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  1. Sorry about the confusion.   Someone once told me that one could use Hermes to send suitcases to Airports, which seems to be a wrong information.  I checked their website and could not find any info on this.  That is why I asked first if it is possible to send it.   Now, I thought about taking Uber from the apartment to Hauptbahnhof to take the shuttle.  Seems easier than taking Sbahn.   Thanks Lisa, I may even do this depending on what I have for the extra suitcase (I need to get one before the flight).
  2. Sorry about the above post.  Tried to unquote but I guess with no success.   Thanks RedMidge!  I was away from Munich for a few years and did not realise there was Uber...  I guess I just take the suitcases on Uber, then the bus.
  3. Thank you Malt-Teaser!!!   I am traveling low budget so a taxi all the way to the airport is not an option...   What do you mean with the check-in procedure?  Can I not use a trolley at the airport to drag my suitcases along?   Does Hermes or DHL have Airport shipping service?
  4. Hi.  I was wondering if it is possible to send a box or a suitcase to Munich Airport from the Munich city center.   I have two large suitcases plus a fairly large carry-on backpack to take with me but I cannot imagine dragging them all along from the place I am staying at, dragging them onto the bus, then off the bus, through Ostbahnhoff, then onto the Sbahn and Sbahn to the Airport...   Or, is there an Airport shuttle from Munich City?  Maybe I can take taxi there and take it, I guess there should be a trolley where the shuttle arrives at the airport???
  5. Model No.: HH-EBG06.  Color: Wine Red.   Used once a day for about 6 months, and is in storage for nearly 2.5 years.   Has to be sold by Friday night. 180€. 
  6.   Thanks engelchen!   I asked a few friends who were in the same situation when I left Germany about this.  And they were also told then at the immigration that we could stay out of EU for 2 years, and within EU for 5 years.  And, more I thought about this, I remember now, that when I got my new DA-EG card about a year and half ago (to go with my new passport), the guy who handed me the new card told me the same, 2 years out of EU, 5 years within EU.  The lady who was sitting nearby, who seemed to be his supervisor confirmed this also.   I did not get it in writing though.  I can not go back to Germany until next year to sort this out...  Calling the immigration probably would not bring anything, I wonder if I should get a lawyer to deal with this...  Anyone khow how much it would cost to get a lawyer for a case like this?
  7. I just realised the above quote is from wikipedia for Daueraufenthalt-EU.  My visa is Daueraufenthalt-EG.   What is the Difference?  I am getting really confused...
  8. Sorry about the above post...   I tried to unquote the quote and got problems...   Anyway, I tried to find further information regarding my problems online, but only found info on wikipedia so far...  But what does the italic part mean???      
  9.   Thanks engelchen
  10.   No.  I never had a "Blue Card" I do not even know what it is...  I was married to a German citizen for 2 years, then divorced, but stayed in the country and got the DA-EU after 5 years (if I remember correctly...).  Stayed in DE for about 12 years all together before deciding on the long "vacation".
  11.   rpatward, thanks.  It maybe too late as I am already out of EU for over a year, but will follow your advise when I get back.  Hope it will still be ok...
  12. Hello.   I have a question regarding the time one is allowed to leave Germany (EU) with Daueraufenthalt EG.   I thought I was informed at the Auslanderbehorde (or could have been their website) that one is allowed 2 years out of EU with Daueraufenthalt EG.  But I cannot trace the source of information now, and, recently met someone in the same situation who insisted that it is only one year.   Can anyone tell me how long the current low allows?   I am already out of EU for over a year and was planning to get back in a few months...   Any information appreciated. Thanks.