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  1. Brexit: The fallout

      in fact, I never read this thread or almost any other political thread except for when there are, as last night, suddenly a huge pile of reports on it all at once, and I am obliged to read several pages of it to understand what is happening in it at all (usually marked from the last time I opened it in order to handle a report). 
  2. Brexit: The fallout

    everyone please chill out with the troll accusations.  Whatever you may believe--it's still against forum rules, and it's also boring as hell.  You are all more than intelligent enough to come up with cooler and funnier ways to annoy each other.   balticus, quit calling murphaph "Groundskeeper Willie."  No, no one reported it.  It just bothers me and even though Groundskeeper Willie is inarguably awesome, I'm sure there's an unkind intention in there somewhere.  Thanks.   @ everyone: while we're on the topic, please don't use the above as grounds for reporting every single case of someone being referred to as something other than their official moniker.  Obvious personal attacks should be reported.  Apart from that, stay loose and have a little humor.   and sigh please stick to Brexity things.  Super.   as you were.
  3. Coronachat - vents, whines, flummoxes & miscellaneous

    the bars and restaurants in my kiez are full.  Not to capacity, but way more than looks sensible.  Are there new rules now?  Restaurants with indoor seating, outdoor seating with zero social distancing, and the people are having a ball.   Interestingly, the fancy new Ufer across the street from my place has been pretty empty all summer.  It's almost as if the people who are willing to gamble their health to have a drink in a bar want to go the whole way, not just beer from the späti and hang out on the frankly fucking beautiful bit of the canal there.  There has to be some sort of correlation there.  Bars full, canal empty, lovely balmy breezy tepid late-summer evening.  Weird.
  4. Who do you think will actually win?

    and so actually, @MikeMelga says Trump and @balticus says Biden.   Why did you say Trump, Mike?
  5. Who do you think will actually win?

    Interesting.  No, I haven't seen the video but should I infer that it would partially exonerate the cops involved?     Do you mean that the Democrats wanted cities to burn so more voters would turn out in November?  Or that it was even orchestrated by them?  That's seems like a bit of a stretch, no?
  6. Facebook 'profits from hate' claims engineer who quit

    well, one way in which it's not too far from TT, or any platform in creation, is that whoever gets their post removed, is highly likely to assume anything in the world apart from that their post was simply inappropriate.  They assume that all comments are reviewed (first and biggest mistake), all by the same people, and using the same measuring stick, which makes any forum moderator haha a bit.  You also can't "make sure" a post is "never removed", the only thing you have some control over is what does get removed, because it's a considerable faux pas to reinstate an already deleted comment.  But there's no guarantee someone else won't come along and take it down.   In some of my FB groups people complain about misogynistic moderation.  I don't have any way of knowing if that's true, if misandrist comments are really removed at a higher rate than misogynist ones; in fact no end user can know what is removed, because... it was removed!  A lot of people don't seem to be in possession of a healthy awareness of that of which they are unaware... they could use a bit of intellectual humility, perhaps.   However, all that being said, the person in Janx's quote did actually work there, so there's that.   FB has a high number of users who simply DGAF and have nothing in common with other users except they have nothing better to do with their time than endlessly trawling comments.  I think that leads to an overall higher percentage of users who type out throwaway comments with tags to shitposting groups, making fun of your momma, etc.   Again, as with everything, it depends on whom you ask, and what your estimate is of the power and omniscience of the moderators.  For example, I occasionally see a post that has been marked for disturbing content or partially false information.  Some people claim these actions are highly biased.  I dunno; imagine trying to fact-check all of fucking Facebook!!!!onetwo!!!  I'm amazed they actually have the capacity to send anyone after anything.  How many comments are posted per second worldwide?  And then they're accused of "not reading every post..." hmmm
  7. Who do you think will actually win?

      I'm intrigued by this theory, can you expand on this a little?  Who is meant to benefit in this scenario?
  8. Who do you think will actually win?

    @jeba no, not anymore.  I'm also disillusioned with the entire voting system.  It's broken and needs to be replaced.
  9. Lost key to bike lock - how do I liberate it?

      so do I, but unless the OP's bike is stolen in the first place, no one is going to come looking for it, receipt in hand.
  10. Coronavirus

    anecdotal: a close relative in my hometown developed a relatively mild case of Covid-19, and while she's thankful for not needing hospitalization, says it was the worst she has ever felt in her life.  She tested positive in March.   She's in her fifties, overweight, non-smoker.  Said her senses of smell and taste had returned after some months and didn't report any of the other dreadful lingering neurological issues or fatigue that other "long-haulers" experience--many of them much younger, fitter and thinner than she.     Recently she tested negative for the virus and positive for antibodies.  That's a relief.   But for me it really illustrates that it's far too easy to say that the virus is "predictable" in how it affects a person, or that a trim, fit young person shouldn't worry about being infected.  It might get you bad, it might get you less bad.  IMO the prevailing theory is that apart from considerable old age and already ailing health, the biggest contributing factor is the amount of virus with one is initially infected. 
  11. Lost key to bike lock - how do I liberate it?

