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  1. The title says it all really, the two islands have been suggested by a colleague as both being pretty good holiday destinations and they sound ideal to us. Sardinia has better beaches, apparently, while Sicily has beaches in some areas but also a bunch of other things, including a volcano, to go look at but it's bigger and more difficult to get around.   On holiday we do everything; like to doze on beaches, go for a bit of a swim, perhaps a dive, rent a car and look at stuff, walk and cycle a bit, excitement, laziness, and of course eat and drink well. Both islands have all this, Sardinia has a small island charm, Sicily has more to offer and we're having trouble deciding. We'll be going at the beginning of September, but that's the same for both.   There's not much on TT, tonnes on the net, but does anyone have their own suggestions? Mrs. Angel and I would love to hear.