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  1. I am offering my old sewing machine for FREE! It's about 5 years old and is in working order. I've recently upgraded to something a little more heavy-duty and I'd like to see this machine go to someone who could use it. It would be a great machine for a beginner or someone who wants to try a few home sewing projects.  The only issue I've had is with the tension and sometimes I've had to adjust it a few times to find the perfect spot. It comes with the accessories shown in the picture.  Collection only from Neuaubing.    Any questions please let me know. 
  2. Cancel holiday over corona virus?

    Just in case anyone needs to cancel a BA flight.   I had a BA flight booked to London for April 2nd. I was given the option to cancel as BA has rescheduled the return flight but it would be for flight vouchers rather than a refund. I then found a link to this article... https://www.headforpoints.com/2020/03/19/how-to-trigger-an-online-avios-flight-refund-using-google-chrome/   Using that process I was able to get a cash refund for the whole journey rather than the voucher. If you've booked seats though, you wouldn't get that refunded so maybe the voucher would be better in that scenario. 
  3. RyanAir do still fly to Memmingen but they had also been flying Munich to Dublin for the past few years which was great for cheap flights. I do wish that Aer Lingus, Munich to Belfast route was still running as that would be the most perfect option. There was talk of them bringing it back last year but it appears to have come to nothing.    EVERY flight I've taken from Munich to Dublin or vice versa on Aer Lingus/RyanAir/Lufthansa is absolutely jammed packed. There's very rarely a seat free so it's obviously a very popular route. Maybe when RyanAir get their issues sorted it will be back, fingers crossed! 
  4. Have a look at places further out of the city. You will find something for you and the dogs, it will just take time. 
  5. Stupid package stuck in customs at Frankfurt airport

    I had the same thing last year a package from USA was held in Frankfurt and the status never changed. I didn't receive any notifications, I didn't have any luck trying to contact someone at the Zollamt. It was like that for six weeks and then the package just turned up with an €8 euro customs charge! Status still says it's stuck in customs. It really is a waiting game!
  6. Thanks for the info guys. It makes sense now. Guess we're back to Aer Lingus which isn't a bad thing, they're a better airline but the prices from RyanAir were at times hard to fault. 
  7. I have family coming to visit later in the year and we've used RyanAir for the past few years which has been great for the budget.   When I go to RyanAir to look for flights from Dublin/Munich there is nothing past the end of March 2020. I've had a goggle but I haven't found anything about them canceling this route. I found a few articles saying there were scaling back on their routes in Germany with a few other airports having the routes canceled but nothing about Munich.   Have I missed something? Does anyone know if this route really has been canceled?
  8. The treadmill itself is in very good condition and full working order, we haven't used it much in the past year. The nice thing about this treadmill is that you can fold it up when it's not in use, which is great for a smaller room. It has pre-programmed runs and has an incline feature that really adds to your workout. There is an emergency stop cord for your safety. The panel has a drinks holder and iPad / book support. It is heavy so it would require two people to move it, we are on the ground floor.   If you have any questions let me know.  A demo can be found here  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LDgDtlvEOZA