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  1. Musical instrument for 7 year old

    My brother was the only one of my siblings who went to music school and they started with the recorder and picked an instrument later.  He picked the violin.  The pros of starting out with a recorder is that they are cheap so if it turns out that she's not interested, at least you aren't out any money.   Here, a professional recorder player compares a $10 recorder to a $1000 recorder $10 vs. $1000 recorder! | Team Recorder - YouTube        
  2. Why are you happy today?

      Don't even have to wait 10 years.  I'm still in covid mode wearing crocs, sweatpants and a fleece sweater most of the time  
  3. Why are you happy today?

    I had Doc Martens some 30 yrs. ago.  I remember a long break in period before they got comfy  
  4. No Update from TV License Service

      Worst case, you go to jail :  GEZ/Rundfunkbeitrag nicht gezahlt: Mann muss für sechs Monate ins Gefängnis - Jetzt ist er im Hungerstreik (merkur.de)
  5. Rules for increasing the rent

    IMO if the nebenkosten were included in the monthly rent in the rental agreement without any mention of separation, it's pauschal miete and they can not just have some afterthought to say that x amount is rent and y amount is nebenkosten if it's not in the agreement that you signed.  Like how do you know that the rent was supposed to be 575 and nk were 75?  Maybe your rent was 450 and your nk were 200.  What is the common cold rent for an apartment in your area?  75 for nk seems extremely low.  When I rented in 2009, my nk was set at 100 and it was not enough, should have been 120.  That was a 52 sq m apartment.  You definitely have the right to see the bills behind the nk amount but if he says it was 75, it's easy for him to say it should be more.     As far as I know, they can not raise the rent in the first 12 months and they do have to give you 3 months notice on the rent increase so that you can give proper notice and leave if you want to.  I don't know if that also goes for pauschal miete though because utilities are some part of the rent and could have gone up.  However, 2021 is the first year this landlord is in that house as well as you so I don't know what he's planning to compare it to.   You should talk to a lawyer or join the mieterverein to figure out your rights.  Don't pay more or agree to a new contract until you've figured that out.  
  6. Now faster way (back) into public health insurance

      I looked into it at some point when I had to spend a week in hospital and it was about 100 per day.  It's not important enough to me to pay that.  Besides, roomies can be fun sometimes.
  7. Problem with a weird transport company!

      Sometimes they will hold your stuff hostage and tack on expenses based on nothing or they will say that you had more stuff than they thought.  However, not everybody has the health to carry their own furniture so you'd have to find people for that.
  8. Problem with a weird transport company!

      Did you ever see their AGB's?  Were they mentioned in the contract and made available to you?
  9. Abusive WG neighbour

      Talking to someone can help.  I know someone who was threatened by his landlord.  The police absolutely were not interested in taking a report and he ended up filing online.  They called him in for an interview a week or two later and then they must have had words with the landlord and they were probably harsh words because the landlord started avoiding him completely.  Didn't even look in his direction if they came across each other outside.   However, I doubt that having a word will help with a drunk guy.  
  10. A gastroscopy without the sedative?

      Some doctors are just assholes.  One of my friends cut his finger and the doctor just started to stitch it up without numbing.  When he complained, the doctor said he shouldn't be crying as he's a man.  
  11. A gastroscopy without the sedative?

      That's what I had, gagging the whole time to the point I had tears flowing out of my eyes and you have that tube in your throat and can do nothing but wait for it to be over.  I don't remember any after effects though.  Maybe a sore throat same day. 
  12. A gastroscopy without the sedative?

    i had a gastroscopy without a sedative and don't recommend it.  Didn't hurt but was very uncomfortable.  You are usually offered a sedative which although it doesn't put you to sleep, it can apparently make you loopy and they don't allow you to leave by yourself afterwards.
  13. This may help as well:  KINDESENTFÜHRUNG: Sorgerecht | SCHEIDUNG.de   Once you have the aufenthaltsbestimmungsrecht, you can register your child with border control or something like that.  However, since border police is not checking every car and you are close to the border, it is possible that your husband could escape Germany with your child before you can even react. 
  14. If your ex gets "confrontational" to the point that you worry about your and your childs safety, you can call the police and ask them to escort you and your child to a frauenhaus.  Nobody will fault you for that.