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  1. Sesame Street in Germany

    Yay! I get to revive a 16 year old thread! Does anyone know how to get Sesame Street in English via legal-ish means?
  2. So, can someone please divulge the name of the magic, German bank that will cash one of these checks? My wife got hers a few days ago and was told NEIN by Postbank.
  3. I am a British citizen, I have an appointment tomorrow morning at our city's Stadthaus to begin my German citizenship applcation, but due to me being disorganised /stressed /being a muppet, I have only now realised that I do not have any of the most important pieces of documentation required so they can begin processing me. I still need to take the Einbürgerungstest and get official copies of marriage certificates, as well as pay for the whole thing! I want to retain my UK passport. Assuming I can get all my Unterlagen handed in before the end of the year, what are the odds they will allow my to have dual citizenship?
  4. Refund on flights?

    Hi all, just a quick question, do the same consumer rights (14 days to get a refund) apply for flights booked? I've found a great deal which I want to book now but cannot be 100% sure we'll be able to make the dates the flights are available.   Thanks.  
  5. I guess it means 'martyrdom'. What do you think?