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  1. Electric Meter Number Scam

      I've used CHECK24 a few times. Be aware that the price tends to be fixed for a year or two but if you don't cancel in time to get out, they might raise your price quite a bit.  
  2. Only in America

      The cops seem overly aggressive from the get go. Drag him out of the car. Yelling at him to lay on the ground while kind of preventing him from complying the way the are holding onto him. They taze him, then  pepperspray him and themselves and then he flees. He probably thought they were going to kill him anyway. Apparently these cops had already hat complaints made against them for brutality.
  3. Amazon deny refund - stolen/lost item

      I have been reading the links you provided and some customers did manage to escalate to the point of eventually getting their money back.  One said it took 6 months but at least there is hope.  
  4. Amazon deny refund - stolen/lost item

    I'd like to mention it too that I had a case of failed payment this summer and it took about 3 months to get it cleared up.  It wasn't amazon but big enough company to bounce this back and forth for that long.  They'd send me reminders and late fees and I'd send them account statements to prove that I paid and that the payment was not cancelled or mistakenly returned.   Amazon is bigger and you are only doing this for a month.  You should definitely keep it going.  I don't suppose you took photos of the phone being packed up.  Did somebody see you do it?  For 1400 it may even be worth it to go to a consultation with a lawyer, even if you have to pay for it.
  5. Amazon deny refund - stolen/lost item

    I know someone who had a package with a returned phone get lost completely and because he had the receipt it was sent, insurance kicked in. That would have been better for you than what seems to have happened, that probably somebody opened and switched it.   In your shoes, I would file charges with the police. Report the iPhone stolen at least.  Accuse amazon of having stolen it since they never proved to you what was in the box that arrived. Maybe nothing will come of it but better than doing nothing.
  6. Fired from work

      It will not cost too much to get the lawyer to write a letter on your behalf. Then see what happens. The rule of thumb for severance pay is 2 week's wages per year you've worked.
  7. Darmspiegelung - colonoscopy

      Good luck.  I was told that they removed the polyps during the colonoscopy.  Maybe it was too big for that?
  8. What made you laugh today?

      Also worth a try but my guys had a nose for being drugged.  They wouldn't touch anything that had been spiked.
  9.   My brother and I could lock our rooms so if it got bad, the evil doer would run to his room and lock the door and the righteous angry one would stand in the hallway and kick it. 
  10.   Same here.  Talking to my siblings about growing up, you'd think we had different parents.  
  11. 1) Electricity is normally not in the landlord's name but the tenants. If this is the case here, the increase is coming from the hauptmieter and has nothing to do with the landlord. Your son can ask the Hauptmieter to see the actual bill he got that caused him to raise the fee.  However I'm not sure if he has to show it. Your son did not have to agree to the increase.   2) A sub tenant has no right to see the rental agreement of the main tenant. Your son has an agreement with the main tenant. The agreement with the landlord is not his business. https://www.frag-einen-anwalt.de/darf-der-untermieter-den-Hauptmietvertrag-einsehen--f43748.html   3) A sub tenant may receive visitors, even overnight but not for weeks at a time.  If you don't like the main tenants conditions, stay elsewhere  https://www.aktiv-online.de/ratgeber/diese-rechte-und-pflichten-haben-untermieter-577#:~:text=Selbstverst%C3%A4ndlich%20darf%20der%20Untermieter%20Besucher,kann%20der%20Hauptmieter%20aber%20verbieten.
  12. Voluntarily Unemployment

      If you present a sick note and decline the sperrzeit, I don't see how they can pressure you to find a job right away since you are sick.    There are slight differences in how you do this.  If you were to get sick before you get unemployed, the Arbeitsagentur is out of the loop as far as I know and the krankenkasse would by paying you sick pay.  You would only register as unemployed when you are better.  If you are unemployed first and then get sick, the Arbeitsagentur has to pay you 6 weeks and then the Krankenkasse takes over.   I am not sure which is better but I know if you are on sick leave, you need permission from the kasse to travel unless it is within Germany.  Travel within the EU is generally allowed, pre-planned trips as well but you would need a doctors note stating that you are fit to travel and that it will not make you worse as well as you need an ongoing doctors note for the duration of your trip.  They definitely do not appreciate if you let your sick note lapse to go on a trip and then come back and renew it.    
  13. Today's book

      I was on vacation in Ireland when it happened and people were crying.
  14.   I have on my phone under Sicherheit & Standort a thing called "Mein gerät finden".  If you log in from a computer or from an app on another phone, you can practice finding your phone.  You can also lock it, wipe it or make it ring as I can recall.   Experiment with if you need to use it for the location to change.  The link for the computer is https://www.google.com/android/find  I just tried it on my phones.  It found one, the other was out of battery so couldn't find it.  Turning it on, before entering the pin, it could see that it's on my wifi and the battery status but no location.  Even after giving the PIN; it still can't locate the phone.  After turning off the wifi and using mobile data, it was finally found.  So I am assuming you don't have to be using it but better if it's not on wifi.  
  15. German Nationality

      DRV sent me a letter after I had lived in Germany for 2 or 3 years asking who am I, where did I come from, where did I work before.  I sent them everything and they established that through working in other countries they are friendly with, I already have the 5 years of payments it takes to be eligible in Germany.  As far as I know, I'd still have to collect my pension from each country where I am eligible.  This was just to make sure I am eligible in Germany.  Of course since then I've spent many more years in Germany and am easily eligible based on having worked here.