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  1. Roommate eviction: Drug use

    @fapat77 your last comment was removed because it referred to a comment which had been deleted by the time you responded to it.   You've gotten all the answers you're going to get.  The thread is closed.
  2. Roommate eviction: Drug use

    it sounds like your friend and long-term roommate is in a really bad place, and like he needs help.  I can understand that you can't and/or don't want to take on the responsibility of helping him get his life back together, that's too much for one person and I'm sympathetic to that.  But calling the police, involving the landlord, taking samples of his drugs... that doesn't sound like caring behavior.  OK, you don't care anymore, you want him out.  It's a conversation you need to have with him.  If he's your friend and you have lived with him longer than some people live together before getting married--then speak with him.  If he doesn't want to change, then you'll have to part ways.  But honestly your whole story about knowing him and living with him so long and resorting to police to get him out just rings false.  You call him a fake friend in the other thread, sounds like a projection.  You are not his friend.  Living with him has now become inconvenient.  Move out or get him to move out.  Your friend should realize that he's hurting you.  If he doesn't, either ride it out til the end of your lease period or ask him to move.   Removing people from the lease can be hard legally and as others have noted it could mean a termination of your lease together, especially if you don't qualify to carry on renting the apartment after he's left.   It would be interesting and enlightening to know if you already have someone lined up to take his place.   But to call the cops on a friend who by all measures is really not in a great place right now, doesn't sound like much of a friend to me... shrug.
  3. Roommate eviction: Drug use

      if you were such great friends with him, you would have known what he's like.  The things you're describing don't sound very easy to hide.  He does G and steroids during the day, coke at night (and maybe also during the day), has frequent mood swings and outbursts of anger, at which point during the night or day were you "friends" with him?   He does sound like an utter disaster.  I'm sure all his friends know what he's like.  Not you, though, you just needed someone to help you sign a lease and this guy was handy because god knows no one who actually knows what he's like wants to room with him.   Welcome to Friday.
  4. Roommate eviction: Drug use

    Ahh.  Just read your other thread.  So on top of everything else you're a homophobe as well.  Charming.   Woman the fuck up and kick him out or look for a new place.  You and he are simply a bad fit and instead of owning up to having made a poor choice you want someone else (first Mietverein, now police) to solve your problem for you.  Pathetic.    And putting the word "man" in quotation marks because he's gay is vile.  Eat shit and GTFO.
  5. Roommate eviction: Drug use

    Literally EVERYTHING about what you've told us makes it seem like getting the police involved will end badly... for you.    The guy does some pretty intense drugs that REALLY mess up your moods, emotions, and actions.  Plus he's got mental issues.  Yikes on bikes.   Is this a guy you really want that kind of mad at you?  Like, my roomate-called-the-cops-and-tried-to-get-me-arrested-or-incarcerated mad?   Because hear this, unless he's actually selling those drugs, he won't see the inside of a cell.  He'll be out and about and fucked up and unstable to boot.  And mad as hell.  At you.   Hand on heart, please try to separate yourself from this person in a way that does not involve police.  You really do not want this guy coming after you for s/he-actually-called-the-cops-on-me revenge (which is one of the worst kinds btw)   I have gotten problem roommates out in other ways.  Once, after a roommate told us a pleasant anecdote about a bar fight in which he pulled out the other guy's eyeball (don't worry, it was still hanging by its stalk and was able to be reattached later), I needed to get him out without making him mad.  I cooked up some nonsense about how our landlady only wanted people who had been at their jobs for six months and since he had just started his job, he had to move.  I apologized profusely, offered to help him find a new place, and all that.  Other idiots and deadbeats just got the boot.  None of them got the cops.  Not even trying to moralize here about wrecking someone's life because he's a bit of a disaster--the police have better things to do than come break up with your roommate for you.  Handle it yourself.  Work out which one of you will leave and that's it.  If you think you have legal grounds to throw him out and he won't go, then involve the police.   My two cents.
  6. Random pointless comments

    tell me you're a self-hating minority without telling me you're a self-hating minority. 
  7. Ketogenic Diet Anyone?

