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  1. Three-word story

    noisily, lustfully and
  2. Three-word story

    resident submissive rhodent
  3. The War in Ukraine

    He s numb. Difficult to believe he has actual feelings.

    The man is a hottie because he is happy. With such talent sitting opposite he would be ! 
  5. The War in Ukraine

    Putin s not gonna negotiate with anyone. There s only one way this is going to end for him personally.

    Wonderful talent. Very impressed... which I say rarely ... Just a couple of times, less would be more... you are absolutely spot on. You have it in you to go far with this.   Well done. And thank you.
  7. Three-word story

    marshmallow arse crack
  8. The War in Ukraine

    Culture clash. French males must never, ever, ever be seen to lose face. If you want to achieve anything you have to let them (the enemy) come out of it smelling of roses. No matter what bastards they actually are.

    Must go one day 

    Did you fall in love ?

      Cherries are in season. They are coming out of my ears.   Where exactly Anna ?
  12. Only in America

    I personally know someone who lost a child shot on the school bus by another kid who took a pistol from his dad s gun cupboard... unlocked... to show off with. He fired it by accident. Father went to prison for not keeping it securely locked up and not loaded when not in use. The kid too young to prosecute. Won t bring the dead kid back. Tragic.
  13. So dare to complicate the matter ! They will milk you as long as you allow them to do so. 
  14. What made you smile today?

    Then the animal rights gang threw themselves in front of the oncoming parade.  Then the footage was cut. So did anyone trip over them ?
  15. When I left AOK years back it took a lawyer to get them off my case  ... 
  16. A strange phone call from interpol!

    My mum - hard of hearing - just shouts WHO.ARE.YOU ? slowly and repeatedly at them util they give up. I witnessed this. It is ... a scream.
  17. Deutsche Bahn - yet another question

    https://reiseauskunft.bahn.de/bin/query.exe/dn?   Came up with 301 euros one way HAM MIL... sitzplatz nicht buchbar. Does not seem like a competitive deal.
  18. BREXIT positives and negatives

      Some Chancellor warned his successor the coffers were empty a few years back. So they are probably not far out. Credit, innit ? Sale of debt. Financial instruments nobody understands. Murky waters... hole at the bottom of bag. But trying to quantify it is like quantifying fog. The Greeks know this. Helps if nobody can read your script and people have to trust your word    Oh boy, am I getting old.   I do not want to be in the same club as Greece, Cyprus, Malta... Serbia (God forbid). Wonder how DSK is getting on as Economic Adviser there. It s gone very quiet.   Meanwhile food banks are normal, people are cold and blanket handouts are staving off the riots. Will Boris spend his heating supplement wisely ?Tomorrow I am hoping to fly out of the chaos that is MAN airport. All the Eastern block baggage handlers have gone home so I am glad I only have hand luggage.   Is this the place to mention that the confirmation of the PLF required for entry to France consists of two blank pages ? So, if I get out of, one country I may not be allowed in the next. Hmmm...   My take on it is too many cooks spoil the broth. Nobody has any idea what is going on and nobody can counter chaos. It s a very neat trick.
  19. BREXIT positives and negatives

    Who knits these figures ? Wonder what size needles they use. Anybody gonna disagree ?
  20. If you have her NHS card with a number that could help, although there will be no date on it of course.    The Germans are asking for a document that does not exist.    Agree she should stop paying.
  21. Only in America

    Since when did theory ever correspond neatly to practice ?   Them heroes only in Hollywood films...
  22. Only in America

    The nature of the job has changed, certainly.  The only people who should be required to lay down their lives in the course of duty are the armed forces. Job for the army... They were dealing with a lethal maniac. Their caution was understandable.
  23. Only in America

    They were in the dark and the guy was unpredictable... who can see through walls ? Would you have gone first ?
  24. Why are you happy today?

  25. Only in America

    Give a thicky a uniform and a gun... or even just a uniform. Have T shirt. Film brewing. Plot unbelievable but sadly true.