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  1. English-speaking doctors in Munich

    @vparnath It might be a little further out of the city but I go to the Dr at Freiham (S8). I emailed yesterday and had an appointment this morning. I visit Dr Robert Schroedter and he's been great. He has really good English and has a really nice attitude. You can make an appointment online and they'll email you back. https://www.time-share-praxis.de/muenchen-freiham/termin-vereinbaren.html 
  2. Have a look at https://www.anyvan.com/.   We used from for a move from Ireland to Munich. You just tell them how much you're moving and various companies will make a bid for your business. You're basically buying space on their truck. We got a great price for our move, couldn't be happier. 
  3. Abmelden (as a Brit) & anmelden (as Irish)?

    I'm in the same situation. Registered using my British passport and I've since obtained an Irish passport. Do let us know how you get on! 
  4. haftpflichtversicherung?

  5. Most likely someone trying to gain sympathy for the Democrats.  They're losing popularity across the board, maybe this will make people feel sorry for them. Maybe they can grab a few votes out of it. 
  6. Pet sitter recommendations

    Try Pawshake , we've used it in the past. 
  7. Moving items from Munich to the UK

    We used these guys AnyVan when moving from Ireland to Munich. You're basically booking space on a van they have going whichever direction you need to go. Just add a list of what you have and you'll get quotes from different companies. Hold off and don't take the first quotes, we waited a few weeks and got a really great price. 
  8. It was the same for us as well. No pressure, no tactics. We looked around a few dealers and if we had questions they gave us the information, we took a test drive, but there was no hard sell. 
  9. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-6009957/Naked-cyclist-caught-going-10mph-speed-limit-Germany.html       Brave man, lol. 
  10. Irish passport process

    No, I never got phoned it's just the person who witnesses your application. Two other friends who also applied for an Irish passport had their witness called. One was even delayed because the witness was off on holidays for two weeks.    I had a notar witness my application so I don't know if there were contacted. 
  11. Irish passport process

    If you go to https://www.dfa.ie/irish-embassy/germany/passports/how-to-apply-for-a-passport/  it states: The original long-form birth certificate and original civil marriage certificate (if applicable) of your Irish-born parent
  12. Mountain bike rental in Munich

    Thanks so much for your help. I think the option at Garmisch might be the one they opt for, it ticks all the boxes. During my research, I also came across a few other places so I'm adding them here for anyone who is looking in the future. http://www.bikepark-oberammergau.de/ http://www.bikepark-lenggries.com/
  13. Mountain bike rental in Munich

    Resurrecting an old one here but I have the same question, hope I have more luck than @nataras.   My bother and a few friends are coming to visit in a few weeks and they're really into mountain biking. They want to know if there is a place in Munich where they can rent mountain bikes and if there are any MTB trails in or around the city? OR is there somewhere outside the city where there are good trails which also offer the rental option.    I've had a google and most of what I find are just general bike rental places I need someone who specialises in mountain bikes which seems to be a little harder to find.    Any help is most appreciated.