      these diet disciples are the same reason I stay far away from IF (intermittent fasting) groups.  I read articles written by body builders and nutritionists, and they are usually a lot more balanced and informative than some of the more fanatic groups and message boards for IF.    It really is funny about the coeliac fad. Some people--like myself--don't feel well after eating large amounts of anything, in my case simple carbs really make me feel bad so although they are usually delicious, reducing them has been easier since doing IF (easier to "read" the body's responses to individual things after you've been fasting for 16 hours).  Used to eat two pieces of bread with breakfast, found that it made my workout hard, cut down to one piece and increased the protein instead, eliminated bread with soup, small bowl of pasta as opposed to heaping etc).  Real coeliac sufferers will know it not because they feel a bit sluggish after carbo overload but by their stool and because their bodies are not absorbing enough nutrients, and so on...
  8. Mexican grocery store / Masa Harina (near Kiel)

    it is always in stock at my local Turkish grocery.  Not sure how many Turkish grocery stores there are in Kiel, though.
  9. What is the hausmeister responsible for fixing?

    can't she apply for a rent reduction because of the things that need repairing?  Perhaps the first order of business once she's joined the Mietverein?  
  10. What is the hausmeister responsible for fixing?

    I get it, Mietverein, but is that really the only thing we are allowed to tell OPs?  Like, people come here wanting to know if you have some advice.  Sure, Mietverein is advice, but it really always sounds to me like people are telling the OPs that they are stupid for asking here, which I really don't like.   Maybe if someone has an idea how to help the OP or relevant experiences, they should be encouraged to share?  Yes, Mietverein and until then, all other tips welcome?   Something along those lines?
  11. Ketogenic Diet Anyone?

      Hmm.  Like when you restrict calories for too long.  But I admit I am not an expert or even halfway informed about Keto.  I just mean with "diets" in general.  It's best to pick something you can and want to do for the long run and rather forgo fast results.  IMO.  I'm also not specifically addressing Auntie Helen or anyone else here in particular.
  12. What are you cooking today?

      I usually use up my romaine pretty fast, but I also prep it before using.  I do just throw it in the fridge in its plastic and it doesn't look great after a couple days but it doesn't matter much because I always pluck the leaves I want, then soak them in the salad spinner for an hour before I want to use them.  Not ideal for a spontaneous salad but an OK option if you know beforehand that you want one.  I also toss the arugula in there too so everything is plump and knackig, in better shape than when I found it!
  13. Ketogenic Diet Anyone?

      And they will put that weight right back on once they start eating them again.   Nutritionists talk about weight re-gain not as a theory or hypothesis but as a fact.  Anyone who goes on a "diet" and loses a significant amount of weight WILL regain some of that weight.  The question is, how much, and how fast.  Obviously, the goal is to gain back as little as possible.  But they all seem to agree that re-gain is a thing that few can escape, unless they do their diet forever, which could mess up their metabolism in the long run.   When I hear about Keto, I think that few people can do that diet forever.  Few people want to.  They want to be normal people and eat normal things with the other normal people.  But they also want to lose weight.  So they do this Keto diet, which they kind of have to think about constantly while they're doing it, lose a load of weight, and put it all back on again within the year after they start introducing carbs back into their lives here and there.  I don't know if it is sustainable.  If it is--and if it isn't--more power to anyone who wants to do it.  I do intermittent fasting, and I love it. I think I am not a Keto because I will never ever count calories again in life (been there, done that, never ever putting myself through that hell again) and I probably eat too many carbs and definitely nowhere near enough meat (and never red meat/pork). 
  14. What are you cooking today?

    @klingklang77 you can totally keep any vegetable as long as it tastes and smells fine.  "A few days" is ridiculous.     I dunno, arugula started to wilt after a few days with paper towel in its packaging.  Without paper towel it's useless after two days after the package is opened.  When I put it in its own container it retains moisture and stays fresh and I really don't have to worry about it.  That's why I don't know the exact amount of time, because I don't have to pay close attention anymore.  Ditto spinach. Since corona, no leafy vegetable stays longer than a week in the fridge, but I've already been so long in the habit of not wanting anything to be spoiled just because I came back to it two weeks later.  Like, I want it to be good for another two weeks after that, if need be.  But now I eat most of my meals at home so not really an issue anymore.  I guess I could start just throwing paper towels in the bags but I already have a system in place, it is like clockwork, and for me it works better, is cleaner and neater and keeps stuff fresh for... as long as I need it!  Can't get any more detailed than that, I'm afraid!