    haha, sure, no problem ;) 
  12. Lost key to bike lock - how do I liberate it?

    no, just go get your bike.  If anyone asks you about it, tell em it's your bike.   If they really care, they'll call the cops, who won't do anything about it except make a note of it.   I forgot my key once and had to carry my bike home.  To an outside observer I could have been walking through the streets with a stolen bike; in any case I was absconding with a bike with a lock still on it.  No one batted an eye (OK, a little, but no one said anything).  And it was a long walk.   I don't think it's up to anyone to prove the bike is yours unless someone else can prove it is theirs.  You don't have a receipt for the purchase but neither does anybody else!   I'm not a cop or a lawyer.  I don't actually know what I'm talking about.  But I think you won't have a big problem.  I also think the police will not be pleased to receive your call and asked to assist or escort you while you steal your own bike.  Just do it and don't waste government resources asking the cops' permission to get your own property! 
  13. Who do you think will actually win?

    But is he? - yes Who do you actually think will win? - Trump Considering all the privileged people on here are not affected by "Trumps horrible policies" what if a statistically large amount of "minorities and POC" swing towards Trump? - they won't Will you be racist and say they are stupid for doing it or will you think that maybe orange man isn't so bad? - gibberish question.  It doesn't matter what the skin color is of his supporters.  An idiot POC who supports him has plenty of issues of their own, but it doesn't make him less bad.  Also, criticizing the choices of minorities doesn't make one racist, but your asking the question kind of does make you racist Or is it all lies that Biden has dementia and he is going to rip Trump a new one in the debates? - another gibberish question Are all the riots in Democrat run cities (which they without exception are) all Trump's fault? - nice strawman, computer says no Will the Democrats even accept the result? Will Democrat cities burn in November? - granted, the world is a different place and we're all connected through the internet now, but we all rolled over and let George W. steal an election(s) before our very eyes, so sure, we'll peacefully let them take whatever they want from us.  We prove it time and again that we are too busy trying to feed and clothe everyone and don't own nearly enough guns to convincingly storm the capitols.  We don't even speak up that loudly about recounts  What results do you predict and what results would make you, as an observer from an ivory tower) make you adjust your view? - haha @ ivory tower.   I think Trump will take it easily, because too many liberals, myself included, can't get excited about Biden.  Granted, I did desperately vote for Kerry in 2004 although I was loathe to do so, but I think Biden is even more disliked among people of my "ilk" that many of them will simply stay home with snacks and Netflix on election day.  And I blame the Democratic Party HIGHLY for picking Biden.  There must be thousands of better, more qualified candidates without any creepy pasts who could actually beat Trump but they chose to go with "Ridin' with Biden"  as the face of their campaign.  It awakens my inner skeptic.  The Democrats aren't even fucking trying to win.  But hey, I gave up hope and confidence in the Democrats a long time ago, first in 2000 and then in 2004 for good, packed my shit and left the country precisely because of it.  So to answer the second part of this question, it would take a President that wasn't bought and paid for by The EstablishmentTM (take your pick) to change my view. The end
  14. I don't like any of the men's advice at all!  Spreading themselves thin is what puts men in an early grave anyway.  How old did he live to be/how old is he?   I've never understood not licking the knife.  I will still do it in mixed company if I feel like it.  Elbows are off the table (another nonsense rule) but if I wanna lick my knife, I'm gonna!   According to all the old-timey books I read plus for sure a wikipedia article or two, everybody used to drink their hot beverages out of the saucer; depending on whom you ask, that's what they were invented for...   I like your auntie's advice the best!  
  15. indeed, living has been proven to have a 100% fatality rate.  When you look at statistics about worldwide cancer statistics for example, yes, one factor is better testing/diagnoses in developed countries but also people in countries with lower life expectancy simply dropping off from something else before they get old enough to develop cancer.   I've read something about the power of grounding too, but not sure how much stock I put in it.  I think paved walkways aren't good for our feet with shoes our without, but definitely seems like unnecessary risk to walk around in cities without shoes on.   Shoed or shoeless, everyone needs to take better care of their feet!  Wash them carefully (to remove drying salts contained in your sweat) and moisturize them!  That's not hippie nonsense either.  All the old people in my family have atrocious feet, toenails like stalagmites!  Moisturize your callouses and nails to prevent these becoming fossilized with age.