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  1.   Exactly.  Someone on here said he always cancels such contracts as soon as he's signed up for them.  That way, you don't forget and you can always sign up for it again if you need it.  
  2. I have a Bahncard and they sent me a bill for it on email including how to pay for it before they sent the actual card.  They sent the email a month before my card expired so not enough time to cancel which would be six weeks.
  3. Pfändung notice from Bank

    Did you ever get anything from a court yourself?  if not, how do you know which court to contact?  Tell the bank that you think you are being scammed and ask them to give you copies of all paperwork they have from the court.  Then contact whatever court it has on there to try to get more info.  
  4. It might be cheaper for you to join the tenants association to get help from their lawyer on how to proceed but since you join after the fact, they will not go to court with you.  The other option would be to hire a lawyer and your landlord is dragging his feet banking on that you don't.   The landlord has until the end of this calendar year to send you the nebenkostenabrechnung for 2020.  Not saying that it's completely legal to keep all of your deposit for that long but he can keep a portion of it as far as I know until it's clear whether you owe nebenkosten.     He's being very cheeky there and offering you that if you agree to pay the cost to paint the ceiling, he will get it done.  I don't know why it takes 10 months to decide on painting a ceiling.  Just sounds like another tactic on dragging his feet in the matter until  you give up and let him keep the money.  
  5.   I heard from a friend's kid that there is a ceremony at Kiga where they kick out the oldest kids. She was born right after the cut off date but spent the kita years with the older group for some reason so it would have been sad for her to wait a year to go to school. They asked if she could start early and it wasn't a problem. She's in gymnasium now.   Another friends kid is starting a year late due to concerns about his command of German. He went to a Schulkindergarten last year and now started school and loves it. He'll be 8 in March.
  6.   Reading the link, it doesn't seem to be banned, rather restricted to prescription by certain specialists for certain problems.   In Iceland they restricted a skin cream called soolantra to prescription by certain specialists because apparently some idiots were eating it and having side effects.
  7. 1. According to https://tipps.computerbild.de/hardware/komponenten/filmen-in-der-oeffentlichkeit-ist-das-ueberhaupt-erlaubt-825387.html you may film as a tourist would and you are filming buildings, not people although people walking around may end up on your video.  If you want to film people, you need their permission, for children, also the parents permission.   2. I would think that if you caught an assault or other crime on video, even a German would likely offer the video evidence to the police.   3. Don't post it on social media.  
  8. I don't remember there being any ceremonies in Iceland when I started school.  I vaguely recall going with my mom to an appointment to see the teacher and classroom, maybe a couple of days earlier and then school just started.   Some kids are happy to start school, some are not that impressed but I never knew of any kids to be traumatized or crying.
  9. Only in America...

      This is not an "Only in America" thing though.  Stealthing is already illegal in some other countries but not necessarily being named as such but possibly falling under some kind of a deception law, see https://www.stdcheck.com/blog/stealthing-legal-what-to-do-after/ where it mentions Sweden, UK and Canada.   IMO stealthing should be illegal anyway.  If you have agreed with someone to use a condom due to STD risk, pregnancy risk etc. and you slip it off and continue, you no longer have consent.  
  10.   Fakes here too:  https://www.ndr.de/nachrichten/niedersachsen/Dutzende-Fake-Impfausweise-in-Niedersachsen-aufgetaucht,impfpaesse100.html
  11. Why are you unhappy today?

      Broken tooth here too.  I had already sent in the papers for a crown and before I had an appointment it broke but my dentist thinks he can still fix it.
  12.   I was told that by my bank in Canada as well.  Applying for or having more and more credit cards => you are desperate for credit => you don't have any money I used to do that though.  You'd see these stands offering gifts if you applied and I was up to 7 or 8 cards at some point.  Didn't owe anything on them though and did not have a problem getting a mortgage.
  13.   Their page for the Best Giro says "Kostenlose Kreditkarte auf Wunsch" so that's definitely optional.
  14.   When I opened my account, I noticed that it included payment insurance if you owe them.  I asked the guy if this would be applied to my credit card "debt" if I pay up every month and he said no.  However, first statement, I found out that he was mistaken (or lied if you want to believe the worst).  It was not a credit card heavy month so only about 2€ but sometimes when I've been travelling for work and charging everything to my card, hotel etc. it can potentially be a lot more.  I asked him about it and told him if that is the way it is, I want to cancel the insurance.  He said it's not supposed to be and they would correct it this time but if I wanted to cancel the insurance, I was welcome to do that.  I cancelled it and have no funny charges on my card.  It's automatically taken out of my account so no late fees.   It is possible when they calculate interest and I remember this from another bank, another country many years ago that as soon as you go over the payment date, they don't just charge you interest for the couple of days you are late but rather for all the days since you made your purchase.   I also had a thing back when I was at Sparkasse years ago that they always kept charging me for statement even though I was fetching it online.  When I went to complain to them, they said oh, that's not supposed to happen.  Check if it happens again next month.  No refund or anything.  Didn't stay with them very long.
  15.   I am.  I have the 1-2-3 account which is free if you have 1200 a month coming in and gets you bonuses of up to 6€ a month for certain things such as having your salary go in there, having a certain number of direct debit going out etc.  There is however another account called Best Giro which is free regardless of money going in but doesn't get you a bonus.   I asked them how they can afford to do this and they said something about being a small bank and not spending all their money on advertising.  I know they do a lot of car loans on the side.