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  1. The Vent - No Chat!

    For fucking fuck sake postbank!! First you force me to change my online banking to that fucking depot shit - I don't have a fucking clue what depot even is and I have zero interest in finding out. Then you make me change my fucking login details from account number and password to some stupid fucking postbank Id and password. WHY?? WHY?? I was happy as I was!! I don't need another fucking lame ass password to remember (jesus christ am I sick of having to come up with new fucking passwords). And now, NOW! For some no-doubt bullshit reason, you are getting rid of mobilTAN, which works absolutely fucking FINE by the way, to some stupid fucking BEST SIGN bullshit, for which I need a goddamn app for, only ooh ooh guess what, the app is only available on fucking android and itunes, and what do I have? A windows phone! So either I buy a stupid bullshit device for 30 bullshit euros, so that I can continue to pay my fucking bills after July, or I have to get a completely new fucking smartphone, which I can't fucking afford right now because I am trying to save every last bloody penny for our wedding! I'm broke as fuck as it is! And if I opt for that stupid fucking device, and suddenly need to pay a bill while I'm at work or in England, I need to bloody have it on me don't I? And if I don't, tough fucking titty isn't it!! What kind of fuckery is this!! THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH MOBILTAN IF IT ISN'T BROKE DON'T FUCKING FIX IT!!!
  2. Getting married in DE with dual nationality

    Just wanted to post an update in case anyone else needs the info later on. In the end I reserved my desired wedding day and then went to the appointment to 'Anmeldung zur Eheschließung' / give notice as a German (as opposed to going to a Vorgespräch/Beratung for people who have foreign nationality (heiraten mit Auslandsbeteiligung). I used my German ID card and a current copy (no older than 3 months) of my birth certificate with a current sworn translation and all was fine. She didn't even ask about my British nationality. (My German partner also needed a current copy of his birth certificate). And that was basically it!
  3. Deutsche Post complaints and criticism

    This new 9€ rule is bullshit. I wanted to post a card and a pair of socks to my friend the other day in a small padded envelope, it barely weighed anything, and yet it would've cost 9€. Bollocks to that, she'll have to wait an extra month for her birthday present so I can post it when I'm in Blighty (sidenote: I did also get her something else ordered off the interwebs, I didn't just get her socks..). I had a faff trying to send off my old passport for renewal as well. That was with a letter in a large (non-padded) envelope. First guy said it would have to be sent as a Paket for 9€ because there are 'goods' in there. I was like WTF it's JUST a passport! Then his colleague butted in and said, because it's documents it qualifies as Brief, however the first guy said that he would still recommend I put it in a padded envelope and send as a Paket because the passport will likely catch on the machines, which are apparently very narrow, and the envelope will probably rip. So off I toddled, I repackaged it in a massive padded envelope, went back to the post office, and the woman there processed it as normal with Einschreiben international for just over 6€. So I haven't got a clue what's going on to be honest. I won't be sending any more gifts by post though from now on, I'll just order off the internet and have them sent directly, which is a shame for the nice little shops here, but I can't keep forking out 9€ for shipping on top of every present.
  4. This is unacceptable. Yes it's rubbish to lose a key but let's face it, shit happens, it's not like you did it on purpose. You are paying rent and you absolutely have a right to a key. It sounds like they are subletting to you without the landlord's permission, in which case I guess it makes sense for them to not want you to contact the landlord. Off the top of my head I'm not sure if it's legal to sublet without the landlord's permission, would have to look it up. But do you have a rental contract? Do you have the landlord's contact Information? If yes to both, I would just call the frigging landlord myself. If you are paying rent, you have the right to a key. What they are doing is not OK. If they're that bothered then tell one of them to give you their key! They're related, they can work their own stupid schedules out between them but they have no right to tell you when you can and can't come home. God, the things people try to get away with makes my blood boil. If the shoe was on the other foot they'd be straight down to the Mieterverein or lawyer. Stand your ground and insist on a key.
  5. Getting married in DE with dual nationality

    Since these posts are quite old now I'd like to double check. Does anyone have any recent-ish experience of marrying as a dual citizen in Germany? I'm British and acquired the German citizenship just after the referendum. My German partner and I intend to get married later this year and I can't find any Information on the Stadt Köln website as to whether I can do the marriage notice/ Anmeldung zur Eheschließung as a German or whether I have to do it 'mit auslandsbeteilung'. If you do the latter, you need to have a Vorgespräch and a certificate of no impediment. Since I was born in the UK do I need this? Or can I just submit the same documents as a born German? The woman on the telephone at the Stadt when we called up to ask was clueless and said we should have the Vorgespräch just in case, but the earliest appointment we could get was June though, which is abit of a pain because I wanted to reserve our Wunschtermin in May (ie. the maximum 6 months in advance) and you have to do the Anmeldung within 30 days. Which now looks like it won't be possible if I have to also get a certificate of not impediment. Does anyone know if it is possible to then reserve the (same) day for the wedding again if you miss the 30 day window? Also, I already have a certified copy of my birth certificate with a certified translation, as I needed this for my application for citizenship. But the lady on the telephone said that the copy (beeidigte Abschrift) can't be older than 3 months - in this case she was talking about my German partner's. We have already ordered and received a copy of my partner's birth certificate because the original for some reason isn't enough (wtf), so does this mean I will have to get another copy of mine as well and another translation so that it's less than 3 months old for the Anmeldung? In which case, it seems like we might have to order yet another copy of my partner's then as well as the current one will only be valid until July then. The whole thing is driving me crazy and stressing me out. Does anyone have any recent experience here?