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  1. Scary letter from Staatsanwaltschaft

    I m sorry it still sounds scammy to me. They don t send people to prison for 3,5K.  I would not pay the fine. You might never see the money again. Before they sent you to prison it would have to go to court. This would never get past a court.  
  2. Is my company smartphone spying on me?

    Thank you jeba... finally found the updater lurking in the deepest depths of my phone. I have now clicked wifi only updates. Blimey. Was never gonna stumble across that by accident.
  3. Is my company smartphone spying on me?

    Searched for what ? My settings are on background data restricted.
  4. Is my company smartphone spying on me?

    So I can see in whatsapp that my calls were huge 140 MB. Data settings were already on wifi downloads only and calls on lower data. Which brings me to question the possibility of spyware. The storage used in whatsapp shows about 80% yellow stripe for apps and other. Which I fail to understand. What apps can be stored on whatsapp ?
  5. Is my company smartphone spying on me?

    Thanks. The options are not presented this way. Can't see system apps updater. I have clicked on Background data restricted. Hope that does it. And doesn't cause me any aggro.
  6. Scary letter from Staatsanwaltschaft

    You know what ? You could also just let this roll and enjoy the cock up. Seriously. You know they have no claim. You have this from the AA. Just wait. Sit back. Drink tea. See what they come up with next. It sounds too ridiculous to be true. Try to get some distance on it. Easily said for sure. Maybe contact a journalist or two.   Bureaucracy gone potty. They deserve to be exposed.
  7. Is my company smartphone spying on me?

    10 sec video call used 46MB. I dunno if that is normal. I was cut off and got a message from my provider that my internet allowance was used up. They still docked me for the remaining couple of euros credit on my account for internet use beyond my subscription
  8. Is my company smartphone spying on me?

    Factory reset... will that delete stuff like contacts and foti ?   I went through all app and put them on wifi where it is an option. The Android installed apps that you cannot delete i have deactivated mobile data but there is no wifi option. So how will they update ?
  9. Is my company smartphone spying on me?

    Thanks for replying although i am somewhat out of my depth here. What is a rouge app ? Spy app ? How do I prevent updates happening while i am out ?
  10. Selling rented apartment to spouse

    Sorry I can t help you but congratulations on the mark up. Great investment (as long as you actually cash in).
  11. Is my company smartphone spying on me?

    So, I suspect hubby may have spyware on my phone and/or laptop. (Aside: Greetings Ernest.) My phone gobbled up 50 MB of internet usage after a 10 second video conversation on Whatsapp with someone in the same country as me. How can that be? He is currently in the Canaries. So I wondered if my phone is sending/receiving abroad. Dunno if or how this would show on my bill. Any thoughts?
  12. Yoga teacher refuses to refund money

    She's supposed to just have made a charitable donation of about 100 Euros to the yoga teacher, is she? Ask about her private lessons. She should not charge more as she no longer offers the service you paid for. Although who is to say if she will start up group classes again. It sucks. I think a bit of PITA persistence might go a long way in this situation.
  13. Employer discloses private health condition without consent

    Probably. IANAL however. But the horse has bolted. And the lawyers will argue it all ways and then present a fat bill. You may or may not win. Money will fix nothing. And relations with the unprofessional blabbermouth would be forever strained. Cough. What would there to be gained from pursuing it ?   I m sorry you confided in an AH and I hope your colleagues treat you kindly. Next time you will have to do it the German way, i.e. tell them you had a medical issue and were temporarily incapacitated. 'Es hat seine Gründe' in dour tones and a po-faced expression which exclude any further curiosity is what comes to mind. There is a difference between genuine concern and idle curiosity but they can sometimes look very similar. Try to put it behind you.
  14. Strange facts that you never wanted to know

    Which makes no différence to the pronunciation. I worked with Herr Fugger in a different life. Kid you not.  There is actually a glottal stop in the middle of the name of the town, unlike the verb.
  15. Airplane seats

    You gets wot you pays for, although... the fake wooden folding table would be more in keeping with the OPs offering s colours. They offend my artistic eye coupled with purple. Guess that s why they are on sale too.
  16. 3G in Restaurants?

    How many more times must we apply hammer to thick skull ? Covid is like Russian Roulette. It takes some people out (or maims) irrespective of their age or level of fitness or vax status. Seems to be a genetic thing. My 97 y.o. MIL, indestructible as she is, had it and recovered with far less aggro than I had. She is quite frail but covid was not gonna be her demise. I repeat Russian Roulette. Nothing to do with young, fit, skinny, whatever... it can still do you serious damage.
  17. Airplane seats

    Ex-Aeroflot ? One that didn t come down in a crash. I reckon i could stretch to 4 euros.
  18. Airplane seats

    Start the bidding, anyone ?
  19. The Vent - NO CHAT!!!

    He may be writhing and squirming about at the front with a stick in his hand but that does not mean he is actually conducting us, you stupid woman. Why are you defending the indefensible ? 
  20. Can employers spy on employees that are off work sick?

    That s new to me. And i had the teutons down as lacking imagination 
  21. Can employers spy on employees that are off work sick?

    Had an absolutely killer cold once and the boss rang every day to see how I was... i went in on the Friday, too early for my own good,  coughed all over them and spread the pleasure far and wide. They were practically begging me to go back home... but it was too late.
  22. What's got you flummoxed today?

    Maybe she had long covid and is finally feeling better ?   Emkay, the trick with cat vom is to have caught hubby on the back foot the night before  so that he is the one sheepishly doing the clean-up the next morning ... see if you can have a word with the cat for next time......
  23. Triple nationality permitted?

    Would someone kindly take the Biotonne out ?
  24. What's got you flummoxed today?

    Could F bean very nasty...