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  1. Are people with tattoos stupid?

    Szalai Tibor turns up in google as a prominent Hungarian tattoo artist. More from him:       apparently white ink really is a thing.  Still skeptical about the lollipop and the Oreos, though.
  2. Are people with tattoos stupid?

      top three are real, last two look fake.  In the "real" ones, you can see the irritation of the skin around the edges, and/or where blood has been wiped away, and some sort of cream or lubricant applied (standard procedure after finishing a tattoo).  Second and third look like cover-ups (#2 underwent an obvious several years in hell carving unsightly gashes into his arm, #3 not sure but looks like an old faded tattoo has been skillfully modified and incorporated into a new theme).  The absence of any trauma to the skin and the presence of white coloration give the final two away IMO.
  3. School Employs Nappy Changer

    @fraufruit maybe times have changed in the meantime, and it's not unheard of for infants ( >1 year) to be put up in daycare.  So they need diaper changes and cannot feed themselves.  Another thing is that of course, no one Erzhieherin need tie 40 pairs of shoes--two grownups will take out a group of 10-12 kids, and so getting them ready should take considerably less time.  When I worked as an early English teacher and visited a dozen kitas/kigas a week the majority of the kids were so small that they definitely needed help getting dressed before going out--jackets needed zipping up, shoes laced/buckled/velcroed on, mittens, caps, the whole shebang, and of course kids that needed help going to the toilet.  So no, at least in Berlin, that's not a requirement.
  4. Behavior of German children while playing

      When I worked in kitas and my German wasn't all that good yet, I was constantly having to learn new phrases to deal with the unique situations in which I'd find myself.  One of the ones I learned and had to teach to all of my kids in the 12+ different institutions I'd visit in a week was "hand vorm mund halten".  These kids had no idea about anything like that and would cough and sneeze at whatever happened to be in front of them, with some kids finding it even funny to sneeze and spit directly into the faces of other children.  Needless to say, there were a lot of shocking behaviors that I observed which were also observable in adults.  After I got scarlet fever for the second time at the same kita two years in a row I began to seriously consider a different line of work, one which preferably didn't require me to ride public transport, which is also full of grownups coughing and sneezing on each other without a care in the world.  Disgusting.
  5. The Vent - No Chat!

    my vent: posts containing bare news links, commented news links, chat, jokes etc.  THE VENT IS A NO CHAT ZONE ABOUT THE ASSHOLES THAT ARE RUINING YOUR LIFE!!! ABOUT SCANDALOUS BITCHES AND LYING BASTARDS!! IN YO RL.   There are tons of other threads for links, jokes, and commiseration (Why are you unhappy today, for example).  I miss the forum feature with the subtitles.  After the "upgrade", the Vent--No chat! became The Vent.  "Why are you happy today? Let's hug each other and be merry" became Why are you happy today.  "Why are you unhappy today?  Let's lean on each other for support (or something like that)" became, you guessed it.  But the Vent has been the forum's only, and therefore sacred, chat-free thread for thirteen years.  Where you can cuss, cry, scream, wish hexes on people, plot revenge, plan murders... no, wait.     Actually, this is getting too meta for the Vent.  Going to report myself now.
  6. My current reputation on this site

    that reminds me, I saved this for @paulwork in case he didn't get to see it, and meant to post it here but forgot
  7. What made you laugh today?

    this, although I am a firmly and decidedly, dyed-in-the-wool liberal  
  8. please stay on topic guys--leave the speculation about specific users and for the love of God refugees out of it.  I don't have bock to clean up another thread so will just trash the whole thing if it gets derailed.  Thanks.
  9. @eb it's not that moderators won't remove posts or place restrictions on disruptive accounts, but the Report function isn't an automatic guarantee of anything other than that a moderator will review your concern and come to a decision.  In the case of your multiple reports, I have decided that the best thing would be for you to dial back the hysteria, put on your big-girl pants and stop referring to anybody who challenges you as "trolls", as well as attempting to impose your own rules of conduct on "your" thread (all of your posts are belong to Editor Bob).  TT is neither a democracy nor is there any guarantee of "free speech" (I do not think that word means what you think it means).
  10. Rent to Rent

    oh dear, Metall.  When you edit your posts and change your story to save face, you fuck up the context and continuity of the posts.  For the sake of continuity, your last two posts were originally      you're a terrible liar.  I know you're not stupid, but you really act like it sometimes.
  11. Rent to Rent

    honestly, Metall... you reported him for "illegal activity" and we didn't take down the topic so now you've decided to take matters into your own hands.  I'm not sure if you think I'm that stupid or you're just that much smarter than everybody else.
  12. Rent to Rent

    you weren't.
  13. Rent to Rent

    @thenoisywatcher it's a bad idea to give random noisy, meddlesome internet strangers your name and address, especially ones who want to use that information to turn you into the authorities.  Just a heads up.
  14. Moving with Special Needs Teenager to Munich

    that's great.  I'm glad you came up with ONE example which doesn't need to bear any correlation to how the average person feels or acts towards people with special needs.
  15. Moving with Special Needs Teenager to Munich

      also a resounding "no" from me.  Generally I find Germans not to be accepting of anyone who is different from them, even your "enlightened" types who consider themselves progressive because they don't have anything against foreigners as long as they relinquish any semblance of their religion or culture at the door.   I have discussed with multiple people who are otherwise against abortion saying that knowing a fetus would eventually be born with Down's would be a legitimate reason to terminate a pregnancy.  Two of them were people really close to me..  With those two I was eventually able to convince them that Down's kids are definitely worth keeping around; with others I didn't bother.  (edit: I'm not a Pro-Lifer, I just don't put Down's in the same category as kids who will be born vegetables and require constant care their entire short lives.) I suppose if you move around in international circles where people are used to foreigners, your other kids will fare OK, but don't expect the general public to treat your oldest boy with dignity and respect.  A lot of people will stare and plenty of old ladies will ask you ludicrous questions and make shocking statements.  Don't bother showing your indignation--it's your responsibility as the outlier to cater to the natives.   I'm sorry to put my point across so frankly, but I think I would have personally benefited from some advance knowledge of the more insidious ways Germans can have of making outsiders feel unwelcome when I arrived.  Not knowing this had a huge impact on my mental well-being as I was made to feel I was doing something wrong but nothing I ever did made them like me either.  I know this all sounds quite negative but if ever someone was in need of the empowerment that comes along with the phrase, "it's not you, it's them" it will be a foreign family with an almost-grown son with Down's.  I wish you all strength and good luck.