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  1. Sign up in favour of animal experiments

    Does anyone have any insight onto the recent expose of alleged animal abuse at the LPT laboratory? I read about it in the Daily Mail recently  and somewhat disregarded it due to its source, but my dad just sent me a link to a petition to have the place shut down. I am not an animal rights militant, but by several accounts, animals at this site are needlessly tortured and abused. 
  2.   Haha, you're funny, you really expect that the idiot Republicans, with the likes of Sen. Tom Cotton sending letters directly to the Mullahs stating that no deal of Obama's would ever be agreed to by his party, and therefore undermining duly elected President Obama's authority, and sub-human turtle man Mitch McConnell as Senate Majority Leader were EVER going to agree to those?? As a stranger on the internet, I will be charitable and assume you are just misinformed rather than being true to form as a typically venal right-winger.
  3.   You seem to be claiming that these would have been ongoing major issues for Hillary had she won, as well as her successor. Trump made them appear like geopolitical handgrenades because his only motivation for highlighting them was for the reasons I mentioned above. They ARE issues, but Trump's 'new' trade deal was nothing but NAFTA 1.1, and the Iran agreement was undersigned by every major western power with ZERO evidence that Iran had breached the agreement by the time Trump got into office.
  4. ROFL, none of those are policies, they are right-wing talking points inspired either by stuff that came off 4Chan and filtered down to Fox News, out or by his childlike need to flip the table on anything that was related to Obama. Every single one of his 'policies' are idiotic and have nothing to do with reality. Btw, if you think I'm being facetious about the Obama thing, watch O roasting Trump at the 2011 White House Correspondent's dinner Trump the old racist couldn't handle getting owned by the black guy.
  5.   Can you name one of his policies?
  6.   And there we have it, the H bomb, and I'm fairly sure your entire motivation for being on this thread.
  7.   Do you have any evidence to suggest it ISN'T frosty? Literally every fucking article I've read in German news media suggests that Merkel thinks Trump is a hopeless imbecile who has a slender grasp on reality and facts.
  8. Alcohol and cancer

      I may be wrong on this, but trans fats only occur in tiny quantities in nature and in large quantities only in processed food, most of which is banned by the EU.
  9. Following on from eileenro's post, I can confirm that for accessing UK TV an Amazon Fire stick does the job beautifully, I setup my 2nd Generation model with Overplay's SmartDNS in conjunction with No-IP (automatic IP updating), once I'd done that, I switched our Amazon app store to the UK and grabbed the necessary on-demand and live TV apps (All4, BBC iPlayer, TVPlayer etc.) About 40 Euros for the stick, and then 5€ a month for Overplay. Well worth it. (Stay away from Kodi if you're worried about the legality of streaming copyrighted content) Edit: I'm happy to give anyone who wants to try this tips on getting it setup. Send me a DM.
  10. Peanut butter shortage - help!

        Already looked on Amazon, and again, the only stuff they have is the basket woven variety.
  11. Anime and manga in Germany

      If you're talking about streaming in the way I assume you mean, then that is not a 'normal website'. Unless you are paying a subscription, of which at least a percentage goes to the creator of the content, then you are in the same realm legally as torrents and file sharing, and as someone who found out the hard way that the German authorities do not like illegal content sharing, I can confirm that you are right to be cautious. Why not just buy the DVDs along with a cheap player (if your laptop doesn't have an optical drive?)
  12. Peanut butter shortage - help!

    Haha, thanks Anna. Glad to know I'm not alone in my pb shortage! I had a suspicion it was to do with the daft orange racist in the White House..
  13. Anime and manga in Germany

      What do you mean 'normal websites'? Surely if it's a 'normal website', you're less likely to fall outside what is defined as legal by German law?
  14. Anime and manga in Germany

      I'm guessing you're talking about Hentai.
  15. Here in Münster (NRW) I have not been able to buy the 'regular' kind of peanut butter (the unhealthy variety with added sugar and emulsifiers) for weeks. I have looked in every single supermarket within a 10km radius of where we live, and.. nothing. Is there some kind of embargo on peanuts coming in to Germany that I was not aware of???