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  1. Smoking in public places

    I suspect with the innenhof thing, it's because the smoke rises and goes into the apartments through the windows and makes their apartments smell. In the office where I work, it's a sort of square shape and in the centre there's an innenhof. I work on the 1st floor and if we have the windows to the innenhof open and a smoker is out there, then it all just comes through the window and spreads around and it smells as if someone is actually smoking in the office. I think sometimes smokers don't realise how much the smoke spreads. On the face of it, of course smoking outdoors should be legal, you're outside! There's plenty of air to go around! But in reality it's not actually like that. The thing that I hate is when I'm walking along the pavement and I'm overtaken by a smoker, and the smoke just drifts on back to me for the whole duration they're in front. You can't escape it because even if you slow down and put some distance between you it still somehow drifts all the way back and it's like walking through a smoke cloud. I guess you have to just cross the road to get away. But I mean I don't want to be one of those people ranting and telling smokers not to smoke in public places because then where would they smoke? But it is unpleasant. 
  2. The Vent - No Chat!

    I think it was Bridget Jones who said, as soon as one part of your life is going well, another part falls spectacularly to pieces. I got married at the tail end of last year, job's going well considering (I've been very lucky to still have one during corona), I'm now 5 months pregnant and starting to nest and look forward to this new phase of my life. And then I get a Kündigung wegen Eigenbedarf. In the middle of  a fucking pandemic. And the part that pisses me off the most, is that it's not even really 'needed'. Apparently, my landlord's 21 year old brother, who is a student at the TH and still lives with his parents and other 34yr old brother, now feels it is time to (and I quote) 'stand on his own two feet'. Apparently, he needs a 'quiet place to study' and where he can 'invite his friends over without asking his parents' permission' and even so he can 'one day have a girlfriend'. I mean, what the actual fuck??! I can understand wanting to help out a family member. And hey, we all want to move out of our parents' home sooner or later. What I can't accept is kicking someone else out in the middle of a pandemic because his grown-ass man brother can't be fucking arsed to look for a place of his own so that he can have a place to fuck and party without his parents being around. You wanna stand on your own two feet? Then be a grownup and find your own fucking flat you bellend! It's a rite of passage! There is a vermittlungsservice at the TH that will help you find a WG. The majority of people live in a WG or a one-roomed apartment, or even with parents, when they are students, this is not a hardship!! It makes my blood boil!! What kind of person kicks someone out in a pandemic for such a reason? I'd be lucky if I could even manage to actually view potential places! And seeing as I'm the sole breadwinner and soon to have a baby, all of my money is going towards baby stuff and elternzeit, otherwise I actually can't afford to have any Elternzeit. I certainly can't afford a new deposit and a move. And the hilarious part is, he claims the flat is 'cheap enough for his brother to afford' - yeah it's only cheap because we managed to stop you from raising the rent as soon as you bought it you fucker! I mean, if this guy lives in a place with his parents and another brother then it's bigger than our place! I'm so angry! This is supposed to be a happy time and I'm supposed to be taking it easy but how am I supposed to stay calm with this hanging over our heads? He wants us out by Christmas. I will then be recovering from birth with a 2-month old. No, no and NO to that shit. So settle in cos I'm not going anywhere before my Elternzeit is over. I'm going to the Mieterverein and if necessary I will drag your ass to court. Over my. dead. body. are you getting me out of there before I'm good and ready without a fight, I promise you that much. Your poor little 21 year old student brother can just do one, as far as I'm concerned. Let the battle begin douche canoe! 
  3. Substitute for liquid glucose

    Calling all bakers! I want to bake my friend a birthday cake, one with marzipan and icing and figures made of sugarpaste, but as usual I can't find all the ingredients I need. I only managed to find ready-made icing (the stuff you roll out) on a couple of specialty websites and unfortunately I don't have enough time now to wait for delivery. I decided to make my own icing but this requires liquid glucose - which I also can't find! I read somewhere that you can buy it at Reformhaus or in the Apotheke but this has so far proved unsuccessful. Then I read you could also use sugar cane syrup or fruit syrup (fructose??) but I couldn't find these either! (why are ingredients always 100 time more difficult to get in Germany?!) So getting desperate I just bought some maple syrup - does anyone know if this will work? I know you can substitute glucose for corn syrup but I can't get hold of that either.. thanks!