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  1. 16 hours ago, Marianne013 said:

    So, the question is still open.


    Maybe it's not, since the whole point was that someone considers that information private.


    Some people don't want everyone knowing their medical business, others are perfectly fine with total strangers knowing what they got done, I don't see what the big deal is about accepting that not everybody sees the issue the same way or has the same issues.  If you don't know/don't care, then great, consider yourself lucky, enjoy your life, and move on.


    Weird to me to keep pressing on this issue.


  2. 1 hour ago, optimista said:

    On an aside, I am equally flummoxed that hubby makes a point of telling me "where he is going" when he goes out. It is surely only partial truth. Why does he bother? I guess he must think I believe him still.


    I empathize only too well with the frustration of feeling your intelligence is being insulted, but consider the alternative.  Even if you know, or have an idea, is it really a conversation you want to have?  On his way out the door, no less?  I think we've read from you that dramatically changing your situation is not an option, or not a palatable option.  He tells you his little lie, you pretend to believe it, and nobody has to move out...


  3. 18 minutes ago, LukeSkywalker said:

    Always action in your hood. I'm flummoxed that you still live there.


    You're not wrong.  Helicopters are among the more normal things one can hear here.  In any given week I can hear demented screaming and yelling, sometimes between more than one person, but most often, from one person among him- or herself.  There really is something going on here all the time.  When I first moved here, it was a lot more calm, and keeps getting more "interesting" with time.  However, helicopters on May Day are not really so unexpected. And I am used to even more demented screaming and even higher incidences of junkie fights in the grittier districts of my hometown... there's nothing here I can't handle or haven't already seen.


    Why I still live here: it's still, in my opinion, the best place to live in the whole city (for my current needs, of course a house on the lake would be much nicer--some day).  Not to mention that I live in a spacious apartment in an interesting and lively neighborhood with things at my fingertips that people in other parts of the city/country can only dream about, with a very old rental contract. 


    And there are definitely parts of the city which are even more "interesting", with even more helicopters, and traffic, and tourists, and fewer parks, amenities, access to water and green spaces, and more dirt, and more Nazis.  And trams!  With higher rents.  And no Turkish/Arab/African/Asian grocery stores!


    So, mystery solved ;) 


  4. 15 minutes ago, ooch said:


    I know

    more neukölln than xberg right?



    I'm right between both.  When I go to the side of the apartment that looks toward Schillerkiez, I hear helicopters.


    When I go to the side of the apartment that looks toward Xberg, I hear helicopters.


    There were some of the usual noises on the usual bridges and main thoroughfares, but it's all died down now.  Even the helicopters.  Now it's quiet.  Eerily quiet.


  5. 2 hours ago, john g. said:


    Nano! Rescued yesterday ( in a terrible state ). Bathed today❤️


    oh, he is such a good boy!  I'm also happy to see him getting cleaned up, those sores were awful.  And she is so gentle with him. 


  6. 37 minutes ago, ExPattheDog said:

    They haven't sent me any forms to fill and tbh I wish they would!


    yeah, no.  That's not how they operate.  It's Germany, no one is going to hold your hand, as much as that would be absolutely lovely. You are supposed to be proactive and go get the forms or print them out.  If you don't know what to get then go down to the Finanzamt and ask them to advise you, that is what they are there for.  You did not answer my question about whether you sent them your end-of-year tax info from your employer in 2018,  You may also need to provide them with bank printouts.  You can edit these in a document program to take out all irrelevant information and just include what went into your bank account for each month of that year.  Good luck.


  7. Employed or freelance?


    What is your situation now?  Are you still employed or freelancing with the same companies?


    In my case, failing to file that I hadn't done any freelancing during a time I was employed but had a freelancing tax number caused them to do this paperwork for me and "assume" an amount of money which I had never made freelancing in my wildest dreams.  In that case, I sent them the paperwork (and yes, I sent them the same tax forms multiple times) and eventually they only let off after I went to the Finanzamt and officially surrendered my tax ID.


    You mention sending letters, and, sorry if this sounds like a stupid question, but did you send them all of your end-of-year tax info for that year from all your employers and/or clients?


    I've had them respond to letters explaining how they got the situation wrong, which were always met with demands for more paperwork, which I often wound up sending them in triplicate, four-plicate, before the issue was finally rectified.  The letters on their own have never been enough in my case.


  8. 48 minutes ago, capslock said:

    Just tried it (9/10). Speed adds another level. Interestingly, the higher the age group, the higher the reference score. So it is not just about click-click.


    No, it's widely known that some skills increase with age, like emotional intelligence (reading the emotions of others, recognizing patterns in oneself) and also vocabulary.  It's common for one's vocabulary to grow as they age, which makes a lot of sense to me.


    I've been doing those Merriam-Webster games for years now but have still never managed to get a 10/10 on the vocab ones, not even once IIRC.  Sometimes it's because I've missed the "contextual" synonyms that require a bit more imagination or interpretation, but usually because there is always one! One stupid word that I simply don't know.


    In another few years I'll have gotten them all down...


  9. can you plead insanity for a hate crime?  Even if he had been on angel dust, doesn't having some sort of religious or political motive and possibly intentionally targeting a Jewish person supersede a plea of temporary insanity? 


  10. the bit that silty quoted said he was a drug dealer. (edit: snowingagain beat me by like 2.5 seconds)


    I doubt it was the pot that made him psychotic and homicidal, though.  Must have been whatever other shit he had on offer.


  11. 2 hours ago, Wulfrun said:



    this meme always troubles me a little because just like animals, the loudest, most self-serving and most aggressive very often--if not always--winds up leading the pack.  Above all in settings with poor organization.  Things that make you go, "hmmm."


  12. 13 minutes ago, john g. said:

    Dessa- before you get totally drunk tonight— is is der, die or das crappy Corona?

    You have advantages.. I am still trying to suss out the Greek. Lockdown is usual here as a word.. but fucking ( equivalent of ) der, die, das?

    You Berliners just don’t understand Cretan villages.

    I think you are isolated from the real world!😂


    wahahahahaha there's a lot to unpack there, john g.!


    • not everybody's drunk just cos you're drunk ;) the hardest thing I'm doing tonight is chamomile tea
    • it is "durs" crappy corona (obviously)
    • I definitely! don't understand Cretan villages
    • the isolation begins where my cranium ends, true, but physically anyway, everywhere I am (and you are!) is equally as "real" as any other part of the world ^_^

  13. 40 minutes ago, capslock said:


    Care to share?


    Edit: does google disagree with her, hers or both?


    a snippet from this site



    Article Summary

    Should I use hers or her’s? Never use her’s, as it is never correct. Only hers is the correct form of the possessive pronoun.

    • Hers is a pronoun that replaces the word in a sentence for an object that a woman possesses.
    • Her’s is a common incorrect way to write hers.


    "Hers" is incorrect because "second child" is the object, "her" is the modifier.  


    "The child was hers" - correct

    "It was hers child" - incorrect


  14. 26 minutes ago, capslock said:

    Dessa, shouldn't we get a grammar corner do discuss fails like this one?


    I'm pretty sure we've got a number of them kicking around here somewhere.  "English Teacher's Corner" springs to mind.


  15. 2 minutes ago, Dembo said:

    I think it should be "hers and Harry's child" - but I don't know why. It just sounds right.


    As with so many grammar disasters, sounding right doesn't make it right.


    Google disagrees with you.  Specifically, with using "hers" in that manner.