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  1. German right of way laws

      My boss says it's the same in Paris. If you stop, you lose.  
  2. German right of way laws

      Panda says it's by handzeichen and she is usually right but I can explain why 1 doesn't have to yield to 3.  1 is not turning and from the right hand rule, he only has to yield to 2 who is coming from his right.  Because 2 and 3 don't interfere with each other, nothing would prevent them from going at the same time.  If something did, say 2 wanted to turn left, then 2 would have to yield to 3 and like the former example they would all be sitting there wondering who goes first until someone waves someone through.  However, since 3 yields to 1 and 1 yields to 2, I say 2 should go first.
  3. German right of way laws

      1 has to give way to 2 because it's coming from his right but not to 3. 3 should go last. In reality though, the cyclist might squeeze through as 1 is stopped waiting for 2 anyway.
  4. If you want a permanent contract, just talk to the owner. If the owner doesn't agree you can point out to him that your current fixed term contract is illegal anyway. It will not hold up in court if he wants you out.   Joining the Mieterverein is a good idea. They can help you with disputes or issues in the future.
  5. As far as I know, a fixed term contract on an apartment is only legal if there are valid reasons in the contract for why it must be fixed term.  You can read about this here:  https://www.deutsche-anwaltshotline.de/rechtsberatung/108393-befristung-von-mietvertrag-rechtens   Without these valid reasons, your contract is automatically permanent.  If you did not renew your contract and just continued to pay rent and stay in the apartment, they could not kick you out.  
  6. Today I did something stupid

      Actually, when I was that age, I used to walk to school together with a girl who lived on my block.  One evening kind of late, she rang the door bell asking for me.  She had her backpack with her school things.  I was actually in bed but I did have a peek out my bedroom door to see what was going on.  My mom was asking her if there was a problem at her house thinking she was asking for help.  But actually no, she had gone to bed early, woke up at some point, looked at the clock in a hurry and thought it was time for school.
  7. Today I did something stupid

      It is not really a stupid question.  She might have wanted to visit someone and in that case you could have discussed what gifts/foods to bring, visiting hours in Greek hospitals etc.   The only stupid thing I did today was playing with my cell phone on the bus and just realizing everybody is getting off and jumping out the door only to find out it wasn't my stop yet.  Although it wasn't that bad since it was the stop just before mine and so I didn't have far to walk.
  8. About the employment situation in the city

      You could lie about work experience for example. Make up jobs you didn't have or make up job duties to give you fitting experience. Write your own reference letter. Get your friends or family to give their number to put on there so they can vouch for you if someone calls. Or you could stretch experience you really have or claim to have excellent knowledge about something you've just barely seen. I'm sure many ppl get away with it.    
  9.   In that case tell your neighbors that you are giving up on your renovations due to their complaints and that the former owner is interested in moving back in  
  10. Tennis partners sought and found (2019)

    If you can't find a partner here, there are loads of clubs you can join, playing against other clubs at pretty much any level.
  11. About the employment situation in the city

      Which people depict Berlin as one of the best cities to find a job? I've seen someone living there state that Berlin is the city where people come to live off benefits. I've had someone I knew who lives there tell me his gf got this job making 10€ an hour and they were so happy. They were not even foreigners. Sure, Berlin is considered cool by many but people who move to Berlin are often as you say IT ppl or aspiring artist financed by their parents or the like.    
  12.   They are not supposed to give you a better price if you book directly but many do. I have had different offers too like double room for a single price.   When I am traveling for work though I like going through booking because I have a lot of reservations to keep tabs on plus the confirmations in one app. Paying less means savings for my boss, not for me. If he wanted to, he or his wife could book my hotels but so far no interest there.
  13. It's good to know that they decompose quickly and won't scare a new owner digging in the yard.   I haven't wrapped my cats in anything when I've buried them. I curl them up like they're sleeping and toss in a dandelion or two.
  14.   After I had to have my cat put down my vet asked me if I have a garden. I said yes. Then you bury him in your garden he said. It's the best. We all come from the earth.   I did bury him in the garden. When i sell that house the new owners will have a shock if they start digging around.   In Canada I buried two cats in the garden. I never even considered it might not be allowed.
  15. Employment termination - Questions

    Right, with a one month notice period to the end of the month it doesn't matter when you give notice during that month, you are staying until the end of the next. So if you give notice between October 1st and October 31st you stay until November 30. If you give notice between November 1st and 30th you work until end of December.