spaces but depends on how much time they gave you to move the car.  If they put up signs temporarily disallowing parking, you should have at least 48 hrs from the time the signs went up until you have to move.  If they gave you less notice and you go to court, you might just win.  See for example https://www.anwalt.de/rechtstipps/parkverbot-oh-schreck-der-wagen-ist-weg_003684.html
  15. Landlord entering apartment without permission

    Change the locks but keep the old cylinder and reinstall it when you move. This will most certainly stop her from entering again while you are there. For future problems you can join the Mieterverein but for this one it's hard to prove she entered without your knowledge except for the plumber.