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  1. Should I sign this Kurzarbeit agreement?

    Since you have to get employees to agree on kurzarbeit beforehand, it looks like they're just preparing.  If work dries up, do you think they will offer you kurzarbeit again or just lay you off?   You say they will cut your wages by 33%.  However, it's not like you are still working and they are cutting your wages.  You are actually getting 67% for doing nothing.  You can use the time to learn new skills, look for another job or sit on the couch and watch netflix if you prefer.
  2. Claiming unemployment benefits in Munich

    If you are committed to looking in the UK; you can apply to have your benefits transferred there for up to 3 months while you look there.  You would have to apply for it beforehand, get it approved and then take your paperwork to the UK and register there.  After 3 months, if you didn't find a job, you can come back to Germany and continue your benefits.
  3. The place of registration

    The place where you spend most of your time is normally your main address but you can register your other address as a secondary address.  You can turn this around though and say that your weekend address is your true home, for example because your family is there or your social life is there.    
  4. Cancel holiday over corona virus?

      Right, everybody wants money.  I've heard of at least some airlines having small print excluding refunds for things they have no control over such as weather, terrorist attacks, pandemics possibly etc. but probably depends on the law in different countries.   Reading opodo's terms at  https://www.opodo.de/agb/  I found that they are willing to help you at least try to get taxes and airport fees back on flights that didn't take place, however, their fee for doing so is 39€ per person.  Otherwise, they just seem to point at the end provider and their refund rules.
  5. Cancel holiday over corona virus?

      If they did not transfer the funds to the airline yet, then they should still have them.  However, if the airline is of the opinion that they are not going to give refunds due to higher power event or whatever they have in their small print and they are supported in that by law in whatever country they operate in, they may well have a claim against opodo to get the money so in that case, opodo can not both transfer the funds to the airline as well as back to you.  They have to pick one.  
  6. Cancel holiday over corona virus?

      I don't think opodo was ever going to refund the money if the airline wasn't going to.  They are making a percentage of every booking but no way would they have the funds to refund all the flights that didn't take place if the money isn't coming from the airlines.   What I see though is that they are only offering you to help you get a voucher, not a refund as they are saying: 1. most airlines are only giving out vouchers now, not refunds and 2. if you want a voucher, klick einverstanden and we'll help you get the voucher from the airline.  So.. it looks to me that if you accept their offer, you are agreeing to get a voucher, not a refund, even if your airline might still be open to a refund, which is of course better for opodo because they keep their percentage.
  7.   Same here.  I haven't seen people standing outside anywhere but the post office.
  8. any car mechanic opened now?

      You save on hassle basically.  It's like bummer, that time again, have to take some time to change my tires or get it down to a shop and have them do it.  Maybe you had something else planned, even if it's just laying on the couch and watching Netflix.   Then it's a question of how much hassle exactly. If you have a garage, it's less because you can store your tires there and either change them yourself in the driveway or put them straight in your car to drive to the shop.  If you don't have a driveway or even a designated parking space close to your house, it would mean you carry the tires one by one up or down the stairs, roll or carry them to and from your car wherever it's parked, then drive them to a location where you can change them yourself or to a shop and then back again.    You could of course find a shop that will store your tires for you.  ATU offers this for 7.50 per tire per season so 60€ per year.  However, if you'd had your tires stored at ATU right now, you wouldn't be changing them right now because ATU would have your tires and they are closed.  
  9. My Stupidness in Germany

    I like your stories too racerken.  
  10. any car mechanic opened now?

      I used to change my own tires using the wimpy jack that came with the car.  When I bought a new car 3 years ago, I got all season tires and don't regret it.   If you want to change your own tires and don't have street space, you can do it in a baumarkt parking lot.  They are closed anyway.
  11. The day before yesterday, I was in Kaufland and I didn't see anybody with kids, however, people seemed to be trying to take shortcuts to get to the toilet paper faster or something because loads of people were trying to go up the aisles you usually go down according to the layout of the store.  The aisle is just wide enough for two people to meet.  There is no way you can keep a 1.5 m distance.  
  12. Coronavirus

      See, you have friends too.  Here I was thinking you were a sad friendless git just jealous of my plentitude.  
  13. Coronavirus

      Sunday March 22nd Merkel came out with the new rules for everybody.  Before that, each state had their own rules.  Niedersachsen had something as of March 17th, ordering closing of non essential services, asking people not to hang out in groups etc.  
  14. Coronavirus

      They just said on the news that the number of ICU beds has been increased to 40,000 and that they are working on having more than enough ventilators as well.
  15. Coronavirus

      Yes, it is.  It probably depends on the area but it seems to me that stores are getting deliveries and getting sold out fast but once all the hoarders run out of space, it will go back to normal.