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  1. Medical/Health Coaching - British Medical Doctor

    Typo ?  Surely you meant spicy, snowy ? Or saucy ?
  2. What a bummer.   Is there a library or other public building you could escape to ? This could be like Chinese water torture. You need to find a safe haven for when you can stand it no more. 
  3. Medical/Health Coaching - British Medical Doctor

      Oh. Dear.    Strangely, people are willing to stump up good cash to see fortune tellers, mediums, tarot card readers, you name it... but I think non reimbursable  counselling might be a bit problematic for many people.    Good luck all the same.
  4. What made you laugh today?

    Burying another one this after... just spent a frantic half hour searching for me reading glasses so I can actually see the music... on the point of ringing to tell them to find another soloist... then the cat gets up for a good stretch... and behold !!
  5. Filing a complaint to respective authorities

    Finanzamt ?
  6. Medical/Health Coaching - British Medical Doctor

    Welcome Dr. Feelgood. Full points for advertising your services on TT... several advanced cases on here could use you, myself included. I have quite a story...You show remarkable vision already simply by honing in here... presumably you will not be giving your time for entirely charitable and altruistic reasons... so, about the billing... can we expect the krankenkassen and private insurance companies to recognize you and pay your fees?
  7. Three-word story

    by the pool
  8. BREXIT positives and negatives

    Frankly did anyone at all really understand how far reaching the tentacles of Europe were in the UK ? Certainly not those pulling the strings. They seem quite taken by surprise.
  9. German women and femininity

    I have a sneaky feeling it s more a case of giving you one of the two cuts they can (sort of) do. Sorry to sound so jaundiced but it really is a challenge to find someone who actually can cut hair. I have a lady back home, don t have to tell her anything, come out like a starlette, cut lasts months. So they do exist. But are so few and far between. I wondered if people here have learnt from YouTube. 
  10. What made you laugh today?

    I think I used to work with one of those blokes in that picture a few posts up. Of the landed gentry. And what a load of hot air he was... if it is indeed him. Which I suspect it is. It bodes ill. It really does.
  11. started a new job and have not much to do

    Is the new girl German? If you think you are being intentionally excluded you should speak up.
  12. CovPas app when travelling to the UK

    The Uniform In Front Of Me ? Exactly.
  13. German women and femininity

    What colour is it fruity ?
  14. Three-word story

    To Dire Straits
  15. CovPas app when travelling to the UK

    Yes. I saw it change over night. Somebody must have scratched their head and had a rethink. No doubt following a lot of complaints.
  16. Ah, work fatigue. Had a wardrobe full of those T shirts in Munich. Apart from people at the EPO who ambled about with a noticeably slow and relaxed gait and one pseudo-artist over the road who was maintained by his wife, I only ever knew over-worked, stressed out people in Germany. Always thought I wasn't mixing in the right circles though...
  17. German women and femininity

    I have converted many. It iso easy to get the colour wrong.
  18. German women and femininity

     This definitely. I notice I piss them all off by staying silver. Specially when the other ladies see that actually it is a better option than what they are paying to have done in the next seat down and start musing about going that way too...
  19. CovPas app when travelling to the UK

      Clear as mud their website is shite... Yep. Thank you for the snow. A source of indirect illumination in the darker, colder places of our orb.
  20. Why are you unhappy today?

    Just would like to point out that this is from your MIL... so may not even be the whole truth.    We only get one imperfect Mam. Which is why you feel sad. I am in the same boat. 
  21. CovPas app when travelling to the UK

    It is not clear if two doses of different stuff is valid. Maybe you missed the first effort a week ago where it stated plainly that the two doses had to be of the same vaccine. So a dose of astra followed by a dose of pfizer was deemed invalid. Yes really. Then it changed.
  22. German women and femininity

    Yes indeed !!  Both times    I was dark brunette with a lot of red tones. So now streaky salt and pepper with darkish skin. The crop has worked for now but it is very boring and only flattering if well cut. Which it isn t.   I really like the idea of going the rebellious hag route. Streaky. Unfortunately my hair is wavy and very coarse... so could end up looking really scary...
  23. BREXIT positives and negatives

    It's called transition, people. TRANSITION !