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  1. Is Prince Harry revolting?

      The slum dweller is probably not being chased by paparazzi 24/7 nor is it likely for him to have some crazy fans who want to get close to him due to his name or people who want to harm him for his name, or kidnap his children for ransom or what not.
  2. Is Prince Harry revolting?

      I think there is a difference between a couple wondering how light or dark their kids will end up being vs. other people wondering and commenting on the same.
  3. Ok so she is guesstimating the use of heat and warm water according to square meters. I'm not sure that is kosher. Heat is normally calculated according to square meters by 30 to 50% and rest from usage which is normally measured by small counters on the radiators. The requirement for the tenant to pay for the counters is not kosher. After all you can't take them when you leave. Ask the Mieterverein about this.   As for house tax, insurance etc they definitely can charge you for the percentage of your area of the house. There is some limit based on what it says in your rental contract. Some things can apparently not be charged if not mentioned there. Mieterverein again can help you there. Keep in mind that the insurance you pay through the landlord is just for the house. You will need your own.   As for garbage you can look up the cost where you live. Where I live, a standard size bin is 5-6€ per month if you put it out once a month, double if you put it out twice.
  4. Normally you pay an estimate for your nebenkosten and once a year you get a bill from your landlady explaining what the actual costs ended up being, subtracting what you already paid and either demanding more payment or giving you money back depending on which way it goes.  I don't think it's proper to realize after 1 month that she underestimated the heating by that much.  As far as I know, you could refuse and say you can talk about it at the beginning of next year when you get your bill.   A house should normally have it's own gas meter, water meter etc. so it should be easy for your landlady to prove the actual costs at the end of the year and it should even be easy for you to put your name on the meter and pay directly rather than have it go through the landlady.  I don't know why she is talking about average and your sq. meters.  If there's a meter just for your house, she wouldn't have to calculate area, just take the bill.  However, the bill she's paying now would be based on who lived there before you and their use.  When the meters get read, it can change.  Unfortunately they don't read the meters often so you can end up with a chunk of money to pay by the time this happens.   Other costs for a house can include real estate tax, fire and storm insurance, house liability insurance, garbage, street cleaning, snow removal, garden upkeep, cleaning of the house siding / roof and chimney sweep for example.  Also depends on what it states in your rental contract.  If you are responsible for garden upkeep and snow removal, you don't have to pay for them as well.  Join the mieterverein.  
  5. You just never know what an employer will do.  They might jump at the chance of getting rid of someone who has an medical problem that could be reoccurring or they might be more human about it and extend or give you a new probezeit when you are back, maybe depending on how long you are gone for as well.    If you complete the probezeit before getting sick and you have a permanent contract, it will be hard for them to fire you but you also have to think of your health.  If you go on sick leave during the probezeit and your employer lets you go, you will get 75-80% of your salary from the krankenkasse so you will have money, time to recovrer and look for a new job.    
  6. Coronavirus

      My veins are big enough but deep.  You can't see them, just feel them.  If I'm going for bloodworks, I point that out and usually don't have a problem.
  7. Relocating nearby to Munich

      Plenty of Germany is cheap if you choose your location more carefully.  You can compare real estate prices in Munich vs. middle of nowhere Portugal and you can compare Lisbon's prices to middle of nowhere Germany and pretty much get the same results.   I had a Portugese coworker though on one of my projects who was in his 30's and already planning his return to Portugal, had bought land and was building a house.  He did not have a profession that would have allowed him to work from home but seemed content that he might not make a lot of money back home, possibly not get a full time job but it's ok because everybody helps each other.
  8.   Don't forget to cancel it though or there will really be no end.
  9.   You can leave eventually but you might be stuck for a year longer than you planned to.  Germans don't know anything else so this is normal to them.
  10.   You can't even get an appointment in Niedersachsen.  Their website says they'd like to offer appointments to people over 80 but they don't have vaccine so blah.  I suppose most people who tried to cut in line must have had the opportunity to be at a location where vaccinations were taking place.  Let's say vaccinations are going on at a nursing home and the director shows up with their family.  I believe that happened in Sweden.  Or lets say the mayor shows up or police.
  11.   Since i don't know your kid, I'll take your word for it. However, I remember bossy kids from my childhood and they were not seen by other kids as leaders.  They were rather disliked.  A true leader leads the group instead of giving commands.
  12.   In Niedersachen, they are offering a waiting list for those who are 80 and older but their website also states that they don't have vaccines at the moment and there they are not putting anyone on the waiting list right now.
  13.   There is a 3rd way, used in many other countries which is to have it revert to a month to month.
  14. This is a German specialty, the auto-renewing contract.  Basically means that instead of a 2 yr. contract ending or going month to month after 2 yrs., it auto-renews for usually a full year at a time if you didn't cancel in writing with proper notice before the end date.  It will have this in the small print.   Removing the SEPA mandate will not help.  It will mean they can't charge your account but you still owe them the money because you still have a contract with them so they will come after you for it.   Of course you can cancel it now and you should to make sure you don't forget and get stuck for another year.  The contract will however run until August or whenever the end date is.   Here's a text you can use:    Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren, hiermit kündige ich meinen Vodafone-Vertrag fristgerecht zum nächstmöglichen Zeitpunkt. Bitte senden Sie mir eine schriftliche Bestätigung der Kündigung unter Angabe des Beendigungszeitpunktes zu.   This says you are cancelling with proper notice to the next allowed date and asking them to send you a notice that they have received your cancellation and when your contract ends.  You should include your customer number, name, address and sign it.  You should send to Vodafone via snail mail or fax.  
  15. computer printer - which to buy?

      I paid 20€ for a no name drum + toner for my Brother laser in 2019.  Í can't remember what I paid for the printer itself in 2009 but i think around 120.   If you don't print a lot, I'd recommend laser.  I always had problems in the past with ink drying up on me.