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  1. Where to buy a PC

    Wow, great suggestions everyone, thanks  - @keith2011 That does sound like a great deal, is Microsoft still releasing updates for Windows 10? I'm guessing the OS is installed on the SSD? 
  2. Where to buy a PC

    Desktop, 800 - 1000€, with SSD internal storage, as good as possible graphics card.
  3. Where to buy a PC

    I'll confess, I have been a Mac user for nearly 20 years, and just like most other Mac Heads, I kind of let myself get drawn in to the eco-system, mostly because of things like photos management and their cloud services, which are miles ahead of any other competitor. But the time has come for me to get a Windows computer. Thanks to a recent increase in responsibilities at work I now need to have hundreds of browser tabs open, as well as the entire MS Office suite, Slack, Zoom, Teams and so on, so I need something that won't die when Javascript starts eating up resources. I really know nothing about Windows computers, I just want to buy one off the shelf, but I'm looking for recommendations for good places (online) to buy one. I really don't want to just walk in to Saturn or Media Mark and hope for the best. Any ideas?
  4. I actually gave up using Overplay a while ago, I now use DNS Flex (they're in Canada), who also include some handy parental control features in their plan. You need DDNS because without it, every time you wanted to watch something you would need to log in to your smart DNS portal and manually update the service to sync with which ever new public IP address your router had generated (unless your ISP has given you a static IP address).
  5. I am fully vaccinated (Pfizer BioNtech), and due to fly to the UK for four days to see family, but as the UK is now classified as a high incidence area by Robert Koch Institute, I am not even sure if I can go now if, as seems to be the case, a 14 day quarantine is required once I arrive back in Germany. Is anyone else here planning a trip to the UK from Germany soon? What are your thoughts?