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  1. Ditto, Hausverwaltung (management company). If you don't know who they are then either look for the piece of paper hanging somewhere in the stairs or ask your landlord, if you've bought the place and don't know who they are then you're on the beginning of what is going to be a great adventure.


    You could be really adventurous and knock on the doors and talk to your neighbours and ask them all. This could be the start of a revolution, and perhaps also a great adventure :)


  2. I think there's some misunderstanding here - if you call a guy out to fix a washing machine, for example, he'll usually tell you there's a call-out fee of X euro to diagnose the problem and tell you if it's worth fixing. That's fair enough and not what happened to us. This is an electrician job on the fixed installation of the house that would probably be ca. 1000,- euro and for that sort of work it's normal to get a quote, and it's also usual not to pay for it.


    When I phoned Heigenmoser I pointed out to him that I still need the work doing and if he'd calm down for a moment I'd be happy to continue the conversation in the constructive manner we started. He wasn't interested. I think the Germans describe people like him as 'Koliker'.


  3. Must admit to never having received an invoice for a quote, especially one that took a quarter of an hour phone call not to arrive. As El Jeffo points out § 632 Absatz 3 BGB is the deciding rule here, and it says that normally you can't charge for quotes unless there's a contract in place that says you will.


  4. Thanks El J, that's very helpful. As far as I can understand the position that Heigenmoser is taking is that he was waiting for me to contact them, which I did not, so he sent a bill for the guy's time. My position is that I was expecting the quote independently.


    Your post set me thinking that there's a Verbraucherzentrale near the office and they basically confirmed the same thing. They had lots of useful information, said things like 'seltsam' a lot and I left with a letter to send to them, which mentions the same BGB reference. I'll post here when I get to a scanner.


    The summary was that the Regiebericht *could* constitute a contract, primarily because for 30 euro nobody could really be bothered to look closely. The whole thing is highly dubious. At the very least this guy is aggressively persueing something that's legally questionable but it sounds like he's done this before and, in summary and having written me a letter telling him to bugger off, the girl at the Verbraucherzentrale suggested that life is short and perhaps just paying isn't the most stupid thing to do.


    Just be warned about the business practices of Heigenmoser Elektroanlagen.


  5. We asked Heigenmoser elektroanlagen for a quote for a small but tricky job in our house - switching the ventilation system off automatically when the fire is burning which is a safety requirement. A guy came round on 21/10, talked with me for 15 minutes on the phone, then left - I was at work and my wife doesn't know the technical stuff. On his departure he asked her to sign on an electronic screen, like the ones DHL use, which she understood was to confirm he kept the appointment.


    My recollection of the call is that we agree he will send us a Kostenvoranschlag and a list of components that could be used and I will call the ventilation system manufacturer and inform myself about their system. Then the next thing we hear from Heigenmoser is an invoice on 13/11 for 30 euro for a half hour of his time. My wife and I both phoned to clarify when the Zahlungserinnerung arrives on 2/12 and the guy was very aggressive, immediately threatened lawyers when we said we weren't paying. Our reasons for not paying are we only wanted a quote, his guy hadn't done what we agreed, in fact he'd done nothing except come to our house so charging for Montagezeit is absurd. Now, rather predictably after us saying we wont pay, the 1. Mahnung arrives.


    Interestingly the Zahlungserinnerung contains a 'Regiebericht' form apparently signed by my wife stating she understands what is obviously his perspective of the telephone conversation I had with the guy (which she could not hear), and agrees that he spent a half hour working time. This is her signature digitally printed on a form she never saw and were it to have been presented like that she would never have signed. We never received a copy of this form before receiving the invoice.


    I'm not sure what to do now. Naturally paying this would piss us off hugely as the Heigenmoser boss is clearly a massive arse, and his bullying makes me want to do everything not to pay. But then life is short and this is only (now) 34 euro. I told him that were he not to be more reasonable I'd write reviews of him and his company all over the internet, to which he, rather predictably, answered he'd sue me. Clearly a massive arse.


    What should we do? Should we pay it and move with our lives, or if he's got no justification to write an invoice like that then how do we fight it? Thanks in advance.



    I'd say they could make a case for Gefährdung if any other road users did have to take evasive action.


    But that would be in direct contradiction of the long standing protection afforded to cyclists who just push the green light a bit by jumping a 'deep orange light', ie. forcing car drivers to look even if they naturally have 'vorfahrt'.



