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  1. It does really look like No-Deal Brexit after tonight's votes. Time to batten down the hatches and to cut the UK loose. Apparently the Tories are willing to be taken hostage by the right fringe and they were aided and abetted by a Labour leader who is devious and incompetent in equal measures.

    The Tories really aren't different from the Front National and comparable parties now.



  2. There's something strange about these investigations. They don't seem to uncover anything that would justify the high profile, the scope and the expense of the investigation (at least after Watergate) and they only seem to obtain convictions for failing to cooperate properly with the investigation itself. Wasn't it the same with Starr investigating Clinton?

    They seem to be more of a political tool than a real criminal investigation.



  3. 2 hours ago, fraufruit said:

    ....This shit should never happen in the first place. We shouldn't be having a discussion about law enforcement in schools or arming teachers, etc. That is what needs to be fixed.



    This true. However, it doesn't change the fact that this officer failed to do his duty. While soldiers may have reasons to doubt the justification for what they are asked to do, there is no moral uncertainty about protecting children from a shooter.


  4. On 24.2.2018, 11:11:27, fraufruit said:

    There was an armed guard at the  school. Trump berated him endlessly yesterday in his speech (over one hour) to the Conservative PAC members  for not saving the children. As if the guy doesn't feel bad enough already. Trump called him everything except a pussy. I hope the guy doesn't kill himself. I know that I wouldn't run into a building when I heard automatic weapon fire inside knowing I was out-gunned. Would you?


    Sorry, I'm with SA618 on that, it's not acceptable. There are jobs that demand a high degree of physical courage, e.g. soldier, fire fighter, police officer. Don't join up if that isn't what you are prepared to do.  As a soldier you can't say "I'd rather not" when you are ordered to attack an enemy position, even if the enemy is a superior force.

    It was this man's duty to engage the shooter immediately and he failed to perform his duty.

    However, I suppose that's the kind of police force you end up with when "I was afraid for my life" is accepted as an excuse for the most outrages shootings of unarmed people by police officers.


  5. Yes, Germany had its own share of shootings. However - unlike in the US - gun ownership legislation was toughened after these events. They weren't toughened anywhere to the degree I would have liked, but at least some action was taken. Owners of legal weapons who allow their weapons to be misused by others and those who sell illegal weapons know that it will result in substantial penalties (the person who sold the weapon to the Munich shooter received a custodial sentence of seven years).


  6. 12 hours ago, hooperski said:

    Pretty sure that most countries spend more on arms than they do on health, housing and education.


    The defence (US) is doing very well without any wars. :lol: The US is always at war somewhere on the planet.


    No industrial country spends as much on arms as they spend on health. Not even anywhere close.


  7. On 11.2.2018, 22:00:13, hooperski said:

    If the negotiations are being handled by clueless fuckwits like this, Britain is doomed.

    And there was me foolishly thinking that David Davis was the only bewildered tosser.





    He doesn't have a position, because the only thing that still holds the warring camps of the Tories and the troglodytes of DUP (barely) together, is not having a position. The very moment they have to commit to a concrete plan the daggers will be pulled. The EU has thrown May a lifeline by agreeing to proceed with the negotiations even though the main issues had only been kicked down the road, yet this has only pushed the inevitable moment of reckoning along for a couple of months.


    This is obviously also a result of Brexit being one of the most intellectually vacuous political movements in history. It never moved beyond a grinning cretin with a pint in a pub and a guy on a bus promising 350 million/week. What Brexit was supposed to mean and how the UK was supposed to get there was never defined.


  8. On 4.2.2018, 13:58:40, Sean T said:


    I moved here in July with my German partner and based near her family near Frankfurt.



    Given that you have a base in one of the most economically dynamic regions of Germany I wonder why you aren't looking there?


    - all the banks in Frankfurt are investing heavily in e-banking solutions, therefore there should be jobs for the partner

    - Frankfurt easily being Germany's most international city there are plenty of English-language service jobs

    - thanks to the ICE connection Cologne is also within commuting distance if required


  9. 2 minutes ago, yourkeau said:

    Thank you for this useful lecture, but I am not a lawyer, and for me patents have no value. It's just a record in the patent registry which says that you were the first one to discover a method of creating a chocolate out of horse shit. This bans other people from producing chocolate out of horse shit, that's it. In the modern world patents are the means for big corporations to maximize their profits and prevent important drugs from being cheap/affordable. I have no sentiments to patents.


