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  1. Why are you unhappy today?

      My parents left me alone at home for a week when I was 14.  I was fine.   I'd say 13 yr old for an evening should be fine unless she is really scared of being alone or something like that.
  2. Only in America...

       I saw a pc remake on Facebook :)
  3. German B1 level not enough for blood donation?

    I don't remember Brazil being mentioned in these questions but they do ask about England, mad cow related, and they ask about Africa as well.  
  4. German B1 level not enough for blood donation?

    I donate blood and I have seen people turned away because their German was not that good.  I think lisa13 is absolutely right when she says it's about you understanding the questions correctly and giving truthful answers.  So you say you could have asked your wife to interpret for you but in order for you to be truthful, you need to answer the questions in private.  If one of the questions for example was about recently having sex for money or sex with someone whose history you don't know and you did, you might not want your wife to know about that.  Second, they do not know if your wife is a skilled interpretor.  
  5.     No, it's not your fault.  The bus should have managed to pass you without hitting you.  He went into your lane.  Don't admit any blame to insurance or anyone else because it was not your fault.
  6. Get the gutachter.  They will help you.  My friends gutachter also had a lawyer they work with who specializes in these cases but he said you can use your own lawyer if you want to.  He opted to go with the lawyer of the gutachter.  Insurance of the other driver paid for all costs, lawyer, gutachter and value of the car minus 1000€ which they said would be the value of the damaged car.  They provided an offer from a dealer willing to buy the wrecked car for 1000€.  Everything else they paid.
  7. Complete FAIL

      Cute.  I bought one of those years ago as a gag gift for a friend.  The hole in it's bottom is actually not huge.  It's about the width of a finger.  My friend joked that even if he'd wanted to have sex with it, he wouldn't fit.
  8.   It's just a question of what excuse the insurance company of the bus driver could think of as for why they should not have to pay.  If both lanes were turn lanes, they might say that the car should have been further to the right to allow both to turn.  However, it seems pretty clear from the photos that the car wasn't even turning yet.  However, the police were still saying they could not tell whose fault?
  9. Why are you happy today?

    My childhood home, we had this advent kranz made of straw and wire and every year, my mother would wrap it with more wire and fir branches and red ribbons and what not to make it look pretty and usually she didn't get around to it until mid December so we'd have to light one candle and make it burn a bit longer and then the 2nd etc. to make it look right.  It was decades before she figured out she could just buy a fake one that always looked nice.
  10. In my friends case, I don't know how he found the gutachter but he did not have to pay him.  The insurance did.   If the bus was not in a turn lane, it's 100% his fault.  He should not be cutting into your lane and it's obvious from the photo that he did.  Just google auto unfall gutachter erlangen and you will find loads of results and can find someone who has an idea how to push this through with the least hassle for you.
  11. A friend of mine always calls a gutachter when he has a problem.  The gutachter estimates the damage, takes photos etc. and they take it to a lawyer.  The lawyer deals with the other party insurance.   Are both of the right lanes turn lanes or just yours?  If it's just yours, it can't be your fault as the bus should have stayed in his lane.  If it's both, it's a question whether you should have started turning earlier to give the bus more room in the outer turn, i.e. a bit harder to say.
  12.   I don't think he'll do that because he doesn't believe he'll go to jail.  
  13. Rental puzzle

    You are renting month to month so the time unit is one month and not weeks, days or something else.  If you wanted to pay daily or weekly rates, you could find some who offer that but it will most likely be more expensive than renting month to month.   Sure the landlord could let you stay for 2 more days for free, for a daily fee or whatever but they don't have to.
  14. I tried explaining this already back in October.  If you do not book a plan with them, you are paying 24 cents per MB which means that your 15€ would buy you something like 62MB, not GB and 30€ would buy you 124MB.   If you book the plan Internet Flat XL, you would get 5.5 GB for up to 30 days for 15€ and if you refill with another 15€, you can get another 5.5GB within the same 30 days.  I have used this option and this is how it works.
  15. What's got you flummoxed today?

      Maybe they are supposed to be on an xmas vacation in the Southern hemisphere?