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  1. Why are you unhappy today?

      A friends dog was far gone with cancer and he decided to give him a perfect last day. He took the day off and spent it with his buddy at the lake, feeding him all his favourite treats.  He said it was really a perfect day. The next day he had him put down.
  2. What's got you flummoxed today?

      My French connection claims that he does not know any other significance other than beef you eat.  He is however not in homosexual circles.  My Montreal connection does know that scene a bit better and she claimed it's a beefy stocky guy.     So fraufruit is probably right or maybe Sannerl because it could also be a club.  Or maybe they were just talking dinner.
  3. Unless your rental contract states that  you can get out of it if you lose your job, you are at the mercy of your landlord.  I would suggest for you to talk to the landlord immediately, explain your situation and ask if they will let you leave early.  If they say no, you will have to pay until Dec. You can ask the landlord if they are open to you finding another tenant to take over (nachmieter).  The landlord still has to approve the person you find.  If you find another paying tenant to move in which the landlord approves off, then you are out.
  4. First World Problems

      For what it's worth, my brother is an alcoholic, dry since 1986 and I've seen him drinking alcohol free beer and it did not cause him to go on a binge.
  5. What's got you flummoxed today?

      It's probably just a glitch in their website.  It's not like they are going to charge your credit card.  Have you tried contacting them about cancelling your account?   I don't actually have my credit card saved on there but I have often paid with it and never had any problems.  There's a box you have to check to allow them to keep your credit card information.  For me those saving card info options don't work half the time anyway because I get this verified by visa pop up and I can't recall the password for it, that is if I ever had one.   This is what my discount looks like:     So booking would in this case take 223,64€ off my card but the hotel still gives me a receipt for 245,76€
  6. Forbidden termination of contract in 3 months

    "Kündigung zum" means the end date.  If you gave your notice now, you would write kündigung zum 1.12.
  7. Only in America...

      Some restaurants allow dogs.  Friends of mine have 3 dogs they take everywhere.  They know exactly which restaurants will allow the dogs inside, outside or not at all.  Restaurants we've been to where the dogs were allowed include German, Turkish and Asian.  It just depends on the owner.   With flights, it's getting more difficult because it's getting more common for people to fly with their pets in the cabin.
  8. Landlord Reneges on Buying Kitchen

    Or it goes to mediation and nobody walks away happy.  Cost of kitchen eaten up by legal fees and everybody ends up poor.
  9. Sold my car in Berlin - need advice

      My dad had a car that had this part rusted through and you could definitely see something leaking every time you got gas.  I would definitely say it's deception but a question if it's worth going to court and trying to prove it.  However, filing a report with the police is a good start.  First investigate used car ads though if you find the same phone number selling other cars.  If you do, you can argue that he is a dealer and should have given you guarantee.  Even if he's not a dealer, you can still say he knew about the problem and didn't tell you.  Maybe the police will talk to him.  If he's trying this for the first time, he might get scared and take the car back.  If he's doing this all the time, he might maintain that he didn't know anything and gamble that you wont take it further.  
  10. Sold my car in Berlin - need advice

    You bought it as is and you could have brought a mechanic.  That said, you can try filing a report for fraud and see where it goes. It's hard to prove that he knew about the problems and duped you though. Check on eBay if he's selling other cars. If he's a backyard dealer, it may be handled differently. A friend bought a car privately through eBay and the guy had a handful of old cars he was selling. Also deregistered, no way to really test drive. The engine died within 2 weeks, he filed a report and eventually the guy had to repay him the money 
  11. Arbeitslosgeld 1 (ALG 1) and German Citizenship

      According to https://www.bundesregierung.de/breg-de/suche/die-anspruchseinbuergerung-456774 if you receive ALG i, Wohngeld or BAföG it will not stand in the way of you getting citizenship.
  12. The Americans had cold war worries that the Russians would catch them in bed in Washington DC with their submarines so a part of their defense plan was closing the so called GIUK Gap by having bases in Greenland and Iceland. In 2006 they closed the base in Iceland saying it wasn't necessary anymore and they needed their ppl in the middle East but now they seem to have some interest again.  Pompeo was in Iceland earlier this year and Pence is coming to visit next month.
  13. Only in America...

    Any dog can be made aggressive but big dogs cause more damage.  I think golden retrievers are among the most common breeds though so the question is if the number of bites are disproportionate to their numbers.
  14. What's got you flummoxed today?

    I use booking a lot. I've never been offered an after the fact discount from some company in Ireland but recently I'm getting discounts for paying up front even though I'm actually using a credit card and therefore not paying up front. Interesting however is that I can't get this discount if I use the app, only if I go through the website.
  15. Family member refusing to accept Inheritance

      Everything like that has to be decided beforehand. If one sibling feels that their care of the parent is turning into a job they can either suggest to the others that they take turns or if that's a no, then that they get paid for their work. If somebody wants to buy something from the estate, that needs to be discussed too.