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  1. Game of Thrones (TV series)

    One down, only five to go 
  2. Easy to open (preferably free) bank account

    You'll need a German postal address when opening the N26 account to receive your card. 
  3. Considering Dog sitting in Munich

    Have a look at https://en.pawshake.de/ and sign yourself up!
  4. Chimney sweep access to your house

    Look up to a rooftop among the houses throughout Upper Bavaria, Germany, and you might find 18-year-old Luisa Tonetto doing one of the daily tasks of her job, such as building a chimney. Tonetto is a chimney sweep apprentice – a hands-on job that dates back to the Middle Ages in Germany.The 18 year old chimney sweep... https://www.bbc.com/reel/video/p06w35c1/the-18-year-old-chimney-sweep
  5. We used https://www.anyvan.com/ for a move from Ireland to Munich and the price was excellent. You tell them how much you have to move and various companies will submit bids. You can then chose who gets the deal. 
  6. English-speaking doctors in Munich

    @vparnath It might be a little further out of the city but I go to the Dr at Freiham (S8). I emailed yesterday and had an appointment this morning. I visit Dr Robert Schroedter and he's been great. He has really good English and has a really nice attitude. You can make an appointment online and they'll email you back. https://www.time-share-praxis.de/muenchen-freiham/termin-vereinbaren.html 
  7. Have a look at https://www.anyvan.com/.   We used from for a move from Ireland to Munich. You just tell them how much you're moving and various companies will make a bid for your business. You're basically buying space on their truck. We got a great price for our move, couldn't be happier. 
  8. Abmelden (as a Brit) & anmelden (as Irish)?

    I'm in the same situation. Registered using my British passport and I've since obtained an Irish passport. Do let us know how you get on! 
  9. haftpflichtversicherung?

  10. Most likely someone trying to gain sympathy for the Democrats.  They're losing popularity across the board, maybe this will make people feel sorry for them. Maybe they can grab a few votes out of it.