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  1. The landlord can raise the rent AFAIK with a 3 month notice but no more than 20% per 3 years, 15% in some places, and not above the mietspiegel.  The 3 months notice for the raise is there for you to give your notice on the apartment if you don't agree with the increase.  
  2. Since I moved into my house almost 6 years ago, I have had the water meter changed as well as one for the heat but I didn't ask for it and didn't have to pay for it.  If the supplier feels that they need to swap out the meters every x yrs, they should pay.
  3. Recommendation for Joint Bank Account

      How much the merchant pays depends on his contract with the company he gets his card reader from.  A friend of mine is paying 10 cents per transaction for any card but he's paying 12€ a month in other service fees and for renting the card reader.
  4. Mastercard scam

    Use their link and fill out the form there and send it electronically.  Just in case, print it out as well, sign it and mail it to them and fax it if you have fax access.  You need to do this now.  There's only 14 days from whatever day last week for you to get out of this.
  5. Being married would get you proper health insurance to deal with your prenatal needs and in case there are complications.    The financial benefits include no longer paying for insurance and filing taxes together.  Your partner might keep a bit more of his pay check when you don't have an income.   Visa benefits would be applying for a spouse visa.   As for bringing the baby back with you I could imagine some red tape there possibly. You might have to apply for the baby to get German citizenship before returning.  With a German father it shouldn't be a problem though.
  6.   In my area they were running out of TP a couple of weeks ago.  Now they are stocked up.
  7. Recommendation for Joint Bank Account

      A Visa card is usually not a compulsory part of the package in Germany but there are certain advantages to having everything at the same bank.
  8. Recommendation for Joint Bank Account

    I was refused to open an account by DKB too almost 11 yrs. ago.  I don't have the email exchange anymore but as I recall, they said that I did not get enough points in their points system which they did not explain any further, not that they'd have to.  I am from an EEA country so I never had a visa issue but I had been in Germany for less than a year at the time and was not making a lot of money.  I suppose that had something to do with it.   I went to Wüstenrot and was happy there for many years with my free account and credit card.  However, they recently sold their banking operation to OLB (Oldenburg Landesbank) and fees started to creep up and so I recently changed over to Santander which also offers free accounts.    My neighbour is really happy with Commerzbank with her free joint account although she does pay a yearly fee for her visa card.
  9. Divorce and a common apartment loan

      So bankruptcy is starting to sound better in that case. At least with that, you are only broke for 7 years.  With this, who knows.  You can talk to your work about a possible pfändung of your salary and what will happen.  Some companies charge you a fee if you get it.  You may also be able to negotiate with your employer to help you out by for example paying your rent or car as a part of your salary.  Ask your lawyer if that will work.  You can ask your bank to turn your account into a P-Konto.  That will give you some protection from your ex trying to freeze it or empty it completely.   Can your lawyer help you force a sale of the apartment or can you raise the half rent of your ex?  
  10. Left over leaves after resigning

    Normally your payslips should indicate how many vacation days you have left so it shouldn't be something you'd have to argue about.  If you had 10 days left and couldn't take them, they'd have to be paid out when you quit.  If you have 10 days left and you could have taken them, employer can say sorry but the law indicates that they are out the window on Dec. 31 if you could have taken them and chose not to.  Now, maybe they wont do that, who knows.   I've quit something like 3 jobs since I've been in Germany and never had any problem getting left over vacation paid out.  One of those jobs my last day was March 31 and I still had left over vacation from the previous year which they paid out.  However, they did not ask me to take it in March since they wanted me to use the time to train someone to take over for me and they could not say I should have taken it in December since we were very busy.  Besides, that particular employer let you carry vacation over indefinitely because sometimes they were too busy to let people go so if they would have refused to pay me out, other employees seeing that would have put in for all their old vacation asap.
  11. Coronavirus

      I read somewhere that Fauci is not on his task force because he's a govt. employee and will be helping the team anyway.
  12. Left over leaves after resigning

    According to https://www.gloistein-partner.de/urlaub-in-der-kuendigungsfrist-worauf-arbeitgeber-und-arbeitnehmer-achten-muessen you can refuse or at least protest a one-sided vacation order from your employer.  However, in this case it was you who asked for the vacation first so I think you'll have to take it.   Even if you did avoid taking it, your employer could refuse to pay for it based on that you could have taken it in December and chose not to.  At https://www.afa-anwalt.de/muss-ich-meinen-resturlaub-bis-31-maerz-nehmen/#:~:text=Nach%20dem%20Bundesurlaubsgesetz%20muss%20Urlaub,Gr%C3%BCnden%20nicht%20genommen%20werden%20kann. it states that your vacation can be extended until end of March for professional or personal reasons where professional reasons include your employer telling you that you can't go because they need you and personal include being sick.  Not being able to travel would not stop you from taking vacation as you can still relax at home.   
  13. Coronavirus

      Notice how they all have Dr. in front of their names?
  14. Divorce and a common apartment loan

      You wouldn't.  If she wants to keep the apartment, she should fully take over the loan plus whatever you both already own in the apartment, she should pay you out half.  If you sold it, that would be the case, the loan would be paid off and leftover money be split.
  15. Another MPU Case

      I suppose it's a just a normal sticker that you could peel off if you wanted to.  You can wipe sticky glue off with lighter fluid or olive oil.   I wouldn't recommend taking it off though unless you are not planning on bringing your license to Germany at all anymore.  If any German authority finds that license with you and you have removed the sticker, you could be in trouble and they will assume that you have been driving here.