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  1. Landlord Deposit and Contract Issue

      It wouldn't fly here even with 3 months notice.  The tenant is free to give notice to move out but the landlord needs a reason. Same as a job. An employee can quit but an employer can't give notice without a reason.  
  2. Landlord Deposit and Contract Issue

    You can definitely join the Mieterverein now and they will advise you and maybe help you write letters but not help you take it to court because you didn't join beforehand.   If you hadn't signed a new agreement, your current landlord would have had to make good on the old one. Now that you have a new agreement, that's the one that counts.    Maybe your recourse would be to go after the old landlord for the deposit. He can then go after the current if he has proof that the deposit changed hands. It's also possible that you can go after the current landlord based on that he took over the old agreement while the new one was made later and hence if he took over a contract with a deposit and later made you a new one with no deposit he must have given you the deposit back and should prove that he did. Talk to the Mieterverein about this.   As for insurance I guess he may be talking Haftpflicht which you absolutely should have if you live in Germany. It covers damage you make to a 3rd party property. Say you dropped something heavy in the sink or tub and chipped or cracked it, the landlord can go after your insurance instead of you. For normal wear and tear he can't. You should definitely get it if you don't have it but you shouldn't own up to any damage you didn't do.   As for renovating the apartment, some of the clauses in rental contracts are not legal so get it looked at by the Mieterverein and have them tell you what you need to do.   Your landlord could never have moved you out in order to rent to refugees. In Germany as long as you pay rent the only reason you can be kicked out is Eigenbedarf which is the landlord needs it for himself or close family. Even then you can fight it. In such a case, if you move and the landlord or his close family don't move in, you can sue them for your moving costs.    
  3. Unpaid wages and my rights

    The overtime account is absolutely the norm in Germany.  I don't even think you can opt out of it.    https://www.afa-anwalt.de/arbeitsrecht-ratgeber/insolvenz-und-entgeltrueckstaende/ talks of Insolvenz geld from Arbeitsamt so talk to Arbeitsamt and see if they can help.
  4. I've had a pre-paid Fonic, which is also Telefonica affiliated, for many years during which I lost my phone and had to block my sim card and they actually refunded me the charges on the card where the person who found it had used my phone. Recently they double charged me for net for a day as I was changing plans and they refunded me again. I'm not even a good customer. I just put 10€ on it every few months.
  5. What made you laugh today?

      Google translate says it's Slovakian and translates it as: "Never! Never sit on a garden chair without shorts!"
  6. Why are you happy today?

      Printing still works but yeah I did have a printer years ago that refused to work after an upgrade from win 98 to xp. That long ago. It was a Lexmark. It wasn't even old. Definitely never buying one of those again. 
  7. Talk to the new provider.  Normally it shouldn't be a problem to take the contract with you although the provider may prefer to start a new contract at your new address.  I did not have to pay any costs to the energy provider when I moved.   Just keep in mind though that you should change your contract every year to keep it cheap.  Otherwise the good offer you got this year may sneak in and raise your prices later.  You should do this at least 3 months before your contract is up.  The new provider will usually cancel your old contract for you.
  8. President Donald J. Trump

      In our society, even poor people have TV's and smart phones.  However, if you want your kids to do sports, you have to pay for a sports club and buy them sports gear.  I don't think it's the rich kids who are becoming obese.
  9. Is Prince Harry revolting?

      True but if Harry were to refuse becoming King, do you think he'd agree for his minor son to be?  He'd be back on royal duty again to accompany him.  
  10. Is Prince Harry revolting?

      If something happened to Charles, William and all 3 kids and Harry refused to be King, they'd have to look for the next in line which I guess would be Prince Andrew 
  11. President Donald J. Trump

      Most kids prefer junk food.  Does that mean we should give it to them?
  12. Why are you happy today?

      It was very easy for me. My notebook is old and slow so I left it muddling overnight and by morning it was good to go. It did tell me that a couple of programs no longer work under win 10 but none that I actually needed.  I did my work notebook too this morning and it was a bit more tricky because it got stuck and I had to reboot and start again. I haven't tested all the programs on it, just the most important one and it still works.
  13. Why are you happy today?

    I am happy because I managed to upgrade my old notebook from Windows 7 to 10 and it still works :D
  14.   I don't really worry much about other ppls body hair but I too have noticed, seeing young macho guys in tank tops with shaved armpits for example so yeah, definitely a thing here.  My niece in Iceland though, she shaves nothing.  Some woman started talking to her on a bus about her hairy legs and then announced that she would pray for her 
  15. Inheritance of a joint account

      If it was an ugly divorce he probably didn't mean for the ex to get everything and the wife nothing so he probably didn't think of changing the beneficiary or was going to do it later. Most ppl aren't planning on dying any time soon.   However I saw a case in the media where the wife was bitterly complaining that the husband forgot to change the beneficiary on his life insurance and it went to his ex. However people who knew him claimed that he did it on purpose. Wife got the house and money in the bank and his ex got the insurance. In some cases it can be on purpose like if he has kids with the ex too he doesn't want to leave them penniless.