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  1. Heirloom Seeds & Plants

    Thanks!  I will check out the sites you guys mentioned.  The tomatillos sound cool, but I'm out by Pforzheim. :-)
  2. I am growing a bunch of plants from seed and prefer to use heirloom seeds when I can.  I prefer the "different" varieties.  I found Magic Garden Seeds and am quite happy with them.  I am wondering what other companies in Germany sell heirloom seeds, or even what the heck to call them in German?  Hubby is not much help in translating this one.  I am especially hoping to find a German company that offers some starter heirloom plants.  I messed up our tomatoes and peppers from seed. Meanwhile, our older neighbor next door surprised us by planting four herbs in our garden.  It was meant as a gift, but was rather invasive and could have messed up the planting plan I have for the various plots. (She does not understand why I grow from seeds and not buy the standard seedlings from the gardening shop, nor the way I lay everything out.  She means well, but needs to ease up a bit.) So I am trying to fill up the plot to prevent that happening again, while gently asking her not to do that again.  This first year is a trial period to see how various vegetables grow and my skill level.  So the more options the better. :-) Thanks for any information on shops.
  3. Where to purchase chickens?

    Thank you all so much! I had glanced through Kleinanzeigen.  I did not have a breed in mind yet, as I was not sure what is available around here. My books covered American breeds. Thanks to everyone, I have resources to examine and then can research the breeds. Super excited!
  4. We recently bought a house and I have been bringing the garden back up to par.  The garden already is laid out for home farming.  In fact, part of our ground floor was technically the barn for the cow, with the old feed windows still in place.  The plots are in order and vegetables are growing.  We also have an old chicken coop.  It was being used to store simple gardening tools, but after transferring everything to the proper shed, it is still in great shape as a coop.  We even have a giant roll of fencing to make a run and wire for protection.  So, where the heck do I buy chickens? I asked my German husband about farm supply stores like we have in America.  He has no clue if these are a thing in Germany.  He also has no clue if they are, if they would have live chicks for sale.  I know there is a kleintierschutzverein in our village.  Do I buy chicks from local breeders only?  I have also seen chickens for sale on ebay Kleinanzeigen locally.  Are these the only options, or are there stores like in America which sell them.  I live outside Pforzheim, if anyone knows any place nearby.  I also run to Heidelberg and up to Neustadt an der Weinstrasse once per week. Also, I'm only asking about purchasing a few chickens.  I already know the regulations about whether or not I have to register them and if they are allowed.  Thanks for any help on this.