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  1. unemployment benefit

      When they moved her hubby still had a job. She moved alone and he moved later. At this point he also thought he'd be working. He got sent for training, then told to wait.   The house was in crap shape, the pub was rat infested.    Even if they had figured it's a good idea to keep the pub open it might not have worked. If it had been making a profit, why do you think they sold it?
  2.   You would think it's all good to some ppl as long as the kids don't hold US passports as well as they're a bit too brown 
  3.   I saw this link on facebook:  https://www.newyorker.com/news/q-and-a/inside-a-texas-building-where-the-government-is-holding-immigrant-children   The kids are sleeping on the cement floor, maybe with an army blanket at best, they are not able to shower or brush their teeth, they are not getting clean clothes, the older children are expected to take care of unrelated 2-3 year olds and this is costing $775 per day per child?!    Me thinks some ppl are making an awful lot of money.  
  4. Gender neutral toilets.

      Yes, he may have talked of excessive draping, not wrapping.  I'm not sure anymore.  This would have been in the early to mid-80's so I don't think they had the disposable paper seat covers yet.
  5. I see this as a simple proposed business deal.  Why should the OP leave willingly without compensation if the landlord has no means to get him out legally?  Doesn't make any sense.  The landlord knows that and has offered him money to leave.  The question is how much is appropriate.  The OP is in his full rights to say no to the offer if he thinks it's too low.  Although he risks that the landlord will then say ok, sell the house at a reduced price and he will get a new landlord who legally does have the means to get him out by giving him notice based on eigenbedarf, hence he may end up having to move anyway without getting any money.  It's his risk to take.
  6. unemployment benefit

    I think the Tafel is only supposed to give you food if you are on benefits and have some paperwork from the job center.  Maybe they can make exceptions though or maybe the job center is more willing to give someone paperwork they can use to go to the tafel than to actually give them money.  
  7. Gender neutral toilets.

      My brother in law would insist that my sister had trained their daughters to use public toilets in such a way that first you must completely wrap the seat in toilet paper until no part of it is visible and then you don't actually sit on it but squat above it.  Whether it's completely true, I'm not so sure though.  BIL has been known to exaggerate a bit sometimes.
  8. unemployment benefit

      So you are talking about the job center that processes social benefits, not the Agentur für Arbeit who process unemployment benefits?  Because it is definitely the job center you should be going to for emergency help.    You need to tell them, that you have no food.  Preferably you should stick around and ask to talk to a manager and not take no for an answer. If they will not help you, go to the rathaus.  Stay there and talk to anyone who will listen that you are mittellos and the job center will not help you.  If it still didn't work, you still don't have to starve.  Plenty of young hip people go dumpster diving these days.  Grocery stores throw out a lot of food that is still good.  There are also sharing programs for which you can download apps such as foodsharing etc. where people share what they have too much of.   When dealing with officials, you have to be your best ally because you don't have anybody there to go with you and fight for you.  That includes politely demanding attention, refusing to leave until you are helped and refusing to take no for an answer.
  9. Got Fired in ah Underhand Way, How Do I Defend Myself?

      Actually he can only be in Probezeit if his contract or a Tarifvertrag state that there is one. An employee and employer can agree and put in the contract a Probezeit of up to six months and in that Probezeit it may be stated that the notice period is two weeks. However, if there is no Probezeit mentioned then there isn't one.   Even if there was a Probezeit they still aren't allowed to fire him verbally at the drop of a hat. They need to do it in writing and with proper notice.
  10. mobile.de can say a lot of things but at the end of the day, your car is worth what you can sell it for, not what some website says.  So if you find a buyer who'll pay you a good price, then good for you, if you have to settle for less, so it is.  
  11. Maybe the other owners think they have found some chumps to pay for their new garden they have neglected for the past few years.  All the more reason to let the mieterverein deal with them.  
  12. What made you smile today?

      Thanks, I've fixed it now :)
  13. I second Panda.  Join the Mieterverein and let them help you deal with this.   Also take loads of photos and have friends join you on investigation trips through the garden.  If the lady is a bit crazy to prove her point, she might decide to damage the lawn / weeds herself and blame it on your son so your photo's and witnesses would prove that there are no damages at present.   Also, legally I am not so sure you have to pay for damages your son makes.  He's 7 so he's allowed to play outside without constant supervision in which case they cannot say you did not supervise him.  If you have haftpflicht insurance, you can also tell whoever, talk to my haftpflicht, if they don't want to pay, it's not my fault or my problem.
  14. What made you smile today?

    Yesterday evening I heard someone sneaking around on my back porch.  It turned out to be a little hedgehog come to seek shelter from the storm.  I gave him some cat food which he happily munched on.  This morning he's gone and so is all the food but that made me smile.
  15. What made you cry today?

      It's sad that they didn't see any other way out.  There is no reason they couldn't have lead a happy life after bankruptcy if they had the right mindset.  My parents didn't lose their house but they were close sometimes, always had more bills than money but I hope they never considered killing us.