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  1. Cigarette smoking in grocery stores by employees

    I'm calling it a pitchfork because you apparently did not even bother to check where the green came from before jumping to conclusions.  Old users come back to check in all the time, it would be nice if they wouldn't be discouraged from posting straight off the bat.  Please and thank you.
  2. Cigarette smoking in grocery stores by employees

      In Berlin it's just the opposite (kind of).  You can still smoke in bars and in certain restaurants, but I have never in all my time here noticed cigarette smoke coming from inside a grocery store.  (Although when I first moved here you could still smoke in the mall, including the bakery located ten meters from the produce section of the grocery store.)  Have seen them stepping out the side door where the pfand/getränke delivery comes in and out.  I don't know that you can do anything about them smoking in their break room?    If it reeeeeeally bothers you then ask to speak to the manager.  But you're probably not the first one to notice it.  
  3. Cigarette smoking in grocery stores by employees

    I think he means it's his first *topic*.   I remember this user from back in the day and I can see perfectly normal posts they made ten years ago, to do with horse riding, grocery stores, and smoking in public.   Put away the pitchforks, people.  Jesus.
  4. US Presidential Election Fallout

    A straight answer?  I haven't asked him anything.   LOL @ Miss Knoxville's "revolution" 
  5. US Presidential Election Fallout

    @balticus I already wrote that I'm not happy she's dead, find it a tragedy, and feel for her family.  I also never mentioned one way or another whether I thought the force was excessive, and I won't now either.  I don't know.  I'm not a cop, and I wasn't there, etcetera, and none of that was my point.  My point was that a black person would probably think twice before running directly toward a law enforcement officer with a drawn weapon, but this woman didn't think anything bad was going to happen to her.  The "privilege" I speak of is being able to think that way.  A lot of people don't have the luxury of not being viewed as a threat (even when they're not doing anything threatening).  This woman was so brazen in her entitlement (possibly, or some other mental issues) that she fully believed she could run directly into a cop's gun while openly breaking the law and being ordered to keep away, and that nothing whatsoever would happen to her.  My point wasn't about whether or not she should have been shot, but why she wholeheartedly believed she wouldn't, couldn't be.
  6. US Presidential Election Fallout

    Ashli Babbit was a veteran, and obviously batshit for one reason or another, so I kind of want to decide that she was simply unstable and that's why she did what she did.   Another part of me thinks that she is just one more person who thought she would use her entitlement and privilege to push herself through any door she wanted (figuratively and literally) in life and be received with open arms.  Tragically, she found out that being a white woman doesn't mean you literally can do whatever the fuck you want, whenever the fuck you want, wherever the fuck you want.  I am sorry for her family whether or not her behavior was PTSD-induced or entitlement induced, or both.
  7. Problem with yahoo websites

     that's crazy!  Well, for balance, I have been notified by Yahoo! when someone tried to log into my account from an "unknown device" and even told me the time, date, location and operating system of the person or thing that tried to log in.  So on that end, I have been mostly satisfied.  
  8. Random pointless comments

    what an honor it must be to live rent-free in the minds of so many others
  9. Problem with yahoo websites

    speaking of Yahoo!, did anyone else get spammed and frozen out of their emails for 15 seconds at a time as a "punishment" for not turning off their ad blocker?  They even threatened, "you'll keep seeing this message until you turn off your ad blocker."  I wouldn't budge and now it seems they've given in, or did ABP just finally step up to the task?
  10. Coronavirus

      Neither do I.  In a perfect world, where we all had perfect prescience, there would be enough staff and resources to be prepared in all situations.  Of course, I know this is neither the case nor is it usually very realistic.
  11. Coronavirus

    seems like a weird point to pick at john g. for.  I suppose everyone who jumped down his throat would themselves be happy to go to an appointment for anything, anywhere, at 2am?  Those people are free to argue about it but, fair warning, I won't believe you.  Most people wouldn't prefer to get on a midnight flight, have a doctor's appointment at 4am or do anything else in the middle of the night for that matter except be lying in their beds, and if you claim otherwise, I do not believe you.   The point may be moot anyway.  Throughout the entire crisis Germany has stayed true to its rigid observance of Sunday as a day of rest.  If they won't even do testing and analysis over the weekend and on holidays, what makes you think they're going to start doing 24 hour a day vaccinations?  I mean--unless you've read that somewhere, then, I stand corrected.  Otherwise, I think they'll do the thing during normal business hours as they do with any- and everything else, and be as inflexible on that point as they have been throughout.  Somehow I don't really see them working around the clock, even if they had the manpower, which they obviously don't.  So, moot.
  12. Coronavirus

      if the best year of your life was your 18th year, you're doing it wrong
  13. Coronavirus

      I think in all countries where a significant proportion of the population observe holidays in December there will be a sharp rise in new infections, and, sadly, deaths.  And in countries that celebrate the Gregorian New Year as well.  There will have been so many intimate indoor festivities that it's hard to imagine the thing as a whole as anything other than a superspreader event.  People will unwittingly go back to work and carry the virus with them; the above mentioned regions will go through the so-called "third wave."  Shit will get real.   Germany will tighten its restrictions and extend the current shutdown past the 10th to an indeterminate date, promising to meet every two to three weeks to discuss further plans of action.   Germany will not begin to loosen restrictions until April.  Schools will stay open because they have to.  Kitas might close.   There will be no more hamstering.  People have got used to lockdown and hearing terrible things in the news.   We'll be wearing masks in shops and on public transport well into 2022.   /predictions
  14. What are you cooking today?

    I bought the pecans at Kaufland for something like €3,60 for a 200-gram bag.  I thought the quality was... good?  Good enough for us?  I'm not much of a pecan expert/connoisseur.  I just know that the pie was damn good and feel lucky to be able to get any pecans of any quality anywhere, as they used to be rarer than diamonds and harder to find and when found, only to be had at a price that would stop your heart.  But in the last few years I've seen them popping up and on regular offer in stores like Kaufland, Netto and LIDL.  Not sure what those stores will carry in your neck of the woods, though.
  15. OK guys, no more grammar talk, back on topic please.