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  1.   Not personal no but I had a coworker whose son ended up in special school basically for having a limp. He asked repeatedly if there was some other solution and they said no. Another co-workers son ended up in special daycare and later in special school for having a lisp.  A friend's son is currently being held back a year from starting school because they feel his German is lacking. The parents have never spoken anything other than German to him and he's been in a German daycare since he was two. He's supposed to spend a year in special daycare now and see if he can go to regular school next year.   I'm sure there are areas that are better. These kids were all in Niedersachsen but all different school districts.
  2. You can give it a try but from people I know, German school system seems to be the least inclusive. Kids seem to be ending up in special schools left and right for little cause.
  3. If they are single and making minimum wage they probably don't qualify for assistance. They can try the job center.   It is however possible that they are not making minimum wage and it's semi legal because they are being sent here through an agency and are on legal contracts and legal wages in their home country.  There have been reports on this in the media.  
  4. Calculate nebenkosten for the tenant

    You should only charge them for what is specified in the rental agreement that they should pay.   If you try to charge them for all umlagefaeahige kosten, there are two possible outcomes.  They might read their rental agreement and see that they are not supposed to pay all of it and ask you to correct it which you would have to do, or they don't notice and just pay it.  If they pay it, they might realize later that they weren't supposed to pay all of it and come after you.
  5. I took a little trip on the train yesterday, been a while, and people were for the most part very good about wearing their masks.  Where I live and where I was going, people were wearing masks on the bus, on the platforms and in the train.  Some may have pulled them down briefly on the platform to smoke or eat or talk on the phone but that was it.  That is until going home, I had to change trains.  I get out of the train and notice that some people on the platform are not wearing masks and many of those who are, are wearing them on their chins.  Going into the train station, same thing.  A gaggle of policemen were standing around, none of them had a mask on.  I guess different bundesland, different rules.   Oh, I did see a guy on the train though, wearing his mask.  He then took it off to cough on his hand.  Then put it back on.  Then proceeded to touch everything.  Do we need lessons on proper mask protocol?      
  6. Coronavirus

      Iceland is also testing tourists and they are supposed to stay put until they get the results a day later.  Portugal is making you fill out a form stating which flight you arrived on and where you sat and how they can reach you so that if somebody on that flight ends up being infected they can trace other people who were on the same flight.
  7. Work culture clashes

    Some Germans seem to have the mindset that they will try to walk all over you if they get the chance and it's your job to push back, set your boundaries and not allow yourself to be walked over, unless it's something you enjoy.  If you were to explain to such a person that they are taking advantage of you or treating you unfairly, they would probably shrug and say "you could have said no".    So if your boss is bothering you on your off-time, you can tell him to stop.  Sure if they want to call you in from vacation and you are hanging out at home with nothing planned and don't actually care if you come in or not, you can do it if it earns you brownie points.  I might do that a couple of times and after that discuss a raise.  However, keep in mind that by giving in, you can also be seen as a person who lets yourself be bullied easily and your boss may try to take advantage of that in the future.  
  8. Coronavirus

      Which towns are bad?  I will be in Cascais.
  9. Coronavirus

      I'm going to Lisbon next week but I doubt I'll be going to illegal coffee shops or throwing parties.
  10. Help for a disabled friend of my son.

      That is true.  I saw a TV program about people applying for Hartz iv and a boy who had been kicked out by his mother and stepfather was still being told that he could go live with his mother even though his mother actually wrote a letter for him to the job center admitting to kicking him out.   He is however allowed to take someone with him to the job center as "beistand".  If there is a relative or a friend who can go with him and help him prove his case, I think it would help.  Does he have a record of communication with his mom, texts, emails, whatsapp voice etc. that he can share with the job center?  That would help as well.  Otherwise his mother may come back and pretend that she had no idea that he didn't have a key and couldn't get in.   She is also getting his kindergeld which she will lose if he moves.  He will not benefit from getting it if he's on Hartz iv because they will just take it off his benefits.
  11. Help for a disabled friend of my son.

    I would say start by going to the job center and applying for assistance.  If he has a pflegestufe and needs care, he can get money in order to pay someone to take care of him.  He should definitely get the payments to his mother stopped if she's no longer taking care of him.  With the job center, they will pay his rent but he has to find the apartment and get it approved.   As for quick emergency help, I found a site here with a few links:  https://www.myhandicap.de/recht-behinderung/finanzielle-hilfe/einzelhilfe/   It's also worth a try to talk to associations of disabled or spina bifida affected persons because they would know where to go. There's a spina bifida association here:  https://asbh.de/
  12. President Donald J. Trump

      It's been brought to the public through various sources that Trump is not a big reader so doesn't actually read his daily briefing reports.  They actually had to change the daily briefings for him to be more visual (crayon, sharpie, whatever) in order to keep him interested.  Another thing, the guy who wrote the Art of the Deal spent months with Trump in order to collect material for the book and he claimed that he has a 5 minute attention span.  He had started off with a plan of doing short interviews with him but had to change it to just hang out at his office instead and grabbing bits of information where he could.  Third, Trump was born rich and he's never had to endure anyone telling him no.  Tell him no, you're fired.  Tell him something he doesn't like, fired.  So even if somebody dared to tell him that his buddy Putin is not really his friend, odds are he said it's fake news and he'll believe what he wants to believe.
  13. They have some simplified forms at  https://www.arbeitsagentur.de/m/corona-grundsicherung/  if it helps.
  14. The laws about employees and Kurzarbeit

      Yes, that's what it looks like to me.
  15. The laws about employees and Kurzarbeit

    According to  https://www.arqis.com/kuendigung-waehrend-kurzarbeit-wie-hoch-ist-der-lohnanspruch-waehrend-der-kuendigungsfrist/  you cannot profit from having resigned so you can not continue to work less hours while expecting your full salary.  It does say that you may continue to work the reduced hours and can expect to get the half salary + kug, same as you have been getting even though your employer will no longer get the kug for you from arbeitsamt.