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  1. Weather in Berlin and surrounds

      Stosslüftung is just opening all the windows completely for a few or more minutes.  It will help when the outside temps are lower than inside.  Right now, it's 31 outside, 27 inside so I would not benefit from an open window but in the evening I will.
  2. Car sale

      First talk to AOK to clear this up.  Second, talk to another doctor.  Third, if you still need to sell your car, take it to a dealer or two for an estimate and try wirkaufendeinauto.de as well.  If you don't like either estimate, you can still list and sell privately.
  3. Weather in Berlin and surrounds

      I found that I can keep my place cooler if I close the windows, shutters and everything else early morning and don't open again until late at night.  Even then, if it's still uncomfortably hot, I sit in front of the fan.  If I need a bit more cooling I might wet a dishtowel and keep it at the back of my neck.  Putting cold water in the tub to cool your feet is good too.
  4. Car sale

    I've had a full body scan on AOK.  My dermatologist said it's covered every 2 or 3 years.  I suggest you try another doctor.
  5. Married in DE, living in DK: Where to divorce

      According to https://europa.eu/youreurope/citizens/family/couple/divorce-separation/index_en.htm you must get divorced in Germany because you live here.  
  6.   Although joint pain and other flu like symptoms are common, you are the first I've heard about who got them a month later.  Did the hospital dr. think this was connected to the vaccine?  I found an article here: https://www.yahoo.com/lifestyle/feel-covid-vaccine-may-blood-151907504.html about thrombosis after J&J and it says if it happens, it's 1-3 weeks after the shot and it tells you the symptoms.  Since you are getting another shot, you didn't get J&J though so I don't know.  
  7. Coronavirus

      The year was last year.  Even two would be postponing it this year too.  Postponing for multiple years or even decades is not really on for most people.  My mom is 87 and I'd like to see her this year.  
  8. Coronavirus

    I know people in Portugal and that's pretty much what they said.  That is, they've endured lockdown and levels are down but with the tourists, they will go back up.  They are not in priority groups but did get their first shot on Monday.
  9.   There are apparently two apps you can use.  One is called cov pass see here: https://www.digitaler-impfnachweis-app.de/ and the other corona warn app which you can get here: https://www.bundesregierung.de/breg-de/themen/corona-warn-app/corona-warn-app-app-stores-1753818
  10. Car sale

    I second wirkaufendeinauto.  You can get an offer from them anyway.  You don't have to take it.  When you register, they will give you a ballpark figure what you can expect but they will only give you a real offer when you show up in person because they have to see the condition of the car.   I was trying to help ppl sell their car a couple of yrs. ago.  They were offered 9k by a dealership.  We put it on autoscout but no takers.  Took it to wirkaufendeinauto and when they were asked how much they wanted, they said 10k and got it.  If you choose to list it yourself, there's autoscout24, mobile.de and ebay kleinanzeigen.
  11. Coronavirus

      Your app also generates a QR code that other people can scan so as long as that works everywhere it might be ok.
  12. Tennis for Dads

    He could look for a tennis club and find some people there.  My boss plays and even when he's just on a project in some town for a few months, he's quickly found a club and some people to play against.
  13. Coronavirus

    I didn't even know they lifted it.  I was downtown today and everybody wearing their masks.  Went to check after seeing it on here and found now that we are under the incidence rate of 35 they are not requiring masks downtown anymore.
  14. Coronavirus

      My shots were from a vaccination center.  According to my info this is a plan to have a standardized electronic impfpass so if you have a yellow impfpass (maybe other certificate will work too?), you can get a certificate with a QR code at the pharmacy, scan it with the app and the app will show that (your name) + (your birthdate) was vaccinated on (date1) and (date2).  There are two apps available called cov pass and cov warn app and the pharmacies are apparently getting 18€ for each individual processed, hence the smaller pharmacies like the one closest to my house are the first to jump in.  See https://www.ndr.de/nachrichten/niedersachsen/Digitaler-Corona-Impfnachweis-Hohe-Nachfrage-zum-Start,corona8116.html
  15. Coronavirus

    I just came back from the pharmacy with mine.  The lady said sometimes the system is overloaded but she'll try.  She took my passport and yellow impfpass and came back a few minutes later with 2 certificates, one for each shot.  They are supposed to be folded twice to make a book style certificate.  Are in German and English.  Have an EU logo in front.  On the inside cover it states that this is not a travel document and to please check requirements of the country you are going to.  Have my name and birthdate on it and the dates of my shots.   After leaving the pharmacy, I scanned both certificates with a cov pass app which I downloaded yesterday and now my phone claims that I'm fully vaccinated as of tomorrow, June 17.  I had my 2nd shot on June 2.