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  1. Divorce and a common apartment loan

    Actually, what I learned from my lawyer today is that as we are both on the bank loan, if I stop paying , the ex can sue me and pretty quickly and directly withdraw the needed amount from my salary from work. Regardless that I owe support and that is not considered. So at the end I can potentially end up with 1200 per month which is the minimum for survival.  Although, i dont know how that can work with the rents in Munich and having my children 40%.  And of course, the ex so far refuses to sell the apartment...  It will be interesting few months.
  2. Divorce and a common apartment loan

    Sounds like the direction, I am heading to 🤣 How can some people ignore pure facts and not judge the situation when all is presented and consequences are clear?   I still hold some hope for reaching an agreement. It is just so ugly and painful when there is no communication and only a letter or two per month between the lawyers. 
  3. Divorce and a common apartment loan

    This is a very good question. I don't know, I will ask the lawyer but considering that there is no contract per se, just formal agreement, I would say no
  4. Divorce and a common apartment loan

    We have no rental contract, the "rent" is a standard practice agreed by the lawyers and us. No formal agreement.
  5. Divorce and a common apartment loan

    This exactly has been in discussion for the last year and not cleared thus the current situation.    No story, I moved out and she lives there but has not moved out yet.    Why would I want to transfer the apartment to her and she would have sole ownership but I pay 1/2 the loan?       
  6. Divorce and a common apartment loan

    Yes, it is fairly set but the way it functions is because she owns 1/2 the apartment, she lives in her 1/2 and pays only 1/2 rent, so helps but not enough at all to pay for my part of the loan.   The situation is not meant to be for ever and she will move out at some point. We will either sell the apartment OR to give her credit she will give up her claim on the 1/2 with the condition to transfer the ownership to the children, so that I can take over the loan (possible, if she doesn't claim full support)  But she does claim the full children and spouse support now so that's why I opened the topic just to get opinion on possible outcomes. But I guess, not many options. I can still manage with savings for a few more months but in January is all over.   If you want numbers to make it clear, if I pay all (rent, loan, full support) I end up with about 500 euro left for me to live a month, and have the children 40% with me  
  7. Divorce and a common apartment loan

    She is paying a rent to me and 1/2 of the loan. It is all by the law.   For me the bigger concern is, if worse comes to worst, the bank cannot really kick them (her and the kids, which are 40% with me) out easily and I am the easier and higher earning target, although, I am at 0 after the rent and the crazy support.
  8. Dear community,   I am getting divorced and the separation year just finished. The ex and I have bought an apartment two years ago together and signed a loan for it together. (funny right ) I moved out in a rented apartment. During the separation year, I was paying only minimal child support and no spouse support, so that I can pay "my half of the loan".   Now she claims full child support and spouse support, which makes it financially impossible for me to pay also the 1/2 of the loan for the common apartment. She lives in it for the moment.   Of course, I have a lawyer but wanted to ask for a second opinion on how things can develop when I just stop paying the loan (and pay of course the full support).  The ex knows very well the finances and what it means. I try to communicate and discuss but any dialog is declined and I get only letters from her lawyer, last one saying that she will sue me, if I do not pay the loan also.    How does it go with those common loans, when one just cannot pay?  Thanks! Viktor