    Do the breweries here allow visitors to enter with sanitized containers? Do they let you purchase or sample their yeast cultures?


    I confess that I've never tried to purchase the precise yeast they use but I have had the odd secret divulged to me having become friendly with the braumeister over tastings after a tour. It's a cultural thing I guess, partly about your ability to converse easily with the natives, and partly about the normal willingness to help a fellow brewer out.


    7pm Sat. 22.June.2013 @ TBD


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    3. Steve

    4. Erik

    5. Brian

    6. Ricardo + 1

    8. Alex

    9. Bob

    10. HellesAngel - but provisionally (sorry for being undecisive, bear with me)




    Just curious. Did anyone end up doing it? And did they survive?


    Yes, the Isar is fairly tame and really good fun (but for heaven's sake don't tell everyone!) but every year someone dies in it. Just don't be the most stupid on the river that year, or the most unlucky, and you'll be fine.


  9. It's not about determining who is at fault or not - that's not the job of those who managed to have an accident, it's about accepting that you could be at fault and simply recording the facts that lead to the accident for the insurance companies to fight over later.


    What I love about some Germans and their cars is this feeling of invincibility they get whilst driving them. Perhaps I'm not the only one who has felt that a Hermann would actually plough into another road user simply because they had vorfahrt, and that they simply can't see that being pragmatic perhaps slowing down just a fraction and letting others pass might in fact be better for everyone. I honestly feel sorry for the Polizei having to deal with this on a daily basis and can see why they want out of it.



    To go from that to this is actually tear inducing.


    Where's your stiff upper lip man...


    But seriously, two weeks ago England couldn't organise a pissup in a brewery and Today just announced that not only can GB host probably the world's most complex sports competition but they can also make cars as Jaguar Land Rover factory ramps up to 24 hour production. I'm most flabbergasted.


    Still, the train fares are going up by 10% and they're still shit, and Cameron is claiming all good things are because of him and not Boris, so business as usual then.


  11. A lot of farmers & alms (huts) in the mountains take on staff to help with the cattle and I've heard some of these are unpaid but offer free lodgings while you're working. That would be perfect relaxation, the mountains round here are excellent places, if you like peace & quiet and highly dodgy schnapps.


  12. Thanks for the info, I thought about all these things but the satellite is still probably easier for live TV than anything online. I have spent many hours fiddling with stuff for watching TV over the internet and everything online is still a bit of a pain in the arse - the satellite is then easy once the dish is up.


    I could also add that I feel a bit of a luddite for even considering installing a satellite system, it seems so 1980s really, but online services are just not at an acceptable level so Mrs. Angel can comfortably sit in front of the TV and just watch whatever she wants. She's computer capable enough to turn the PC on and connect the VPN to wherever it needs to go for iPlayer but it's not exactly comfortable.


  13. If you call the numbers in that link I posted you'd have a definitive answer in less than the time it takes a normal TT thread to degenerate into pointless griping. While your situation isn't so serious any of those numbers will have that information at their fingertips.


  14. Lots of wonderful information here from 2004/5 and I'm wondering if there are any updates worth including? Mrs. Angel and I are considering installing a satellite dish to receive French & UK channels. The dish would be mounted on the roof in a very well concealed position, scarcely visible from the street, but that's not to underestimate the ability of some natives to sniff out something to complain about.


    We own our apartment and some of the other owners in our 'Gemeinschaft' (a wonderful Oxymoron in this case) are the usual collection of nosey, intruding, self-important, pernickety, small-minded little little shits. Now we'd have to wait nearly a year for our next yearly association mind numbing display of petty bickering and arsewipery meeting at which we would have every chance of getting permission. But, being a cantankerous 40+ year old, I quite fancy playing the little tossers at their own game and winding them up, so if there's a cast iron legal situation that says we can go ahead regardless then I'd call Bav Sat today.


    Any ideas?


  15. Burger House gets my vote too. Tried several times to get in in the evening out of curiousity, never managed and never been organised enough to reserve. Finally managed it on Saturday lunch and was very happy we did, excellent all round. Cosmo still comes in second, and their burgers are still prettier with fancy ingredients, but burgers don't have to be pretty, IMVHO, or fancy, 'good' is quite good enough for the ingredients. Cosmo's burgers are quite a bit smaller and considering I have to have two it makes a Cosmo meal quite expensive.