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  1. BREXIT positives and negatives

      Hate to break it to you but I think that is the case in every state on the planet. Sadly, I have no faith it is any different at ECHR. Have my own recent expérience of institutional failure within a judicial system. And no recourse.   Those protections are just hot air by the way. 
  2. BREXIT positives and negatives

    Something like 6 Pounds for a tourist visa, IIRC.
  3. BREXIT positives and negatives

    I m not sure they should be exporting the fair skinned thirsty masses anyway. Bad enough at Blackpool.   Think of the improvement to carbon footprints and domestic beer sales if they all stay home.
  4. Cannabis legalisation in Germany 2022

    I bought some outrageously expensive tea in exceptional circumstances to sooth the nerves...  my impression was it exacerbated paranoia induced by 48 hours solitary in a police cell. (Which is atrocious, medievally cruel, terrifying torture unworthy of a civilised country... if you are in total shock and do not understand why you are even there. Vive la France.) Hard to prove one way or another. 
  5. Only in America

    Where would we be without Mr. Bear ?
  6. 9€ Transit Ticket: where are you going?

      They are not awful. They are just following the rules of the road. Pedestrians give way to road users in UK.  I found it confusing way back when I first hit the Continent and cars would stop for me to cross the road or when I was on the footpath.
  7. Only in America

    You have to read the small print very carefully and apply it to a very specific type of situation. The word is not allow. That is already a simplistic misunderstanding. And sells copy. Having said that lawyers are paid to corrupt language, cast doubt and find loopholes, so it will doutless be abused.
  8. Roe v Wade

    Guns. I dream...
  9. Botox in Berlin - Coming Up on 14.07.2022

    You mean Shutta Your Face ?
  10. Botox in Berlin - Coming Up on 14.07.2022

    Amen. The body is a temple... No such thing as a free dinner. Beats me how so called medical practitioners can do this to healthy bodies. And even less to ones over the hill. Butchery. Just my take. But hey, that s TT.
  11. How are your cherries doing?

    No but I suspect you will end up with tasteless mush once thawed.   To retain more flavour I would be tempted to stew them briefly complete with stones and bottle them... sterilise your jars first !   Alternatively marinate them in kirschwasser.   Cherries finished about a month ago in the Alsace.
  12. Roe v Wade

    Anti abortionists must think knitting needles are a good thing. I wonder what percentage of them are women.
  13. 3G in Restaurants?

      Bugger it.   Then again, maybe not. Heard about all those young folk popping their clogs within a year of having a mild case.
  14. UK to Germany travel

    Uniforms making it up as they go along ? 
  15. Three-word story

    and Sweep mutually