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  1. I think your situation is quite different, lotsofballoons, since you are/were American and had to renounce your citizenship before acquiring german citizenship. So the timelines above from Brits won't help you much. Hopefully someone who's been in your exact situation can chime in.
  2. You need a "beglaubigte Übersetzung" from a "vereidigter Übersetzer". There are many in Berlin, ask for quotes from several - one that is advertised here on Toytown wanted 90 EUR and others only 35, for the same document! 
  3. Depends on your situation and which Bezirk you are in. It's taken about 1.5 years (possibly longer) for a friend in Pankow, I am in Charlottenburg and had a straightforward application and it took 6 months from handing the initial set of documents in (May this year). I sent a couple of translations of certificates a month into the process, and my einbürgerungstest results halfway through. Got my Urkunde in November.
  4. Perso takes about 3 weeks, passport under a week if you pay 30€ for the express service. That was in Berlin, although I think everything is printed centrally at the Bundesdruckerei.
  5. GLS - too much to expect

    Ah, I'm not sure there, sorry 
  6. GLS - too much to expect

    You can use your Widerrufsrecht in a situation like this, even though you haven't received the goods, if you bought from an online shop. The seller has to refund you the money and it becomes his problem to search for the parcel and/or fight with GLS. Not your problem!  Obviously if the parcel does turn up you have to send it back or refuse the delivery. https://www.arag.de/auf-ins-leben/udo-vetter/paket-nicht-angekommen/