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  1. German B1 level not enough for blood donation?

      I do agree with your point in a broad sense but the two are definitely not mutually exclusive and "has more to do with" seems like baseless optimism  although it probably is many times the case. 
  2. Is there racism against white heterosexual well-educated men?

      uhhh trolled from all sides, is it?  truly Friday then
  3. Is there racism against white heterosexual well-educated men?

    and p.s. I also only fed the troll Because Friday.
  4. Is there racism against white heterosexual well-educated men?

    judging by the OP's application of English, he's already not the right type of white.  Nothing to make a man feel more culturally cuckolded than not being afforded the proper respect by Western Europe and the Anglo-Saxon diaspora at large despite being born with the correct skin color and/or skull structure of the master races while browner people are afforded the right to work, education, procreation and the pursuit of the capitalist dream in countries with proper separation of church, media and state.  Must drive some of them bonkers.  My condolences. 
  5. Worst bus route in Berlin

      haha murph!  Oh, back in those days, we still actually believed the farking thing would *ever* open.  We know better now though.
  6. Worst bus route in Berlin

      I find that many buses on diverse routes, with or without an M, very often refuse to show up at all for the better part of 3/4 of an hour, then arrive three at a time.   What does the M stand for?  Is it somehow different to the other BVG operated buses?   I don't know that the M41 is ever a double-decker?  The M29 often is and I do, when faced with no other choice but to take this comparably awful route, sit upstairs, which is also often crowded and with sticky floors and teenagers blaring shitty music out their cell phones and screaming at one another.   Thank fuck that my usual commute a.) falls outside of peak time and b.) doesn't require me to ride public transport.  I haven't been on a bus or bahn in over a year probably.  All hail the fairly short bicycle commute.  When I freelanced I was constantly on public transport which was one of the reasons I proposed to my husband, got an NE and now work in just one place about a 15-minute bike ride from home.
  7. Overseas envelope sent by post: will it arrive?

    haha, ok.
  8. Worst bus route in Berlin

    ugh, I'm the exact opposite.  I HATE riding the bus in Berlin (and don't mind homeless people).  The buses look big from the outside but are somehow designed so that you have the maximum bodily and eye contact with strangers.  For that matter I hate all 4er seating arrangements anyway.  I rode the bus in my hometown (which has no subway) and never minded it, with their big wide comfy seats for big wide comfy American asses and all the seats facing in one direction.  I don't mind sitting next to a stranger but I don't want to play footsie with one and I certainly don't want to have to stare at some mindless advertising just to avoid staring them directly in the face for half an hour.   I feel like I've probably already commented this thread but the worst route in Berlin is obviously ANY night bus, or, the M41.
  9. A permanent solution to prevent pregnancy - Berlin

    Hi @KateNatalieB, I'm a member of a Berlin-based facebook group called Being Women Over 30 Without Kids, and I have to disappoint you, you won't find a doctor to perform a procedure like that on you  before you're 35, and even then, they'd prefer if you had kids already.  This is drawing upon the experiences and histories of hundreds of women in the group who've sought out this type of thing in Berlin (not, however, including me).  The only exceptions I can recall seeing are women who were at a higher risk of serious complications/illness/death in the case of a pregnancy.     I know this is also not the answer you're looking for, but what about condoms?  They're cheap, more effective than any other non-permanent contraceptive, have a low rate of failure or health-threatening complications, available everywhere, don't require appointments or prescriptions, and ribbed for your pleasure is one of my favorite inventions of the last couple centuries.  Just... awesome.  Condoms can also prolong play and obviously also protect against STDs and studies have suggested that semen against the cervix may indirectly cause or worsen reproductive cancers and other diseases.     When I was 19 years old I got a prescription for the pill.  I was supposed to start taking them on a Sunday morning.  Sunday rolled around and I held the pill and a glass of water and just stared at them for a good solid couple of minutes before accepting that I wasn't going to go through with it.  You're right not to want to pump your body full of weird foreign hormones.  Eff that noise.  I've been in a monogamous, sexually active relationship for thirteen years and the subject of switching contraceptives hasn't come up once.  (Plus, my guy takes care of the birth control, which also feels like progress somehow).  Any guy you're sleeping with but not serious about should be wearing a condom anyway... because of STDs.  Right? The only other thing I can think of that's not an IUD would be a diaphragm... No experience with those either I'm afraid and they don't seem to sell themselves tbh.   Good luck to you and think about the jjimmy hats!  Sorry to bang on about it but I always enthusiastically seize any opportunity to extol upon the virtues of condoms...So good, clean, cheap, uncomplicated, and effective; as close to perfect as any method is going to get.  I recommend them for everybody!
  10. Overseas envelope sent by post: will it arrive?

    If your German's not so good, could it be that he might have been "following" you to make sure you were going in the right direction and shouting directions after you as you went?  It is always a little, um, funny, when people who don't speak a language presume to know that what's being said in it is hostile.   also, just as an aside:     This is always done with the best of intentions, but it has its drawbacks--first, if you mess up your lines and aren't able to change or correct them in the event that the other person doesn't understand the words, the syntax or the pronunciation, the effort might be in vain.  Second, and far more importantly, if you know what you're "going to say" but won't be able to understand the response or any other unscripted follow-up questions, there's not much point and will only be more confusing (because you led in with a question in German yet don't appear to be able to actually speak it, which will initially confuse and possibly irritate the person behind the counter), time-consuming and frustrating for both parties in the long run.  Sorry to keep harping on your points, it's not my intention to annoy you to death.  But having worked now many years in jobs with high customer contact I've concluded that the swiftest, easiest and definitely most pragmatic thing to do is ask if they, or someone else there speaks English.  If there's really no one on hand then the prepared statement will get you a ways, but might not be enough to finish the job... I was lucky in that I had generous access to native German speakers who could help me with stuff as I worked my way up to conversational.  That being said, I made bounds and strides precisely in sink or swim situations, but with the positions reversed--my colleagues and customers had to put up with my shitty German and not the other way around.  The post, a busy bar, a busy bus driver etc are not language schools, places to "practice."  I know you're not suggesting that, I just wanted to mention it more generally.
  11. Overseas envelope sent by post: will it arrive?

    @Buzznut3000 Five minutes is really long time, did you call the police?  What did he yell at you?
  12. Professional Photographer's insurance

    4) curently being offered on TT, five years after their last login to TT
  13. there's this other well-worn stereotype that American beer contains less alcohol than other beers of its kind, or that of Canadian beer, which is patently untrue.     Most cat's piss beers--including Öttinger et al--contain around 5% alcohol
  14. How to use the ignore function

    alert readers will note that I didn't actually directly or explicitly label anyone a "bitter old sod", just warned against being one.  As #10 on the list, versteht sich von selbst.  Tagging Alex as she was so friendly as to help out with further points in the tutorial.
  15. How to use the ignore function

    u mad bro?