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  1. Strange facts that you never wanted to know

    Well, we do remember the reason for that, don t we ?
  2. Why are you unhappy today?

    I would be in favour of driving licences stopping at 80. But then I am not 80. My SIL once sang an opera at table about how marvellous it was that my FIL was still driving in his mid 80s even after having pranged his car. I dared to cast doubt on that appraisal and it was the beginning of the end of my relationship with my inlaws.
  3. BREXIT positives and negatives

    Dunno who would bother invading blighty these days.
  4. Why are you unhappy today?

    Terrifying. I know someone who was rammed in a car park by a confused bloke getting to grips with the pedals on his new automatic. He was 92. 
  5. Why are you unhappy today?

    Sannerl, that is terrible.   They like to drive on the wrong side at speed on an iphone where I live. Unbelievable what you see. Know a guy semi lame on one side after a stroke who presumably brakes with his left foot...  and another who knows he has parked when he touches the guy in front.   I am unhappy because I can see him on the slippery slope of decline.
  6. Landlord Bedrohung

    Unbelievable. Only in Germany, surely? Lawyers laughing all the way to the bank. Sorry I cannot be helpful. I hope the tennant has legal insurance.
  7. What made you smile today?

    Sorry to be a PITA but that article is just such a load of vaccuous hot air. I have a sneaky feeling there will be fluctuations in birth rates over the year. So if there are less leos in the population than scorpios the percentage rates will be scewed. I am neither a scientist nor a statistician... but i really think linking vax rates to horoscopes is an air headed ploy to sell more copy. They have to come up with something. Guess i haven t been to enough parties lately...
  8. Nintendo switch

    ...the above comments are excellent. My kid has one and she is in a universe i absolutely have no idea about. But you do have to go with the flow. Use it, don t abuse it.  Also, the kids are focused and concentrating. Once upon a time it was prayer. Then books. Then telly. My parents used to tell me i was reading too much. Nose always stuck in a book. Depends also what real alternatives there are.  Peer pressure is a whole subject on its own. Social exclusion could do more harm than a few hours of fluffy, non educational (and i am sure that description is not true just our incomprehending perception) screen time. It is 2021. And your kid should be allowed some boredom. It is part of the picture and necessary IMO.
  9. Three-word story

    Vexatious prats abound
  10. What made you laugh today?

    We must have the same hairdresser.
  11. Ah... pragmatic solution. Keep stumm about the non EU jab. Yes, why not ?
  12. Why are you happy today?

    The fish can swim up from the sea perhaps. Can't get fresher than that. John, you are very trusting. Hope it all works out for the cats in your absence. I think you will be glad to be on less seismic territory. Bit wobbly at the moment down there. You get to swap earthquakes for wind and rain. Hoorah.
  13. Well no. Not really. IMHO. You have a piece of paper which confers rights and obligations. Is that going to change your inner person ? I acquired a second nationality this year. But I am not and never will be French ... on the inside. For me it came as a relief. I now feel less vulnerable. But that's where any emotion stops.
  14. Climate change

    It was quite a night in the Alsace. Reminiscent of 1975 in the north of England which was followed by March gales like I d never seen or heard - but then I was only just into double figures myself - which was followed by the hot summer and drought of 1976. Interested to see if there is a pattern. If there is, batten down the hatches, folks, cos you ain't seen nuffin yet.
  15. Neighbour is threatening with video recording us

    Yes, it s not a path one would wish to embark upon. I am sure the owner will kindly oblige without extreme measures being necessary.
  16. ground cable for satellite dish (Blitzableiter)

    Once upon a time there was a techy by the name of spider piggy. 
  17. What are you cooking today?

    That sounds damned good.
  18. Car vandalism -> explored some options but no success?

    That's a bitter lesson. But sadly true.
  19. Neighbour is threatening with video recording us

    Black stocking (just the one) in my day, mate. Incidentally, vaseline or oil or pig dripping on the windscreen would be quicker. Never did it myself, just transmitting ancient wisdom...
  20. Neighbour is threatening with video recording us

    Good Bramble, good. Definitely start banging on about paragraph 12. And if that fails to penetrate, direct action à la Keith. Sorry to say, that may be the only form of communication the owner understands - in the same way that small children respond better to physical gestures than words. Make sure the hoodie is black and wait for a cloudy night. Hope the van is not under a street lamp.
  21. The Vent - NO CHAT!!!

    I can see that you can see that I am a really useful person in many different ways. But I really do not want to get roped into your project, which you obviously wish to be an ongoing thing. I have given you an inch. Now get off my case.
  22. Yes. And british AZ exported to France was deemed invalid in UK. Someone got paid for inventing that one too.
  23. Neighbour is threatening with video recording us

    Dunno what the law has to say in Germany but in France you cannot park such a vehicle for more than one night in the same spot if you are on the street, or come to that, even in specially designated spaces for campers and caravans, so anywhere in public that is not an actual campsite.   And they do check.   I would first make sure that he actually is within his rights.
  24. What made you laugh today?

    I think that would be a bit of a killer for most women...