    It is hilarious that you think that the country which hosts the highest number of Nobel Prize winners in Sciences in the world cannot invent Aspiring without "stealing" the formula from Germans. No, Oblomov, Americans were not guilty of the degradation of German science and technology. You were guilty of that. You should not have fired Jewish professors and killing them in Auschwitz. America didn't "steal" Albert Einstein.




    You got a link that described how the US enriched itself with the patents and IP of German companies. Your response? The usual irrelevant twaddle.


  10. 10 hours ago, Jonny said:


    So according to this article,  it's the Germans who are being violent and not allowing the refugees to integrate. Oder ?


    No mentioning of the supposedly minor Syrian refugee who is charged with murdering a 82 year old in Cottbus? DW seems to be eager to excel in distributing Merkel's very own version of reality.


  11. 6 hours ago, yourkeau said:

    It's Schwachsinn. The Nazis suppressed science during their rule, the value of all these patents is probably derived from German scientists moving to the US and working on discoveries there.  Then they could generate those 10 billion, possibly. But that would have not been possible under Nazi regime, partly because many scientists were Jewish, partly because the science was taken over by idiots, theoretical physics was banned and declared a "Jewish science", so the value of those patents in that environment would have been zero.


    Totally clueless, eh? The US looted German patents and trademarks not once, but twice. Probably the biggest theft of IP in history.

    Why do you believe why e.g. Bayer had to buy the brand name of Aspirin - their own invention - in the US for 1 billion $: http://www.nytimes.com/1994/09/13/business/company-news-germans-to-regain-bayer-aspirin.html



  12. 4 hours ago, Krieg said:


    Why your insistence in proving you know better about South America?  I even told you you were not totally wrong, you only made a blanket generalization.   I am not from Venezuela, but lived there for 3 years during the 90s.



    So, well you haven't been to any prisons, then. And I'm not talking about South America, I was specifically talking about this country.

    Violence was bad in that country even before Chávez. Now it's estimated that they have almost 30,000 homicides p.a. (real figures are kept secret, now). That's multiple times the rates of Brazil or Colombia, not exactly known as havens of security.



  13. Well, Krieg, as it happens I've been to a number of prisons in Venezuela, both in Caracas (they had demolished Catia because it was too bad even by their standards) and in the countryside, spent plenty of time in the compounds, I've spoken to inmates and governors. I got a mate out of a police cell in Boleita Norte - something like 30 people and a barrel in the corner as a loo - thanks to a liasion police officer I knew.

    Perhaps you could have found something nicer in places like Mérida, but that would hardly be representative for the country.


    But I'm sure you personally have far more in-depth knowledge. Please tell us more about it, mate.


  14. 1 minute ago, yourkeau said:

    In Latin America prisons are only guarded from the outside.  Once you get inside, there is "freedom of movement".


    This is not a shithole, this is called hell.


    Correct. Freedom of movement might be curtailed by the desire to avoid trespassing on some other gang's territory, though - much more effectively as if these limits were drawn by the guards.

    I might have added that not only everything had to be bought, but many things could be bought as well: drugs (obviously), a room to have sex with your GF, guns, a hit - plenty on offer..


  15. Fortunately not as a prisoner. I'm not sure I would have been sufficiently streetwise to survive that. People even had to bribe the guards to be taken to their trials As a result at the time I was there they had an audit to find out who these people were they had in jail.

    I had to visit them extensively for professional reasons, just as I did in some other countries. (The Italian one I saw was pretty good).


    I have no personal experience of Africa. I guess the situation in Lagos was quite comparable to what you see in Latin America. I can't say I envy you that experience. (After reading your post a second time I'm not sure if you were there in prison? I guess that after one experience of this kind of hospitality you would give the country a miss in the future.)

    As to Venezuela, one has to keep in mind that most of the inmates came from very violent areas and their experiences "outside" then shaped their life "inside".


  16. 3 hours ago, john g. said:

    Just wondering where the worst shithole anyone here has ever been to?

    ;)(my office must come close... )


    Prisons in Venezuela. Definitively places I would recommend to avoid: murderous, corrupt, crowded, entirely under the control of armed gangs, everything has to be bought (including food, as the cooks sell the food, instead of delivering it to the prisoners)