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  1. christ.


    I shut it off at the point where he says his gut isn't made of fat but semen.  Because he hasn't gotten laid in five years.


    I know humo(u)r is subjective but that was objectively awful.  All standup comics are self-effacing, most of them are terrible, even the famous professionals.  I do love standup comedy as an art form, but am pretty picky.  Small brag, I was lucky enough to be on the guest list for Dylan Moran when he came to Berlin a couple summers ago :wub:


  2. @balticus I guess it's a way for small towns to bring in tourist revenue while feeding them what they're used to eating.  I've rarely eaten at one of those cafes while travelling expressly because I don't want to eat the same stuff I can get anywhere.  So we probe a little deeper past the purely touristic areas and find something more "authentic."  But, truth is, without the pretty squares and restored historic districts, we wouldn't have visited in the first place.  As long as the tourists and their money are drawn there in the first place, it doesn't matter that much which type of food exactly is served on the square.  I don't think bland tourist restaurants are really taking away business from local restaurants because those same types of people might not be able or willing to bring their whole family on vacation if they didn't know they'd always be able to find chicken fingers and pizza for the ones who aren't interested in trying different things.


  3. On 7/23/2021, 11:29:46, john g. said:

    Why old people should be banned from social media😂


    That terrible comic is such a bummer (AmE for "this guy's whole schtick is depressing as hell"). He also could have at least tried to get those pants in his size :ph34r: Here's the mold that guy was made from, even down to his super bummer haircut:


    more like one for the "What Bummed You Out Today" thread.


  4. Not "as soon as."


    But inevitably, soon thereafter.  Whether from the original issue-raiser or from another.


    Here is just not the place.  For better or for worse.


  5. the discussion was supposed to be about problematic neighbors and useless property management and was already devolving into another bitchfest about the Romani.  This is not anyone's first time around the block.  We know how those threads end up.  100% of the time.  No crystal ball needed.


    Maybe your idea of a good time is closely monitoring the razor-thin line between discussion and outright bigotry on these threads, but it's not mine.


    Also, having seen what you've written about other groups, I'm not at all surprised that you think it's a shame we don't get to sit around and bash the "Gypsies."  The thread was already only about that, and no longer about the original issue at hand.  That's a nope from the mod squad.


    tl; dr: ALL such threads get closed eventually for dwindling down to nothing more than vicious fighting between a handful of members and no longer being useful for anything or to anyone and being just an embarrassing bad look for the site. Even the specific topic of Romani is not new, it has been done to death on this site multiple times already. 


  6. john, you don't know or care about the difference between the mentally ill, psychopaths, and the criminally insane and what's better, you advocate mob justice against these people rather than medical attention or rehabilitation.  You say that the cops won't do anything about the guy in your neighborhood.  Did it occur to you that it is because he is mentally ill and they have a hard time putting a crime on him?  It sucks that the community has to deal with it, it really does.  But to say he is hated and the mob will deal with him is disgusting in my opinion. And yes, there was another time I tried to explain to you that the person in the article YOU POSTED was schizophrenic but you just kept calling him psychopathic and that he was basically scum.  He needed help and was off his meds and did a terrible thing.  But condemning a mentally ill person is really skewed in my opinion and the worst thing was that you did not know the difference and you did not care and you do not care now.  Punkt.


  7. OP, you keep saying that you're explaining things over and over, but all you've done is adjust your story to fit the original narrative, which makes no sense.


    john g., I'm not an idiot, if I feel I'm in danger and can't/won't handle it myself, I'll call the police.  No further questions needed.


    balticus, troll elsewhere, thanks.


  8. 4 minutes ago, Alakhiin said:

    Seems I've hit a nerve with some.


    It's not a "nerve."  You come in here and equate Romanians with refugees with illegals and have zero proof or explanation.


    And your problems are just starting when balticus of all people is the first to rush to your aid in your xenophobia against your neighbors.



  9. 22 minutes ago, Alakhiin said:

    Right, I will explain this one last time. The title thread is referring to the people who are not resident here. I'm not referring to the family I first moved in with. They aren't here! That's my entire point. They give their key to these other people, who my landlady never granted access to; they are not on the lease, not on the letterbox or doorbell. They are the ones making the noise and moving people. If that wasn't clear; fine, apologies but my problem is the strangers, not the first family.


    How do you know these other people are "illegal"?  You're too scared to speak to them directly, so I deduce you haven't had a look at their passports or their residence permits.


    I really want to know.


  10. 8 minutes ago, Alakhiin said:

    Dessa, I sense you've nothing better to do tonight


    On the contrary, I admin this site, and the frequency with which I call bullshit on a post is like... once every couple of years.  I'm not bothering you for my health nor out of boredom.


    Blame yourself for writing a bunch of stuff that made no sense all together.


  11. Ha ha, OK.  Can you explain the thread title then?  


    If they're Romanian, they're not illegal.


    If they're refugees, receiving support from the government--obviously not illegal.


    I don't understand why you wouldn't have called the police already on your own if there really is a chronic, ongoing noise complaint and you seem to be alluding to prostitution going on downstairs. 


    Does not make any sense whatsoever, sorry.


  12. Romania is in the EU so I want to know how a "Romanian family" are "refugees."


    You're up all hours of the night spying on your neighbors?  Creepy.


    Knocking on your door and asking if you have a cigarette sounds a lot different than "demanding" cigarettes.


    I don't need to read your post again and I still say it's a wild exaggeration or a windup.  But go on and wait for your "real" advice.


  13. 1. Romania is in the EU.  

    2. How did the random letters wind up in your mailbox if the name was not yours?

    3. If it was 2am and they were quiet, how were you alerted to the people walking through the house? 

    4. I don't think that's how the electric company works.  Also, if the government is paying for these "refugees" then their light bill would have been taken care of one way or the other.

