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  1. What's left for me in Germany after Chemnitz incident?

    Yawn, Islam hate is so boring and frankly insulting to one's intelligence.  Ask yourself who stands to profit from keeping focus on how bad the Muslims are and from dehumanizing the people that live in predominantly Muslim regions.  Consider who stands to gain from those regions being destabilized, remember who has been working since the 60s to keep them up to their eyeballs in unstable/puppet governments.  There are exponentially more violent crimes committed on so many more bases (racism, misogyny, homophobia, anti-Semitism, nationalistic terrorism, etc) that don't even make the news but outnumber "Islamist violence" on Westerners by a bazillion to one.  You are a jillion times more likely to be assaulted or murdered on any other basis than radical Islam.  Like literally think for one half of a fucking second.  You're being fed a line to keep you hating Muslims and it's not for your own personal benefit whatsoever.
  2. Climate change

    shit.  I hope my granny's OK.  That's dangerous-to-the-elderly kind of heat.  (Though I don't like to think of my granny as "elderly," after all, she is only 85.)
  3. What made you laugh today?

  4. Bundesrepublik

    Ethiopia and Nigeria are also both much, much larger than Germany both in terms of population and area.  I don't know how we're measuring a country's "relevance" but I guess to their neighbors they're probably kind of a big deal.
  5. Weather in Berlin and surrounds

    so weird.  When balticus reported it was 25° I checked online, and saw the same.  But then I checked my thermometer--the outdoor sensor of which is hung out of a window on the north side, facing the canal as well as a large leafy Hof, and which is, in the evenings, a good couple degrees cooler than it is on the street--which still read 26°.  A hand check told me it was still too warm to open up all the windows in the apartment, thermometer reading be damned.   Now the weather guessers are claiming it's 24° and my thermometer says it's 27°, up an entire degree over a few hours ago.   UGH
  6. Weather in Berlin and surrounds

    I went to the mall today, and was surprised by how cool it was.  So cool, in fact, that I suspected it of being air-conditioned!  Times are changing, I suppose.  When I first arrived in Germany, I was shocked that not even  the bank was air-conditioned and that grocery stores had the nerve to sell their beverages unchilled  Though, the cellar-effect might have affected the mall, too.  The grocery store is in the UG and the other shops I visited were 1OG tops. 
  7. Weather in Berlin and surrounds

    Why are you bringing Malta to a knife fight?  The topic is Weather in BERLIN and surrounds
  8. Politics Gen XYZ

      I don't envy you, curiosity can drive a person mad.
  9. Politics Gen XYZ

    Hello, please stop accusing each other of being alts.  If you really think someone is abusing or gaming the system, report it, and we will look into it. If nothing happens immediately, we have either decided it's OK for now, or we're still looking into it.    Thanks.
  10. Weather in Berlin and surrounds

    It's definitely tempting and as you say, it's only a few weeks a year (though in Berlin in recent years it's been more like months  ).  I also don't relish listening to my husband complain about it.  If I really want one, I might do it.  So far I'll try to stick with my little fan.  It's been such a faithful companion so many years.   In other news, I'm seriously (not seriously) weighing the risks of contracting a pioneer disease vs the comfort of living permanently in the cellar.  Our cellar floods often during heavy rain (don't know if it's bad drainage or proximity to the canal or what) so always a permanent smell of mildew and who knows how much bionic mold and swamp critters down there.  Maybe I'll just take a book down there and hang out (definitely not).  But every trip to the cellar is like a vacation from this heat!  Just a couple feet underground and it's already like 20 degrees cooler.
  11. Weather in Berlin and surrounds

      I keep thinking about this, too.  Whenever I think about the people living in insane parts of the US where millions of people have AC running 24 hours a day, most months out of the year, I also can't help but think of the tremendous environmental cost. As far as personal cost, I don't know how much electricity they use, but I already feel a little funny having the fan on all day.  I mean, I DO it  but I'm keenly aware of it, too.  Southerners like fraufruit are maybe more accustomed to the concept of air conditioning because they come from places where every home is fitted with a whole system for the entire house.  But for me it's totally weird.  I do heat in the winter but until she mentioned that I had never considered AC in the summer.  Now it's this little temptation niggling in the back of my mind, thanks for that @fraufruit  
  12. Weather in Berlin and surrounds

    doesn't the thing with the dampened towels/sheets over the windows just increase the humidity in the apartment?   Last year, the door to the room I do sport in swelled up and couldn't be shut properly for months.  The windows of that room remained closed all day, then the moisture from the shower only had a couple of windows to escape from later in the day.  I've amended that a bit this year by leaving the door to that room open and the fan on most of the day.  So far the door is still shutting just fine but it's early days yet.   So yeah, I've also heard about the damp towel thing but not keen to increase the amount of moisture in the air, it's muggy enough already.  When I get real desperate I spray myself with water while sitting in front of the fan.
  13. Weather in Berlin and surrounds

    ha!  Yeah, the US is having a crazy heat wave at the moment.  In the German news yesterday they reported that it was 129°F in Death Valley and 120° or so elsewhere in Arizona and SoCal.
  14. Weather in Berlin and surrounds

    26,7°C in the room that faces the balcony.  On the balcony it is probably 40+ degrees, maybe a little cooler now that the sun is heading down.  Today I closed all the south-facing and one of the north-facing windows at around 9.30am.  (I left the windows open in two more north-facing rooms so there is at least *some* air exchange in here.) Tomorrow, if I want to use the same concept, I have to get up at 1am to open all the windows and doors, then close them again by 7am and hope for the best.  The canal is deserted.  At this hour, on a warm Friday evening.  Crazy.
  15. Politics Gen XYZ

    true, the comment and gif still fit, so I didn't bother trying to fish out a relevant passage from the other post, would have been impossible to pick just one anyway, each line was more horrifying than the last.
  16. Politics Gen XYZ

