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  1. Have a look at  https://www.mrlodge.com/  It might be an option to rent there for 6 months to give yourself enough time to find a permanent home. Unfortunately, it can sometimes take a long time to find an apartment in Munich, there's a lot of demand with not enough properties to go around. 
  2. Cashing of UK cheques in Germany

    I also bank with Commerzbank and I was able to deposit a UK cheque into my account. There is a processing fee which for me was around 15€. 
  3. In case someone is looking for a new place, our neighbors are moving and their apartment is available to rent from 01-09-2019. It's a 7-minute walk from Neuaubing S-bahn and then a 15-minute ride to Hauptbahnhof. It's a really nice area with all the essential shops within walking distance. Pets are allowed!   The apartment and landlord's details are all included in the link.  https://www.immowelt.de/expose/2r3yy46?npv=52