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  1. CovPas app when travelling to the UK

    Sadly they are incapable of writing unambiguous, clear English on the government website. It went from having to have two of the same vaccine a week ago - from the country that invented mix'n'max vax - to expanding that a few days later to include mix'n'match, as long as you had two doses of something, anything. Now we seem to be back to something less explicit that could be open to interpretation, i.e. "only one dose of a two dose vaccine..." or is that not the latest? Anyway, piss-ups and breweries. Just for a change.   Good luck to the OP with the journey and whatever ensues.
  2. Disturbance by neighbours animals

      Maybe talk to your other neighbours first and get them on board. My guess is his first reaction will be to write you off as a PITA and not take you seriously. He is not going to welcome what you have to say. If the multitudes appear on his doorstep he may think differently.
  3. Outdoor lighting - do solar lights really work?

    Must have been long-leggerty blokes. Or in yer face.
  4. CovPas app when travelling to the UK

    So was it Janssen?
  5. Why are you unhappy today?

    The beast in man, John. Twas ever thus. And will not change. Did you consider changing your reading habits ? I get on better not knowing about this sort of stuff. Seriously. It is bad for our mental health.
  6.   There is an awful lot of that... with consequences you would expect. Will not elaborate.   Maybe try Passau. Floods occasionally though.
  7. German women and femininity

      That's sad and bad to hear. May she stay forever lovely.   I am inspired to grow mine now - can't get a decent cut in the Alsace. Unbelievable what they do to you here with a pair of scissors in the name of hairdressing. But I will finally have to reach for the bleach... silver doesn't cut it when it's long.  
  8. German women and femininity

    Time to grow your hair long, ladies...
  9. CovPas app when travelling to the UK

      Clearly someone somewhere made a mistake. Or let me guess. They had Janssen and the computer programmers had not yet caught up and supplied the option of 1/1.
  10. CovPas app when travelling to the UK

    1/1 fully vaxed is not intriguing at all. They do an antibody test to see if you had it. If you are positive you get one jab of one. If you have no antibodies you get two jabs. But it took them a while to start testing for antibodies before giving out the jabs where I am... in France.   For UK one jab does not cut it. As said above. Crazy. But it sells their tests...
  11. CovPas app when travelling to the UK

    Frankly i would not ask these questions. I would just go and get a second jab. Actually i ended up doing that to get a covid pass because i had no proof of recovery from covid. Should not be this way but sometimes life is easier if you just take the pragmatic route. He s gonna get a booster one day. Might as well do it now.   For the record i went through 2 days of hell with both jabs.
  12. PCR 2 day test in UK

    Spot on.  And scandalous.
  13. Traveling to UK from Germany - quarantine rules

    Hallelujah. The jobsworths have read and thought about their half baked first effort and finally caught up with reality.
  14. You can wait a lifetime for them to open up to meaningful conversation. And some more. This sums up the situation I had with my Germanic inlaws who I never see anymore. It is a way for them to exert control in my opinion.
  15. Disturbance by neighbours animals

    Oh dear. This is going to be difficult. We had this in our village. It went to court. Famously. The cock won. The neighbour was left with egg on his face. Seriously.   Could you get some free range eggs out of it ? Cocks crow. You cannot muzzle them.    Now the barking dog who is the bane of my life is a different kettle of fish... and he lives a way away. (Away away. A wim away. The lion sleeps tonight. Wish I could.) Waiting for the neighbours to fix that for me. I already have one spattered barking dog t-shirt. Don t need another.
  16. Bullying or harassment in the work place

    I wonder if the doc could tell HR what she told you.   Failing that get HR to read this.
  17. I only lived in Munich 16 years. Bavarians tend to live up to their gruff reputation. Now i live in France. When we nip over the border to Freiburg and environs they seem like an entirely different breed. So civilised and polite by comparison. 
  18. What's got you flummoxed today?

    Flummoxed that anyone uses a middle man when you can book directly with the hotel. Google is your friend.
  19. PCR 2 day test in UK

    I'm wondering how they check on you with the locator form. Do people really rock up to your door to see if you are in? Or can they track you on the basis of credit/debit card use?
  20. Suggest work options for my wife

    Patent attorneys do like english mother tongue typists. These are generally overqualified ladies who are overworked and underpaid. But any port in a storm when washed up in a new country...
  21. Three-word story

    Knickers in twist?
  22. Why are you unhappy today?

    John, you made the earth move ?
  23. BREXIT positives and negatives

    Yeah but they get away from the wife and kids and get travel perks. Just joking.   Much of what is on the road should be in freight trains... if only investment and long term planning were concepts the government understood.
  24. Things to ponder

    So what do we read in the boys' faces ? Trump isn t taking her seriously. Are the others ?
  25. Things to ponder

    Don t get me wrong, people. I am not thinking of broadcasting it. But i don t feel inclined to hide it either. I was specifically thinking about my parents. If you say nothing you are hiding it. If you do, you are blabbing. My daughter does not have any regular contact with them. It s not going to be the first topic of conversation when she does.   Also, i see the same pattern of insularity in her behaviour as in other gays i know. No doubt a defence mechanism.