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  1. Speeding fine - how to respond

    According to the new rules, there is supposed to be a one month ban but they say on the couple of websites I've checked that it's not effective due to a mistake in the new law and refer to the old law which does not have a ban for up to 25 km too fast so i don't think you are facing a ban.    If you were, they can possibly pardon it if you take it to court or basically you can plead to pay the fine but keep your license because you need your car.   Internet lawyers seem to advise not responding to such letters. Especially if you want to take it to court, it would not be in your interest to admit to it.  I have ignored such a letter and a second letter to follow and after that didn't hear from them again.  Wasn't facing a ban but should have gotten a point for it.
  2. interpretation needed

      Apparently Portugal is being reprimanded by the EU for overdoing it with the tax, see https://www.theportugalnews.com/news/portugal-in-court-over-vehicle-import-tax/53015
  3. interpretation needed

    I have a Dacia, not a German car, but it's an EU import because it was meant for the Polish market.  The manual is in Polish although they provided a copy on lesser quality paper in German.  I don't know if I got it cheaper but I did get the car I wanted immediately instead of having to wait a couple of months for a German Dacia dealer to order it for me.  I bought it from a large scale EU import dealer.   It may be an issue when I sell it because I did go with a friend to sell a car to a dealer and the dealer specifically asked if it was an EU import.  That was a Hyundai so not a German car either.     My boss moved to Portugal and he said if he had imported his car there, they would have charged him 15,000€.  Apparently you might get out of paying the tax under certain circumstances like based on that you are moving there at the same time and taking it with you and you have owned it for x amount of time before moving and also can't sell it for x amount of time after moving.
  4. Funny or shocking job interview stories

    I was unemployed once and got sent to interview at a hospital kitchen which I was not very interested in getting hired for. I tried my best to come across as a bad candidate but not only did I get hired, I was asked to start right away and to stay late, by myself. 
  5. Obligation to attend Integration course

    Have you tried asking at other VHS nearby?  I knew someone who did B1 where I live but decided to go to another city for B2 because she wanted a full time course and the local VHS was only offering it a couple of times a week over a longer period.
  6.   Nothing wrong with that.  My one nephew did his abitur and is now studying mathematics.  His younger brother is starting an ausbildung as a carpenter.  Kids aren't all the same.  Just like younger nephew shouldn't be pushed to do abitur, the older nephew shouldn't be pushed towards apprenticeship based on social status, hair color, parent's income etc.   
  7.   You just harped on how harmful it would be to send a bad student to a high level school and I agree with you but then you really don't see how it's also harmful to send a good student to a low requirement school?  She would have been bored, likely lost interest in her schoolwork and wondered if she's being sent there as some kind of punishment.  It's really not better.   As for your daughter, she wasn't in Germany though so you can't compare. The upwards mobility in Germany costs years and there is no point in delaying kids for years in the system who are good students by sending them to a lower level school just because they are shy, have black hair or whatever.   As for the grades now deciding in many areas which schools the kids are funneled into, there are also studies showing that foreign kids get lower grades for the same work so in order to be equal, they really have to be better.  
  8.   Well, I hope you don't actually have to pay him but I wish you the best deal you can conjure out.  Sometimes fighting isn't worth it if you know it will take years in court and cost you loads of health points which can not be bought back with money.  
  9.   There have been studies that have shown that foreign kids as well as poor German kids are less likely to go to gymnasium.  In some cases, a gymnasium recommendation is based on the opinion of just one teacher.   I recently read a book by a woman of Turkish heritage where she said she did not experience any problems in school and made it to gymnasium without a problem.  She wrote that the low rate of Turkish children going to gymnasium (about 20% to Germans 50%) were largely based on victim mentality in the culture where many parents believe and convince their children that the teachers are against them and so the children don't even try.   However, I also met a woman of Turkish heritage who told me that her elementary school teacher wanted to send her to special school because she was shy and didn't talk much in class. Her teacher had even drawn up the paperwork for the transfer but her mom refused to sign.   Germans do not necessarily think it's a bad thing not to go to gymnasium though.  They feel like you shouldn't stress out your children and push them to do something they are not ready for.  Your kid could take the scenic route and still end up with an abitur or maybe not get an abitur but learn a trade instead.  
  10.   And if there had been any paperwork regarding that, I'm sure she's destroyed it.   A friend of mine has a wife who inherited a building.  She started to keep it secret from him what she is getting in rental income and what she has in her account.  He since got money from his parents he didn't tell her about, bought a house without consulting her and now rents it out to his girlfriend so I guess now they both have secrets.
  11. Yes, what you hear about vs. what you see.  We have heard about kids who made the move and did fine.  At the same time I see one of my friends here struggling with his kid in the school system.  A kid who is born here, attended German kita since age 2 and whose parents have always spoken German with.  Because his German is not perfect however, he was delayed to start school for one year and has been sent to some kind of special school instead.  
  12.   As far as I know, these are her private assets according to the law because they were a gift from her family.  A private gift is treated like an inheritance.  However, you should be able to claim half of the growth of those investments during your marriage.   I don't think it's right having secret accounts, hiding them from each other. Separate accounts are fine but unless you are getting into the marriage while already planning to get divorced, I don't see why you'd have to hide them.   
  13.   His attempt to dismantle the post office to wreck mail in voting while encouraging his voters to vote absentee, how is that supposed to work?  Are the postal workers only supposed to lose / delay democrat votes?  Or is he encouraging his voters not to mail the votes but to bring them in in person?
  14. Accused of selling damaged goods

    Definitely do a police report.  Maybe nothing will come of it but the more people that do it, the police may eventually have enough to stop her.   Scams with items sold like this are very common.  Buyer insists that item was broken and they tend to side with the buyer.  Even ebay does this.  See here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g2dAa-afItU where an ebay seller gets a return of a broken item.  However, after going viral on youtube, they get contacted with an apology, see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=miJwqkAM1NE  If you read the comments on both videos, you will see loads of people recounting having similar experiences.
  15.   Actually I think they calculate from the net so his taxes are taken into account but his rent is not.  Why don't you go after his investments?  It's not like he's giving you any breaks.