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  1. 9€ Transit Ticket: where are you going?

    On Thursday I had to travel between 2 stops on a train that was going to Bremerhaven. It was absolutely packed, mostly by young people with beach toys, beach chairs and coolers full of beer. The walkways were blocked by luggage and the stairs and areas by the door packed with people. I made sure to start making my way to the door a couple of minutes early.
  2. Wohngeld spiralling out of control

      Pauschal miete is when you and the tenant agree that there is a nebenkosten of x€ per month and no calculations will be done later.  This means that your tenant can take multiple baths or long hot showers every day and heat their apartment to 30C without worrying about getting a big bill later.  Or if you trust them not to do this, you save yourself the headache of doing these calculations at the end of the year.   I recall there being some aspects of the nebenkosten that should be listed in the rental contract or otherwise the tenants could refuse to pay them.  I don't recall which ones.  According to some websites, a large majority of nebenkosten calculations are actually wrong.   You can join haus und grund which is an association of homeowners.  They should be able to help you figure this out.  
  3.   Yes, the employer can allow you to take "future" vacation early but say if you have 30 days jahresurlaub and they let you take it all in January and February and then you quit, they can't ask you for the money back.  It's basically their risk if they allow it.
  4.   I don't think that you have that option.  Your old employer can ask you to use up unused vacation days before you leave or they pay them out.  I don't know of an option to transfer them to the new employer.  Have you asked the old employer which they prefer?   Your new employer may not like you taking such a long holiday so soon after starting.  You would only be entitled to earned vacation days from Oct, Nov. and Dec so probably 6-7,5 days.  8-10 if they let you use January's allottment as well.  You could ask to take the rest unpaid.  You need to discuss this with your new employer.
  5. DHL card never arrived - what to do?

    I had this happen a few months ago.  Never got the QR code and my package was locked in this abholstation.  I phoned them and they said to download the post & dhl app.  I did.  Then I had to register and activate my phone to use said app.  This involved getting a code per post to my house so took a couple of days.  With the code, you can activate the dhl app and that will allow you to get your package.  Quite the roundabout and I was not impressed at the time but now I have it and it works.
  6. Einschreiben letter to authorities

      If the landlord is on vacation and nobody is home to sign for the letter, it will bounce back to you.  Instead of a rückschein, you can send einschreiben mit einwurf and it will land in your landlords mailbox which is enough, see https://www.promietrecht.de/Blog/Kuendigung-fuer-Mietvertrag-Wohnungzustellen-Vermieter-im-Urlaub-E3110.htm   You can also do the einwurf yourself with a witness.  Write up a letter that states that you and your witness both put the notice in the envelope and that you both put the envelope in the mailbox on date x and time y.  Take a photo of your notice going into the envelope and the envelope going into the mailbox.  Both of you sign it.  If you have your landlords email or whatsapp, you can also let them know that you are doing this so they don't get a surprise when they are back in a few weeks.  
  7. What's got you flummoxed today?

      Her comments were apparently that this transwoman:  Christine Marie, 33, is called a man by opponents who try to put her on the trans debate | FriFagbevegelse.no  is a man and apparently that is considered hate speech in Norway.
  8. Miete Issues: Young Family kicked out apartment

    He needs to go to court and apply for Beratungshilfe to get legal help. He can also claim Härtefall to his driver's license.   Its not kosher for a doctor to write him off sick if he's not. 
  9. Miete Issues: Young Family kicked out apartment

      They would have had to send that reply letter asap to get that ball rolling.   I also have experience of Eigenbedarf. I was given notice of three months to move. The notice did not arrive in a timely manner as the landlord sent it with registered mail while I was on holiday overseas. It was bounced back to him and he hand delivered it to me on something like the 7th of the month. Outside of that I should have been given 6 months because I had lived there more than 5 years. However, I wanted to move and already found a place so I had no reason to fight it.
  10.   At least make sure that you've read and understood or take it home and ask someone to help you.
  11. Miete Issues: Young Family kicked out apartment

      They can park close and walk past the building and check if they see the owners or their cars. Check if they put their name on the doorbell and mailbox. Ask the neighbors. If they are friendly with the neighbors now, they can get their contact info and keep in touch.
  12. Miete Issues: Young Family kicked out apartment

      Apparently the landlady can ask for damages if they don't move on time.  They really need legal assistance for this.  Maybe camp out at the mieterverein until they help or get their own lawyer which it sounds like they can't afford or try to get a beratungsschein from the court or try to find an apartment asap as they will likely be moving sooner or later.
  13. Miete Issues: Young Family kicked out apartment

    What is our song and dance here?  All together now: "Join the Mieterverein!"   The Mieterverein can for a modest fee help them figure out what their rights are and to write letters to the landlady.  I don't think they will help them go to court because they are joining after they already have a problem.   Another possible option would be to apply for beratungshilfe based on that they are not making enough money, don't have legal insurance and aren't members of the mieterverein (yet).  They can get this from the court.  You can find a form here:  beratungshilfe_antrag_avr070.pdf (bayern.de)   I quickly googled a little and found the magic words härtefall and sozialklausel.  They could ask for more time based on that they have school age children and low income.  However, it says they need to write a widerspruch to the landlady at least 2 months before then end of their notice so it may already be a bit late in the day.  However, it is not easy to get people evicted in Germany.  If they are unable to leave on Sept. 1st, the landlady first has to take them to court.  They would have the option to defend themselves saying that they have not found affordable housing.  This could buy them time.  Even if they don't defend themselves, it could take the court a few months to agree to an eviction depending how busy they are.  The landlord will then hire a bailiff to evict them.  The bailiff will normally give another 3 weeks for them to move before they swoop in and put them on the street.   I am not sure the landlady can charge them extra for not leaving on time but it is her right to raise the rent.  They can object.  If her notice to them is actually a notice to raise the rent, that could negatively affect her claim to eigenbedarf.  She either is planning to move in herself or she isn't.  If they end up moving and she doesn't move in herself, they can file against her for moving costs.   Also make sure they got proper notice.  If they were in the apartment for less than 5 years, it's 3 months.  If it was more than 5 years, it's 6.   As for the kaution, there is a bürgschaft possible, google bürgschaft mietkaution  Companies that do this offer the tenant to pay a monthly fee and instead they will provide the kaution if needed.  Another option would be to make payments.  Tenants in Germany have the right to pay their kaution in 3 installments.  However, in the Munich area where a landlord can find tenants in a heartbeat, I am not sure how good your chances are to get an apartment if you are using bürgschaft or want to pay in installments when other prospective tenants are offering cash.  
  14.   You will have to talk to them that you took the earlier offer to pay in full before 12.7.
  15.   Yes, if they offer to pay 492,67 before 12.07. you should be able to do that.