      Actually, my comment was in reference to the deeply unsettling pile of red flags in the comment above yours, but he posted again while I was looking for that gif.   I had always pictured him and his partner as a kind of lovable, harmless sort of people who are maybe just not totally up with the times.   But then this detailed account of these vain, shallow, mean, judgmental, petty, narcissistic, self-absorbed, condescending, delusional, meddlesome, overreaching, oblivious, rude, utterly badly behaved pair of fully grown adults is posted and I'm just... mind. BLOWN.   When he wrote yesterday that he needed some time and then was going to catch up with me later, I thought about writing then and there, mate, it's not a good idea, you can only make it worse.   HOW much worse, even I had not anticipated.  Holy shit.  It's blown.  My mind is completely blown, I tell you.  And the most insane, bizarre thing about it is that he actually thinks it made him look GOOD.   Just wow.
  17. Politics Gen XYZ

    oh. my. god.  
  18. Politics Gen XYZ

    I haven't seen those comments.  Maybe ask those people about it.  You certainly did not see them from me.
  19. Politics Gen XYZ

    also, as a matter of personal taste--well, first of all, you won't catch me making fun of Trudeau, because I would like to eat him up on a slice of buttered toast, but that's neither here nor there.  But OK, we'll say for the sake of argument that he looks like a used car salesman.  Johnson's hair is simply baffling, it makes him look like a clown, not someone to be taken seriously, he almost certainly has a style consultant, whose advice he vigorously ignores.  Merkel, on the other hand, is well-put together, neat, tidy, and professional.  She wears clothing appropriate for her age and body type.  Her hair is neatly groomed and obviously well looked-after.  She also *obviously does* have a style consultant, and heeds their advice.  Everything about her appearance is structured to make a calming, reassuring impression, down to that stupid invisible box she holds for photo shoots (which I personally don't care for).  She wears makeup and modest jewelry.  For a politician, she is literally doing everything right, by the book, even.  
  20. Politics Gen XYZ

      It has already been explained several times over.  If you don't get it, you don't want to get it.
  21. Politics Gen XYZ

      This charming bit was edited in after I turned off the internet and went to sleep.   First, that's a particularly weak straw man, because no one here said anything *against* a woman looking feminine and loving makeup.  Unlike some people, I support a woman's right to choose for herself how she wants to present herself to the world.  She can wear as much, or as little makeup as she wants.     Second, how embarrassing to fall into the "I can't possibly be a ________, some of my best friends are _________" trope and pick the two people, of whom the attributes in question you have zero control over.  You're heterosexual, right?  So why are you acting like being with a woman is a choice, even better, a choice that is somehow doing a favor to womankind?  Ditto for your child being born female, please don't act like you're doing us any favors by simply allowing your female child to reach adulthood.   Also, "looking after herself" is well-known code for "making sure she looks appealing to men."  A woman whose face, body, hair or clothes don't fit an acceptable male-approved mold are "letting themselves go", "given up", or in your own words, "[don't] care anymore".  That is all so incredibly paternalistic and insulting.  Oh look, another man is offering his unsolicited opinion about a woman's looks (to help her land a man, which is moot, because she is already married).  How generous of him to lend his totally superfluous input. 
  22. Politics Gen XYZ

    Every time I'm literally only talking about the words that are written here and you launch into novels about your life to convince me you're an OK guy.  You're not listening at all.    I know you're a decent dude, I don't doubt it for a second, ever.  Sometimes we do, say, and write things that are problematic without realizing it though.     Just getting defensive and taking it all super personally doesn't make it look like you're trying to understand the point at all.  Even if I don't come for you in any kind of vicious way, even if I don't name you by name, you're defensive, my lady, you're protesting too much.   snowingagain tried to explain the point and your answer was, "My God, what is your issue?"  That seems a bit hostile.  Try to calm down a little.  You're very defensive for a person who believes he has done nothing wrong.  Just saying.
  23. Politics Gen XYZ

    no, snowingagain is right.  Also that taking the piss out of her looks is fine, she's a public figure, and won't read this here.   The point was that the others (men) got to be ugly or unkempt, but Merkel's worth was tied to whether she would be considered sexually attractive.   Or, put differently, she can accomplish more than all of those nincompoops put together over fifty lifetimes, but if she hasn't won the approval of a man, then she shouldn't be too satisfied with herself just yet.     Women live this every day--not being valid or valuable without the stamp of approval of another person (specifically, a man).  Women who neither need nor seek male approval are considered shrews, harpies, bitches, frigid, spinsters, unprofessional, not to be taken seriously, clowns, not fulfilling their social contract.   I wish I thought you actually grasped what I'm saying here, but I fear I'm wasting my breath, babe.
  24. Politics Gen XYZ

    john, your statement was simply really sexist.  We're taking this terribly well-educated, accomplished, important, influential, powerful woman, a doctor of quantum fucking chemistry, who has achieved all these incredibly huge and impressive things, changed the course of history, helped to shape the modern free world and present day Europe, and your remark is, "well, she's not going to get a date looking like THAT:"   I know you're tired of me fussing at you, but honestly.  This kind of sexism isn't cute or funny.  Save it for your buddies.  I really hate to read it here.   Peace.
  25. Can you get kicked out of Germany for shoplifting?

    The friend didn't come from a place where multiple bus lines used the same stops?  The driver will slow down as s/he approaches, all it takes is waving them on their way before they actually come to a stop.  Alert passengers are able to wave the bus driver on early enough that they hardly slow down at all.