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  1. @dj_jay_smith To be honest the only reason I signed up for their DSL was that I needed a new iPhone (actually needed) and was loathe to shell out 700€ as a lump sum for a new one. They offered the phone along with a new mobile and DSL package for 80€ a month, only 10€ more than I was paying for my previous separate mobile and DSL products. If they can get this bandwidth issue sorted I'm prepared to stick with them.
  2.   Given that 50mbps is the fastest product any ISP has offered us at this address in the last two years, I would guess the latter 
  3.   Actually to be fair to them, their online support has been pretty good so far, I ran several bandwidth tests using the tool on their site, (not the usual which by sheer chance shows slower speeds than V'fone's ), and an agent replied directly to me to tell me they can see there is clearly something wrong. They have been keeping me informed of progress via text message. No improvement last night, but I guess there's a chance something will have changed before this evening. (Yep, obviously I didn't mean 50MB, that would be silly.)
  4. I’ve been a Vodafone DSL customer since March 6th, and every evening since that date my bandwidth (product is advertised 50MB download) has dropped to around 5mbps. Having spent the last day or so reading hundreds of similar complaints from other Vodafone customers, I am gearing myself up to get in touch with the Verbraucherzentral and look in to terminating the contract, because I have a feeljng that no matter how much time I spend in contact with V’fone tech support this problem is not going to get fixed any time soon. Any other Vodafone victims here?
  5. @kiplette I am handing in (hopefully) all of my documentation tomorrow. Will keep you posted!
  6. Flying with Bavarian Pretzels

    I was really hoping this thread's title was a euphemism for 'something' 😬
  7. Mental diseases

    That is great, and do not think anyone here is against that, but you seem to be conflating us pointing out the very likely  possibilty of you passing on your genetic conditions (which are no fault of yours) to your child with some kind prejudice on our part. That is not the case at all.
  8. Mental diseases

      As far as I know there is no court in Europe that has imposed a restriction on someone with a mental illness regarding reproductive rights. I could be wrong..
  9. Mental diseases

      I made my initial post because @Newtoger falsely conflated the (scientific fact) that genes are heritable with eugenics (a non fact based pseudo-science). My only wish was to help her understand that heritability and eugenics are two separate things, because she seems to be lacking the information needed before making a very important decision about her life and the life of an unborn child. I'm sorry if you interpreted that as imposing my own form of 'eugenics' belief on her. That was not my intention.
  10. Mental diseases

      It's a long way from being a 'Nazi' thought. Heritability is the study, (based on actual science), of the chances of a parent passing on genetic features to their children. Eugenics is nothing more than a pseudo-science that the Nazis used to justify their atrocities.
  11. There is a very simple answer to expats in Germany who feel out of place here or that Germany is not 'welcoming'. Live here for long enough, and it will feel like home. If you don't intend to spend the rest of your life here, quit yer moaning, make the most of it, and accept that not everything will be 'like it is back home'.    Disclaimer: This point of view has developed through personal experience as a reject of Albion, and if you read through my very long posting history on this forum, you will see how my views about der Vaterland have evolved the longer I lived here (over 14 years.) The fact that I am an Inselaffe and my native country is rapidly going to shit puts things in to great perspective 
  12. UK TV on Amazon Fire stick with NordVPN

      Cheers Spidey, got any recommendations on models?
  13. UK TV on Amazon Fire stick with NordVPN

      Are you talking about VPN on the Amazon Fire stick? If so, which VPNs do work on that device?
  14. UK TV on Amazon Fire stick with NordVPN

      So.. have two routers on the same network? Getting that working would be beyond my paygrade SP😕
  15. UK TV on Amazon Fire stick with NordVPN

      Was that the Google Play NordVPN app or the official version released for the AF stick?