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  1. I live in Munich. When I first connected my new flat screen to the cable(already supplied for the entire block of apartments), it first scanned for channels. After 15 mins or so, it came back with nearly 200 of them (with about 20 digitals and the rest analog), clearly listed, numbered and labelled, and including BBC World, BBC1, BBC2, Bio, CBBC (for those with kids), all the SKY movies channels, and a lot of other foreign channels.   Unfortunately, when trying to view any them, they turned out to be all scrambled, except for BBC world and CNN. I then contacted the cable company (in my case, "Kabel & Medien Service"), with the hope that I could access the scrambled channels for a fee. Instead they sent me a list of premium packages I could buy, but the only one with English channels was still restricted to ... GOD TV and Sky News! So no BBC channels or SKY on offer.   Does anyone know how it can be that foreign TV channels seem to be available at first but there is no cable company that allows them to be watched? or is there any?   Thanks Lazuli.