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  1. Coronavirus

    all right, let that be the last word on South American politics for now, OK?     Stay civil and try to get back to corona-related stuff @balticus & @Krieg, I thank you in advance. 
  2. 1. probably, but doesn't hurt to ask/compare notes   2. Saturday seems to be a day when a lot of stores get shipment, but for what may be obvious reasons, I'm looking to avoid shopping on a Saturday.   Good to know about your Edeka.  Someone else thought maybe all stores in a chain get shipment on the same day which didn't seem probable to me either.  My local Edeka gets shipment on Thursday and Saturday, this I know.  But the store is well-managed.  When the shipment comes, everything that is missing is delivered.  These days it just doesn't stay on the shelf very long.
  3. @engelchen in my neighborhood, TP is sold out on the same day it's delivered, in every store I go to.  That's why I need a "plan."
  4. Coronachat - vents, whines, flummoxes & miscellaneous

    haha, I'm trying to take #staythefuckhome seriously and spend as little time in as few stores as I can.  I need a simple 10-pack of TP and a 4-pack of paper towels.  It would also be nice to get some canned tomatoes and flour.  I have no idea why going to Kaufland should mean I take a lot of shits and therefore need a lot of toilet paper but it made me    edit @LukeSkywalker the stores in my neighborhood sell out of the "hot" items on the same day they're delivered, despite "one package per customer" rules.  That's why I need a master strategy 
  5. all joking aside: TOILET PAPER   what days of the week have people been having luck, at which stores?  I haven't seen toilet paper in any store for over a month.  Any hot tips?  
  6. Coronachat - vents, whines, flummoxes & miscellaneous

    Hello, people, especially (?) Berlin people: I want to go to Kaufland this week.  What days have you all had the most success getting paper products?   Also, what are stores like in the mornings?  The last time I was shopping was between 10 and 11am on a Wednesday and all three shops I visited were pretty empty of people (but empty of goods, too, which is why I "had to" go to three).  Are there people queuing up in front of the shops at opening time?  If I get to Kaufland at 7am will I have to battle a bunch of seniors and tin foil hatters and other paranoid but healthy people such as myself?   Thanks much in advance.
  7. Coronachat - vents, whines, flummoxes & miscellaneous

    Neighbors update: since the note (written about in the Vent), the upstairs neighbors seem to be making an effort not to carve canoes in the living room, at least for lengths of time in one go (all I really ask for, as a hobby musician and singer, I also can make a lot of noise, but try for the sanity of my neighbors to limit it to an hour or so at a time--no clue how my family or neighbors put up with it when I practiced several hours daily in the house I grew up in).   A day or two after it was suggested that I report them all to the cops, the situation appeared to have solved itself, which was great because as much as I didn't want to do it, I did take the advice of those who advised me to do it to heart.  I hate moral quandaries and like many people find myself nearly paralyzed with indecision about the simplest things on an almost daily basis     However, a somewhat ugly twist to the end of playdates (well, they do still seem to happen, but for far shorter amounts of time and just with the kids--I don't hear piles of adults up there anymore, kids are supposed to be resistant?  I guess?) is that people are stuck with just their own families all day and it doesn't seem to be going so well in either home.  The parents are fed up.  The kids probably spend the same amount of time screaming and being difficult (I think the oldest is the upstairs kid with six years, downstairs they appear to be about four and two, respectively) but the parents seem to be running out of patience faster, both with the kids and with each other.  So it starts out like this: kid does something that displeases one parent, one parent loses their shit almost immediately, second parent comes in and gets involved, first parent yells back, kid screams even louder Because Stress, everybody's screaming, kids and occasionally parents crying, lather, rinse, repeat.   Asshole downstairs have always had a bit of a short fuse, both with the kids and with each other, but the confinement seems to be taking its toll on everybody equally at the moment.  I really feel sorry for all of them and I am SO GLAD it wasn't necessary to call police and add to the stress.  Both families appear to be crawling the walls at some point almost daily.  
  8. Landlord attempting to evict me.

    While I don't envy your situation, and I hope you can resolve it, and are neither homeless nor in debt at the end of it, there are parts of it which I wonder about.  I chose one that in particular made my question your seriousness a little bit.  No, I'm not sure either what I mean by seriousness.  Maybe I mean seriousness about helping yourself, or seriousness about how real the rest of your situation is, or seriousness about whether this is a windup, or if there are parts of the story you're leaving out.  In any case, this part gave me pause:     You had an interview for a "good job" and cancelled it because you "had no clean clothes to wear"?     1. You could have cleaned the clothes by hand, hung them to dry, and ironed them (or not, whatever).   2. You could have taken them to a laundromat.   3. You could have taken them to a professional cleaner.   In the case that you actually didn't have the couple of bucks for the laundromat or the cleaner, see number one.  If your clothes don't require ironing, then I hardly see what a difference it would make whether you washed and dried them by hand or machine.  If they do require ironing, there is nothing stopping you from running or owning a small appliance in your own home.   The part about the vacuum cleaner is also strange to me, but of course, stranger things have happened.   So what did you tell Amazon?  I'm sorry, I can't come, my landlord won't let me clean my clothes?  I assure you, any prospective employer would also question your "seriousness"--about the job, about your ability to manage your life, about your own self.  I too, am personally concerned about an adult who cancels an interview for a "good job" because of lack of access to a washing machine in their own home.  Lots of people have to leave their building in order to do laundry.  That's why laundromats exist.  I never heard of someone calling in sick to work because their clothes were dirty.  Moreover, if the interview had truly been important to you, you would have found a way to do a very simple thing like making sure you showed up in clean and appropriate attire.   Or is there something I am missing/not taking into consideration?  
  9. Coronachat - vents, whines, flummoxes & miscellaneous

    @fraufruit and @john g., again, PLEASE use the other thread for news!!!  
  10. Corona

    john, you could have actually left it but decided to poke the dog.  I won't clean up this thread again.  After all of that, for you to bring it up again out of nowhere, it's aggravating.  We had a clean slate but you didn't want to leave it be.  Have at it.
  11. Coronachat - vents, whines, flummoxes & miscellaneous

    can people please try to put news links, particularly ones about how things are affecting people outside of Germany, in the other thread?  This one is becoming more of a bummer with all the news and statistics.
  12. Bought a cat

    yep, while you were writing that, I'd actually already edited my comment   
  13. Bought a cat

    I don't personally know any Brits who refer to themselves as such, especially not when talking about themselves in particular or their personalities, habits or mannerisms.  Or when you ask them where they are from.  In fact MOST if not all the English people (and not "an English" ) I know refer to themselves as English, which is how I picked it up as well.  I never refer to individuals as British because I know that they themselves would refer to themselves as English, Welsh, Scottish or some other regional thing... but not British.   calling people trolls is obnoxious, by the way.  It is a tedious habit I wish everyone would give up.  You say "don't feed the troll" while stretching out your hand with a yummy.  Completely senseless.   And actually against forum rules.  
  14. Coronavirus

      hmm.  Usually when the governor declare a state of emergency, it has to do with a natural disaster, or maybe also the outbreak of a potentially fatal food-borne illness such as e.coli.  I think.  In my state they were usually called because of flooding, tsunami warning, rumbling volcanoes or more than three inches of snow on the ground  But you don't send in the National Guard after a couple of undercooked hamburgers.    I don't know that an executive order can be overridden during a state of emergency.  All levels of government then have to defer to national orders, I think.