    5. Smokers don't "demand" cigarettes from non-smokers.  

    6. Either they're quietly trafficking or they're loudly shrieking at 2-4am, make up your mind.


    I call bullshit.  Wind-up, troll, dupe or all of the above.


  14. Not only does it feel like most younger people around me are single (compared to 10 years ago, when it seemed that everyone my own age was also in a long-term relationship), it also seems like more people middle-aged and up (50+) are single, and have little intention to change it.  They've gone through marriages/relationships, raised or are raising kids, separated from their partners and are now so consumed with regaining some semblance of peace in their lives that a new relationship is the furthest thing from their minds.  So that's one section that might be single the rest of their lives.  And, I wonder, in another ten years, will the younger people also be middle-aged people who have never had a serious relationship?  I wonder about the rise of polyamory, open relationships and all these "arrangements" and "dating" that people in their 20s, 30s and 40s are doing, never learning how to be in long-term monogamous relationships with all their work and compromise.  If someone doesn't suit you, you're encouraged to find someone else, and the internet tells you that all you have to do is put your info in an app and go on enough dates and poof!  Eventually, after you sift through all the bullshit, you will finally find a partner that requires no work and no compromise who likes everything you like and shares all your same views and thinks and operates exactly like you do and you will live happily ever after in perfect, effortless harmony.  If you don't get what you want from one person, consider dating several people!  Find others who are also willing to share and be shared!  This is healthy!  Normal!  Modern!  Hip!  So no one is ever developing the skills of being in an adult, exclusively two-person relationship.  That is what I see around me, anyway.  And so I wonder if in 10-15 years it's just going to be a bunch of aging single people who are super sad because they spent so much time thinking they can have it all that they never tried to build something real, with one person, to get old with.  I dunno.  The trends I see in my circles are frankly worrying.


  15. the thing is that people in Berlin *are* dating, they're constantly dating.  The problem is that if they don't fall head over heels in love with someone after one date, there will be no second date.  Consider how it used to be before online dating, where you knew someone through work or other people and had been exposed to them over time and decided to make a move.  Now people are too busy fucking around on their dating apps to notice the people who are actually present and around them.  Then there's the whole thing with the algorithm of the free dating apps which apparently makes matching difficult for whatever reason.  But in Berlin, to be sure, among young people at least, there is the idea that there is an endless number of potential partners, and definitely an attitude of "not settling" for anything less than your absolute dream partner--whom you're supposed to recognize as such after a single date. :rolleyes: Nobody's giving a chance to anyone who doesn't tick off all their boxes.  They just ghost each other and then continue swiping on their apps.  Chasing this non-existent phantom of the perfect mate.  Didn't anybody ever tell these people that the "perfect mate" is made, not stumbled upon?  No one wants to compromise on a single thing anymore because they're so entitled and think that there are millions of fish in the sea.  Then they find that the app has shown them all their potential matches; they'll either have to relax some of their requirements or be single forever.  Yet that's out of the question because no one wants to "settle."




  16. But they are right about the dynamic so often found on forums.  You go to complain about a problem you are having, and everyone just tells you how it's your fault.  "You are desperate because you have this problem/you have this problem because you are desperate" is bandied about a lot, and it's not always that helpful.  I really do think Berlin is a special case.  And I'm not alone in this either.  My women's networks are full of cosmopolitan single women who say that Berlin is simply the worst for dating. I've never dated in Berlin, but I do notice that people are either in relationships for decades (because they and their partner are simply built that way) OR, permanently in a series of "arrangements" at best.  Especially in some circles, the idea of being in a "couple" means you are lame and are so insecure that you need to "own" another person.  If you are really cool then everybody gets to do whatever he wants.  It's really prevalent here.  Luckily, not my problem, but it is for some and Pesar's not just imagining things.  I would rather be single for the rest of my life than try to date in this city.  I've also heard shocking things about online dating, but no clue if they apply everywhere or if it's just a Berlin thing.  Another problem I hope to never have, yeesh, online dating sounds like pure distilled hell. 


  17. 1 hour ago, dstanners said:

    Something I first noticed at the end of the Germany v. Latvia warm up, but which became evidence again last night...why have professional football players taken to wearing sports bras under their jerseys? Whenever I exercise, I've never thought, "if only my chest and upper back was a bit warmer". I could understand if a few sumo wrestlers with man breasts were grateful for a bit more support, but football players?


    I have heard from other male athletes that their nipples are sensitive to chafing from fabric rubbing against them.  For men with certain body types/shapes or even nipple types/shapes/level of sensitivity, running for a few hours with each move and step bringing a new rubbing against the nipples, it might be too much.  Could be made worse by sweating? 


  18. 1 hour ago, gdc said:


    Whom are you 'rabidly bashing' with your comment? The USA and Russia? Its allies? The 'West' as a whole? It would be entertaining to know who you consider guilty of all those Machiavellian plans and why innocents should be grateful to die at the hands of Islamic fundamentalists in lesser numbers than traffic accidents...



    Point out where I 'rabidly bashed' all Muslims and I can gladly write a sincere apology to anyone here that felt offended. I've pointed out the evil side of humanity as whole and clarify the things I consider from certain doctrines of Islam dangerous. You on the other hand, are willing to only 'rabidly bash' upon a blurry recipient and promote the idea that everyone should just complain about other things and not Islamic terrorism because you do not consider it an important issue.


    Maybe you should show yourself as well the door...


    In the post of yours that I removed, you called Muslims "feral humans" and also you edited another of your comments to come across less harshly.  You know this yourself, I guess you thought the post disappeared magically and no one noticed your edits?  You're on thin ice.