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  1. Hi all   This is basically a RANT, I cannot take it anyone, I would so love to get out the rent trap and live in an apartment with a bathroom larger than a broom cupboard but alas it is IMPOSSIBLE to try and buy a flat in Munich. UNLESS of course, you want something either: 1. In the middle of nowhere or worse a highrise 2. TOTALLY overpriced!   I think you need to be soo lucky I mean you need to know info before these places come onto the market and other than having a seedy affair with a Markler I see no chance of this happening for me!   I could never have an affair with one of those people... I mean what is it they actually do??   Is anyone else ready to give up or have any horror stories to share... I have many!   Please people share with us!   Oh and if anyone knows of a flat being sold, Munich east anything more than 75square m's please PM me! Or if the flat they are renting is going to be sold by their landlord please let me know! I will make sure that are plenty of Thank you drinks heading your way!!