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  1. Here in Münster (NRW) I have not been able to buy the 'regular' kind of peanut butter (the unhealthy variety with added sugar and emulsifiers) for weeks. I have looked in every single supermarket within a 10km radius of where we live, and.. nothing. Is there some kind of embargo on peanuts coming in to Germany that I was not aware of??? 
  2. Alcohol and cancer

      I may be wrong on this, but trans fats only occur in tiny quantities in nature and in large quantities only in processed food, most of which is banned by the EU.
  3. Following on from eileenro's post, I can confirm that for accessing UK TV an Amazon Fire stick does the job beautifully, I setup my 2nd Generation model with Overplay's SmartDNS in conjunction with No-IP (automatic IP updating), once I'd done that, I switched our Amazon app store to the UK and grabbed the necessary on-demand and live TV apps (All4, BBC iPlayer, TVPlayer etc.) About 40 Euros for the stick, and then 5€ a month for Overplay. Well worth it. (Stay away from Kodi if you're worried about the legality of streaming copyrighted content) Edit: I'm happy to give anyone who wants to try this tips on getting it setup. Send me a DM.
  4. Peanut butter shortage - help!

        Already looked on Amazon, and again, the only stuff they have is the basket woven variety.
  5. Anime and manga in Germany

      If you're talking about streaming in the way I assume you mean, then that is not a 'normal website'. Unless you are paying a subscription, of which at least a percentage goes to the creator of the content, then you are in the same realm legally as torrents and file sharing, and as someone who found out the hard way that the German authorities do not like illegal content sharing, I can confirm that you are right to be cautious. Why not just buy the DVDs along with a cheap player (if your laptop doesn't have an optical drive?)
  6. Peanut butter shortage - help!

    Haha, thanks Anna. Glad to know I'm not alone in my pb shortage! I had a suspicion it was to do with the daft orange racist in the White House..
  7. Anime and manga in Germany

      What do you mean 'normal websites'? Surely if it's a 'normal website', you're less likely to fall outside what is defined as legal by German law?
  8. Anime and manga in Germany

      I'm guessing you're talking about Hentai.
  9. Coffee - where to buy

    Looking for an online store (or a physical one) that sells “gourmet” coffee beans - I want something other than the usual choice available in Rewe (Melitta, Lavazza own brand etc). Any ideas?
  10. Coffee - where to buy

    Thanks all for the replies. This is what has completely changed our daily coffee experience the design is not the best, (the container the grounds fall in to is poorly thought out) but it is a burr (as opposed to blade) grinder, so with even cheap beans from somewhere like Aldi or Lidl, most of that bitterness you get with vacuum packed ground coffee is gone. The best beans I have tried so far since we have had the grinder are these.        
  11. Ok, because i'm really sickened by the hysteria that the Germans have been engaged in since the events in Japan, I am doodling ideas for some 'fossil fuels - nein danke' stickers which I plan on placing in certain places around Berlin. The idea being that there is no actual viable alternative to nuclear power, therefore we either build more coal fired power stations, or we keep the nuclear reactors going.   So what is the word for 'fossil fuels'? Does anyone have any ideas on how to pen this so it's not only grammatically correct but stylistically as well?
  12. Brexit: The fallout

    Any Brits planning on doing any international travel between now and April 12th?
  13. Brexit: The fallout

      The investigation in to Arron Banks' funding by the NCA (National Crime Agency) is ongoing. My guess is Her Majesty's Government will draw a blank.
  14. I’ve been a Vodafone DSL customer since March 6th, and every evening since that date my bandwidth (product is advertised 50MB download) has dropped to around 5mbps. Having spent the last day or so reading hundreds of similar complaints from other Vodafone customers, I am gearing myself up to get in touch with the Verbraucherzentral and look in to terminating the contract, because I have a feeljng that no matter how much time I spend in contact with V’fone tech support this problem is not going to get fixed any time soon. Any other Vodafone victims here?
  15.    I guess because it's Kölln and it's one of Germany's biggest cities?
  16. Latest update: Got a call today from Vodafone to tell me they had reopened the ticket I raised, (they closed it without letting me know first, proclaiming that the issue had been resolved ) and that they are sending a Telekom Techniker round to check the setup at home. If the issue is related to my setup (it isn't) then I will be billed 50€ for the visit. Pretty bizarre considering that it is clearly them throttling the bandwidth at times when usage across the network is at its highest..
  17.   Well that's somewhat reassuring, I guess..
  18. From the Guardian a few minutes ago
  19. Have any other Brits reading this NOT received any kind of government communication about their status post no deal Brexit? My naturalisation application has been in the pipeline for a while now, but other than that I have not heard anything pertaining to my status as a non German citizen in Germany after Brexit.
  20. Unannounced visit from debt collection bailiff

    Which country is your debt from? The UK or Germany?
  21. Thanks dj, I will consider it.
  22. Yep, I've only ever done the speed tests with my 2013 iMac connected with an ethernet cable directly to the router, no VPNs enabled. (Still no word from Vodafone, and the crappy bandwidth persists..)
  23. @dj_jay_smith To be honest the only reason I signed up for their DSL was that I needed a new iPhone (actually needed) and was loathe to shell out 700€ as a lump sum for a new one. They offered the phone along with a new mobile and DSL package for 80€ a month, only 10€ more than I was paying for my previous separate mobile and DSL products. If they can get this bandwidth issue sorted I'm prepared to stick with them.
  24.   Given that 50mbps is the fastest product any ISP has offered us at this address in the last two years, I would guess the latter 
  25.   Actually to be fair to them, their online support has been pretty good so far, I ran several bandwidth tests using the tool on their site, (not the usual which by sheer chance shows slower speeds than V'fone's ), and an agent replied directly to me to tell me they can see there is clearly something wrong. They have been keeping me informed of progress via text message. No improvement last night, but I guess there's a chance something will have changed before this evening. (Yep, obviously I didn't mean 50MB, that would be silly.)