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  1. How to avoid a serious tipping mistake

    The division of tips is different in every establishment--from bartenders working one till and personally deciding how much to tip their barback, to tips simply going in at the Point of Sale (bartender) and being split with every person who does a job in the whole place, down to the toilet cleaners.  If you see more than one person using one register and multiple people putting tips into a tip jar, you can assume the tips will be pooled and shared among many people who worked that shift, depending on the establishment, including even people who worked behind the scenes or outside of operating hours.   Then there are different wage classes.  So, a cook in a restaurant is likely to get a much higher wage than a server, host/ess or bartender.  Managers may also make a higher wage and take either a reduced share of the tips or no tips at all.     LukeSkywalker's method of tipping is the most common and the most "correct" way in Germany.
  2. What made you laugh today?

      I was irritated because you kept editing your posts after I had already responded to them.  Not because of your bad comics.   However, as irritating a faux pas as well as bad netiquette as that is--it's only that.  Annoying.  Not time-out worthy.   The issue could have been laid to rest a page ago yet you came here to challenge fraufruit and again play confused and innocent, always conveniently having no idea what anyone is talking about.  Yuck, I don't like that either.   Now, please let it go, everybody.  It's What Made You Laugh.  Let's move on, please. 
  3. What made you laugh today?

      yeah, it's satire, so that's the point  that being said, the actor who portrays him, Kyle Mooney, is not much better than that either, in my opinion. 
  4. Google logo updates - Info on what today's Google Doodle means

    I can't believe I am actually playing that game.  I hate Zelda.  But it has run and jump elements and a little Pitfall, so I like it.
  5. What made you laugh today?

    you're driving me nuts editing every comment a hundred times after it's already been responded to.   I gotta go make dinner.  Back to your regularly scheduled programming. 
  6. What made you laugh today?

    I must have turned it off before then, john.  I'm sure your man has some redeeming qualities, otherwise they wouldn't have given him a slot and recorded it.    
  7. What made you laugh today?

    no, I like bad, dirty, non-PC jokes (you would be surprised, I think, john, at the difference between what I can laugh at vs what is appropriate for the forum ).  But it must be FUNNY.   "Look at me, I'm a miserable fat slob who hasn't been laid in five years, I'm literally a whale, free my belly of five years' worth of stored sperm."   Just.  Not.  Funny.  Not smart, not clever.  Just gross.   Sorry. 
  8. What made you laugh today?

    christ.   I shut it off at the point where he says his gut isn't made of fat but semen.  Because he hasn't gotten laid in five years.   I know humo(u)r is subjective but that was objectively awful.  All standup comics are self-effacing, most of them are terrible, even the famous professionals.  I do love standup comedy as an art form, but am pretty picky.  Small brag, I was lucky enough to be on the guest list for Dylan Moran when he came to Berlin a couple summers ago 
  9. @balticus I guess it's a way for small towns to bring in tourist revenue while feeding them what they're used to eating.  I've rarely eaten at one of those cafes while travelling expressly because I don't want to eat the same stuff I can get anywhere.  So we probe a little deeper past the purely touristic areas and find something more "authentic."  But, truth is, without the pretty squares and restored historic districts, we wouldn't have visited in the first place.  As long as the tourists and their money are drawn there in the first place, it doesn't matter that much which type of food exactly is served on the square.  I don't think bland tourist restaurants are really taking away business from local restaurants because those same types of people might not be able or willing to bring their whole family on vacation if they didn't know they'd always be able to find chicken fingers and pizza for the ones who aren't interested in trying different things.
  10. What made you laugh today?

      That terrible comic is such a bummer (AmE for "this guy's whole schtick is depressing as hell"). He also could have at least tried to get those pants in his size  Here's the mold that guy was made in, even down to his super bummer haircut:     more like one for the "What Bummed You Out Today" thread.
  11. What made you laugh today?

      yours was the 20,000th comment!  Mazel Tov! 
  12. Coronavirus

      I will not give one half of one shit about getting stared at with a mask on.  It is weird how someone else can care that *you're* wearing one.  People seem to get really mad at masks even when no one is asking them to put one on.   I get stared at much, much less with the mask on than without anyway, so for me it's a net win all over.
  13. What made you laugh today?

  14. Things to ponder

    Not "as soon as."   But inevitably, soon thereafter.  Whether from the original issue-raiser or from another.   Here is just not the place.  For better or for worse.