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  1. So the Mainova bill arrived today after the 6 month adjustment. Previous tenants were paying 26 euros a month and they seem to think we should be paying 98 euros or more a month and that we used 115 euros per month for two people in a 61 sq meter apartment. Is this at all probable? We have all new, energy efficient appliances - and not many of them, a small fridge, bought this year, an electric stove and oven which I do use a bit, a washer dryer combo - maybe 3 loads a week and we've been drying outside since spring and the regular number of lights and we only got a tv this past April along with a dvd player.   I am home most of the time, but I use a laptop, a new mac laptop even and not a lot of lights. Heat is paid separately and although hot water is electric, I'm still amazed and trying to figure out if this could possibly be right. Does anyone have any idea if this is possible? The really weird thing is that it averages out to 13.9 kwh per day - but during our first month in the apartment it claims we used 12 kwh per day and that seems impossible because we didn't have a kitchen installed then so *no* appliances other than the brand new fridge and a single rice cooker which was used once a week, a single lamp and I was in the US and my partner was at work all day and we didn't even have an internet connection. It seems impossible that the empty apartment used 12kwh per day and now with all this other stuff it only uses 1 kwh per day more.   I'd really appreciate any tips or ideas since I'm stumped. I'm planning to call Mainova on Monday and try and figure it out.   Thanks!