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  1. teenager shoplifting

    I'm not a parent which is part of why I decided to remove my comment altogether, but you were too fast  is it possible that you're only "offering" things you think are interesting though? In the now-gone comment I wrote, I didn't need to be asked twice if I wanted to play an instrument and indeed I was already able to name one straight away.  I still play that instrument for fun til this day.  Is there a chance that your kid is interested in something that hasn't been "offered" to her?  A child who cries when they are not allowed to warm the bench at soccer obviously never wanted to be there in the first place.  Does she really only care about her smartphone?  Even there you might be able to figure something out. You can also take alternative routes.   Kids actually love to volunteer.  You can "offer" your kid to work at the local food bank, tutor younger children, or give tours in an organic garden (yes I'm not being imaginative, those are all things I have done as a young person).  There's lots of stuff for them to do outside the regular sports and instruments route.  Also though it may not stop them experimenting and bowing to peer pressure.  You can't prevent all the mistakes they're inevitably going to make.  
  2. Peanut butter shortage - help!

    I've also never had "ants on a log" in my life, but PBJ was a regular since I was on solid foods, to be sure.   Buying peanut butter in the regular grocery store used to be so unusual that the normally quite stranger-allergic Germans would even comment upon it.  Nowadays I buy the good stuff online and don't have to explain it to anybody looking on, ha.
  3. Have all admins abandoned Toytown?

    I love you too tor  imagine how petty and trifling you have to be not to have enough regard for katheliz's passing to just be quiet while people pay their respects.
  4. Which past members do you miss the most?

    kathleen was such a beautiful soul, smarter than all of us put together ten times and a total feminist badass.  Always standing up gently but firmly for justice and equality.  Wicked wit and wry, succinct style of making her point.  She had led several lives learned from each one, rectified her mistakes and oversights and passed this hard-learned knowledge and wisdom on to others.    A true treasure of a human; I admired her immensely.  Her intellect, her warmth, her frankness.  I am of course sad for her family members who survive her, but, selfishly, I am also quite sad for those of us who didn't get to say goodbye.  Kath, if you can see this--travel in power and know how much of an impact you had on my, on all of our lives.  We will miss you.  Until we meet again. <3 
  5. Today's book

      hey girl hay!  Oh, I'm holding up I suppose.  Good to read you  
  6. Today's book

    the book is truly a treasure. A little removed from my personal experiences as I've never served in a war nor been in danger of being drafted. But as a person who left my entire country due to its policies around wars in general and in specific--it speaks to me as well.  A lot.  Certainly less than others who have lived that life.  But I can appreciate the soul-wrenching irony of how much of the world works.  How heavily the meritocracy crowd relies upon the established constructs of cronyism.   Super glad I've never had to go through it first-hand myself.
  7. Today's book

    my current book is Catch-22, which i'm reading for the first time. Since I discovered I've been reading about two books a month.  Agatha Christie's racist ass is among my favorites.  But, she is super racist/classist... even for "her time" The catalyst for all this online reading was buying an expensive piece of workout equipment (liegeergometer) and not needing/wanting to watch shows for 60-90 minutes.