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  1. Back problems and mattress recommendations

    I am resurrecting this thread in case anyone wants to add their own good experiences with mattresses for back problems.   I am a back sleeper (by necessity for the moment) and I do not live near any large stores, so need to buy online.   I am also looking for a good pillow for a back sleeper. Any recommendations? I have been doing my own research on both items, but not found anything I am particularly taken by, based on reviews.
  2. Can I ask a follow-up question slightly related, so as to keep everything in one thread?   Say you have a residence permit. You plan to stay away for a period less than six months, but that involves stopping the rent from the place you are staying in anticipation of returning to a new place. So that means you have to de-register (abmelden), yet you are not going to re-register anywhere until you return. So while you are away, it is like you are in limbo, you do not actually have any Abmeldung at all...   Given that everything in Germany seems to be interlinked (1) Does this affect your residence permit at all? What if the Ausländerbehörde happens to look you up at that exact time and finds you have no Abmeldung? (2) Can you just keep on paying your public health insurance all the time you are away from Germany?
  3. Making a last will and testament

      Does this depend on what your investments are worth at the current time? What happens if your shares then double in price and you are worth much more?  
  4. Brexit, New residence permits

    Can I just check something? I submitted my application by email last summer and have still not been contacted by the Ausländerbehörde. While I am not terribly worried about that, I may have to make a trip out of the country and will obviously need to ensure I get back in! Do I have this right: I need to have a Fiktionsbescheinigung issued under Section 4 and not under § 81 Section 3.   If so, has anyone had experience of getting one of these done? How responsive is the Ausländerbehörde, given how slow they work in general?