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  1. Have a look at  https://www.mrlodge.com/  It might be an option to rent there for 6 months to give yourself enough time to find a permanent home. Unfortunately, it can sometimes take a long time to find an apartment in Munich, there's a lot of demand with not enough properties to go around. 
  2. Cashing of UK cheques in Germany

    I also bank with Commerzbank and I was able to deposit a UK cheque into my account. There is a processing fee which for me was around 15€. 
  3. In case someone is looking for a new place, our neighbors are moving and their apartment is available to rent from 01-09-2019. It's a 7-minute walk from Neuaubing S-bahn and then a 15-minute ride to Hauptbahnhof. It's a really nice area with all the essential shops within walking distance. Pets are allowed!   The apartment and landlord's details are all included in the link.  https://www.immowelt.de/expose/2r3yy46?npv=52  
  4. Irish passport process

    I think I paid about 35€, or something around that. 
  5. Decent hand car wash in/around MUC.

    Bavaria petrol (Bodenseestraße 317, 81249 München) have a Waschstraße. You just take the car out of gear, handbrake off and it will pull you along, you stay inside the whole time. Maybe googling Waschstraße will find something closer to your current location.