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  1. I don't actually see an amount anywhere on the letters you posted but if you want to avoid trouble in the future, you are probably better off paying up.  There are people who make a point of not paying but if you do that, you have to face the consequences, deal with court bailiffs etc.   Call the court bailiff on Tuesday and ask him if you should pay him or someone else.
  2. As far as I can see, they are putting a dent on your credit report by listing your debts on it.  You have two weeks to contest that or until the 23rd I guess.  You can call the court bailiff on Tuesday between 9 and 10:30 if you have questions.  If your German is bad, you may want to ask a friend to help you.  The court bailiff might not speak English.   Also, you have not done a good job of hiding your personal info.  I can clearly read your name, address and birth year on it.
  3. What do we need Car Friday for anyways?

      Do they have to be? Sure, hospitals, police and fire stations but I am not so sure of the other things. Ppl wouldn't starve if restaurants weren't open but they are open because the holidays are good business for them. That's one thing that people who work in restaurants have to live with, they tend to work mostly when other people are off.   Some people don't actually mind working weekends and holidays though.
  4. What do we need Car Friday for anyways?

      I don't get why it's called Good Friday. Wasn't very good for Jesus was it now?   In my language it's called long Friday. As a kid I thought it ha something to do with having to look at the chocolate eggs my parents had bought and not being allowed to eat them yet.
  5. What do we need Car Friday for anyways?

    Are you sure it's not kehr friday?  I will be sweeping the steps tomorrow and cleaning the windows just in case.  Nothing else to do anyway, everywhere's closed.
  6. Buying first car up to 7000€

    I had an old Honda Civic and it held up really well.  I bought it when it was 10 yrs. old and had to scrap it at age 18, not because it broke down but because it had a very long list of minor issues to get through the TÜV and it was unfortunately not worth the amount of money for such an old car.   I now have a Dacia Sandero.  It's pretty basic, automatic, ac but no heated seats or ventilated, no parking sensors, cameras or anything like that.  It has a radio and can play from a USB stick.  It has bluetooth that connects to my phone.  The only think I miss on it would be cruise control.  Although if I had that, I'd probably miss parking sensors and cameras.  The more tech you have, the more you want.  A friend of mine makes a point of wanting nothing techie in his cars.  He doesn't even want ac.  He feels it takes away from the experience of hot summer days. 
  7. work contracts

    Did they pay for your moving costs to move there? You should definitely talk to a lawyer. Sounds like their messing you around cost you a lot of money and problems.
  8. work contracts

      I saw on TV some time ago that they were talking to the elderly people who were retired and some did not apply for it because they were ashamed and some did not get it because they were getting "too much" pension at something over 700€.   However, in this case, they can not get alg i, alg ii or sgb because the husband is still working.  He hasn't been laid off.  If he were to apply for something they would tell him, you have not been laid off, hence you should be going after your employer for your salary.
  9.   Ok, in that case, fill it out for your old address in Stuttgart and pay.  For your wife, fill out that someone else is already paying (you).   Then go to  https://www.rundfunkbeitrag.de/buergerinnen_und_buerger/formulare/index_ger.html  and click on "Wohnung abmelden".  In there, give info on your new address and who is paying the TV there (which you will get from the landlord).  Do the same for your wife.
  10.   Are the forms addressed to your old address where you lived for 3 months or to your new address where you live now?  If they are to the old address, there is a checkbox on the form to say that somebody else in the household is already paying.  You should not pay for the 3 months that you lived in this apartment because according to the landlord, someone else already is but you need the name and account number (beitragsnummer) to report that to GEZ   There is a link here:  https://www.rundfunkbeitrag.de/  for Wohnung anmelden to register at your new apartment.  Do not fill it out for you both, just one.  If you register for it and your wife later gets a bill, then you tick the box that someone else (you) is already paying and give your subscriber number.   Supposing you may already have a subscriber number because you got letters, I suppose you could use that and go for Daten ändern instead of Wohnung anmelden but again, only do this for one of you.
  11. GEZ can only be included if somebody is registered as living in the same household who is already paying.  If that was the case, you would need to get the account number and name of the person who is paying for GEZ for this apartment in which case, you can tell GEZ that you don't have to pay because such and such person is already paying.  You would have to ask your landlord for this info.
  12. work contracts

    They can't just stop paying him.  It's up to them to either find him work or lay him off.
  13. DriveNow: Obstruction of construction traffic

      So if your wife had parked there in spite of there being a sign (which we don't know) and they lost 2800 because they were all there and the crane was there but they couldn't work, who do you suppose should pay for it?   The only thing I see as what you could do is try to find out from Ordnungsamt when the signs went up.  Normally the signs need to be up 48 hrs. or longer before they take effect.  If the signs went up after your wife parked there, then she / you are not responsible if DriveNow takes responsibility of the car 48 hrs. after it is parked.  In that case, you shouldn't have to pay for the tow either.   However, if the signs were up before your wife parked, you should talk to a lawyer about your options before you just up and pay.  I don't know if the lawyer can help but it's a hefty bill so I think it's worth the investment for a consultation.  Also, in that case, you'd likely be getting the tow bill from DriveNow later on and possibly an added processing charge on their behalf.  
  14. I know someone who is separated and has 3 kids.  He is also self employed, also not making much money.  He was ordered to pay support 150 €/month for each of his kids.  His ex has been getting elterngeld + kindergeld + alg ii as far as I know.  They originally did not have a fixed amount of support but the jobcenter made her get it.
  15. Growing up some decades ago, you could get yelled at or even spanked by the neighbour if you gave him lip or trespassed in his garden and your parents would shrug and say, shouldn't have done that, should you?  On the other hand, you could also get milk and cookies from the neighbour if you were good and did an errand for them or helped them out.   Today, most people do not interfere with other people's kids.  You can't correct their bad behaviour because you'd have the parents beating down your door and you can't be nice to them because then you are under suspicion of having ulterior motives.  A first aid course I took, the instructor said that kids accidents are up because adults who see kids doing dangerous things do not interfere anymore.