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  1. Coronachat - vents, whines, flummoxes & miscellaneous

    ah, or perhaps you mean not the hipsters but the Penner and Omas.  Well, I don't dislike them.  But as apparently you're not the first to ask why I use the topic I created in the manner in which I intended it to be used, I refer you again to the title of the thread.  I'm here to bitch about this and that, and have parked my comment in the right place, and you may consider me something of an expert on the subject of where to put one's post.  Carry on.
  2. Coronachat - vents, whines, flummoxes & miscellaneous

    simples: I was here first!   Imagine asking every person who wasn't keen on the resident tourists to move out for the pleasure of the latter.   Thanks for playing.
  3. Coronachat - vents, whines, flummoxes & miscellaneous

    update from hipsterest North Neukölln: Rocked up today to my local Netto and regretted being too courteous/negligent as to have brought a camera device with me to snap a photo of the Penner grooming himself in the shop window as I approached.  A very short time later I shared the same aisle with the same man who was wearing his mask around his neck and coughing modestly into the frozen spring rolls.  He was impervious to my evil eye and took no notice of me.  Two further shoppers from similar demographic backgrounds were more susceptible to the glare and pulled up their masks upon registering my pointed looks of disapproval.  A lady stopped me in the pesto & pasta aisle to ask me if the can of salted cashews she was holding was salted.  I was aware that there are people who can speak perfect German without being able to read it but in a decade and a half she was my first direct proof of such a being. (Or maybe she just forgot her spectacles and I'm a straight-up racist for even entertaining such a thought.  /miscellaneous)  In the canned foods and no-soy-milk-since-months aisle was a man heaping a literal cart full of 405 flour.  Does he know something I don't?   To add insult to injury, I had to ask him to permit my passage past him as his cart blocked the aisle horizontally.   Finally, I waved a young man in front of me with only a bottle of water and hoped I could load the rest of my shit in peace, but of course another lady came and asked extra to cut in line because she had less than I.  I had so hoped to visit this Netto without someone asking to go ahead of me.  I like to offer, and being asked rubs me up the wrong way; call it an integration failure.  I didn't fancy another ugly debate so waved her begrudgingly though.  (I would have offered her anyway. Still, grrrr, and I know I'm probably being unreasonable.) I and others seem to shit on the 2-meter rule.  As long as everyone is wearing their mask properly, I couldn't care less about a sidle-up.  At some point wondered if I was a Part of the Problem Person for considering my proper application of the mask to be effort enough.   /rant.flummox.miscellaneous 
  4. Genossenschaftsanteile / Cooperative housing

    ha, I was wondering how their estimate could be so far off  
  5. Genossenschaftsanteile / Cooperative housing

    I am a member of one, neither of the ones you posted, though.  The buy-in for our Genossenschaft is per room and is more like a few hundred euros per room.  So you're looking at more like €600-€1200. YMMV
  6.   yeah, that's when people's otherwise well-hidden prejudices come to the surface.  I've known plenty of people who "only" shout out the N-word when they're angry.     If the word "lesbian" is something you exclaim when you're angry, guess what, you're a homophobe.   /off-topic
  7. Black BAME and POC supporters of Trump

      No, I'm (generally) (hopefully) not a bully.   You may interpret my comment as a threat, but it was intended more as a warning.   None of us were born yesterday and we know you're BMurphy who was banned out of here for asking me to move back to Africa.   It would be lovely if you would fuck back off under the rock from whence you came, but as long as you roam freely, you'll be kept on a short tether.     More facts than threats I think.
  8. Black BAME and POC supporters of Trump

      cute.  You haven't seen nothing yet. Keep it up, "Gerard".
  9. Black BAME and POC supporters of Trump

  10. Work culture clashes

    you're being mobbed, which yes, is something that happens incredibly often in German workplaces and definitely exponentially more than in their North American counterparts.  Once you have got the stink of target on you, it is very hard to get off again--almost impossible.  Worse, it seems to be starting with (or has made its way through unseen channels up to) your boss.  I'm afraid that once your own boss has it out for you, it rarely gets better again--usually it gets worse, until you're either fired for cause or asked to resign.  Use the search function to find the multiple topics about this very issue on this very forum, and also maybe look up the simple Wikipedia page about workplace bullying and see if you think those things apply to you.   Why are you or others being targeted?  Hard to say and most people never find out the reason, which makes it all the more painful, confusing, and possibly even traumatizing, especially if you are qualified, gave it your best effort and really tried to get along with everybody and play by their rules  Sometimes, you are just disliked by someone who has decided they don't want to walk in every day and have to deal with you.     I'm really sorry you're going through this.  I know too many people who have gone through the same and it just. sucks.  No doubt about it.   I agree that you should probably look for a different job.  The more time you waste trying to figure out why you're getting screwed, the longer it will mess with your head and sabotage your confidence, something that could carry over into other workplaces.  Another fucked up consequence of mobbing is that it can leave scars that are perceivable by bullies and can follow you around.  It's advisable not to let this situation sap so much of your strength, self-esteem and ambition that you find yourself in a self-perpetuating cycle or worse, end up in a doctor's office for depression, which is a real thing that happens after long-term workplace stress and aggression.  It is serious, and dangerous to your health, career, and future.   Try to cut your losses before you fall down a hole it will be hard to get out of... heartfelt suggestion.    Sorry to be so bleak.
  11. Nomination for post/topic of the year 2020

    From the topic Neighbor installed IR night hunting webcam facing my garden and property  
  12. Coronachat - vents, whines, flummoxes & miscellaneous

    IIRC, Cuba is necessarily the "second World" (as they were aligned with the Soviet Union during the Cold War), while the US necessarily, by those historical definitions anyway, is and always will be the "First World".  "Third World" countries were those not aligned with either the former Allies or the Soviet sphere and as such not aided with military, scientific or financial backing from either of the at that time two Superpowers by accident of their simply not being strategically significant enough to bother investing in too much.  Cuba definitely does not fall into that category as we all can agree.   /pedant
  13. My current reputation on this site

    for posterity   
  14. Germans don't know how to queue

    related topic: Letting people cut in line at the grocery store   gosh, I haven't been queue-jumped or even cart-up-the-arsed in so long I almost forget what it feels like.  That's usually the sign you've turned into one of them, I fear 
  15. Favourite comebacks posted to TT - examples of quality repartee

    the other version is, "when arguing with a fool, make sure he is not doing the same."   and that's all I have to say about that