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  1. What do you do when you feel down or anxious?

    Spider, do you think you are in possession of all the facts? All the signs suggest my hubby may be gay. Suspicions arise when he does not come near you for over a decade. I guess you never did duty sex either.
  2. What do you do when you feel down or anxious?

    I honestly never did duty sex. Ever. What man does that to his wife? Then it is just vaginal masturbation. What is the point? It should be consensual or not at all, surely. OK, if things get jaded, one of you has to make the effort but if appetite does not come with eating then other arrangements must be made. I cannot understand someone who condemns their partner to celibacy then complains if they go abroad. If there are health issues it is different, fair enough. But duty sex in 2019?
  3. unemployment benefit

    Is there a church in village? I would  put Christianity to the test and go and see the vicar/priest.
  4. What do you do when you feel down or anxious?

    Please tell me this is not true. You are not telling me hubby is just a typical dude? Can we have a survey please?   @OP - there is indeed a lot to be said for a long snog and whatever follows. Regularly. Failing that exhale. Listen to some mood-changing music. Exhale again. Wait for the gloom to lift. It will pass. Especially if it is hormonal. Cannot decide what gender the OP is.
  5. Do you believe in telepathy

    Jeremy, why grace those comments with an answer? It really is pathetic to see how enemies suddenly find solidarity when they have a common enemy. Grow up everybody. Please.
  6. Gender neutral toilets.

    Me too. And I'm female! But you are right...
  7. Do you believe in telepathy

    The Bushmen of the Kalahari are said to be able to communicate long distance via very low frequency vibes. Like elephants.    Ever watched negroids (somebody tell me the pc term if that is wrong) talking to each other in a noisy restaurant when they are at different ends of a long table separated by half a dozen people? They talk low and tune in to the frequency.   I have experience of people "impinging themselves upon my conscience" when they were in times of dire trouble. Or picking up the phone to ring someone and finding them already on the line cos they had rung me the exact same moment. Too often for it to be coincidence. And that time I got a letter from my ex-boss declaring love... well I knew it was waiting for me before I opened the letter box!   Is this what people call telepathy? If so, then yes, I think we can and do communicate long distance with certain folk we feel very attached to.
  8. The Vent - No Chat!

    I really wish it didn't take you three days to mow your orchard. And I really wish you would buy yourself a new quieter lawnmower. One that you could sit on and go quicker perhaps? That one you push and dates from 1970 is indestructible. But it is seriously impacting the quality of a lot of people's lives.
  9. Complete FAIL

    Now why would the notification of a 6.8 magnitude earthquake in Russia just over the border from Ukraine be removed from the EMSC website about 10 minutes after it happened? Guess its not looking good for their nuclear reactors.
  10. Gender neutral toilets.

    Inevitable ogling. Inevitable touching. Inevitable hard-ons and ensuing comments and laddish behaviour. They had a fad a decade or so in Munich where ladies would walk around with their shirts open, displaying their bras. It was extremely hot. The fad lasted about 10 days. I wonder why?
  11. Got Fired in ah Underhand Way, How Do I Defend Myself?

    Life is short. Only fight those battles you can win. Is it worth fighting over a minimum wage job in a place they don't want you, even if your dismissal is illegal? I would move on. Quickly.
  12. Gender neutral toilets.

      Idem. Children go through stages of many different fears, which usually pass. Including fear of men. It is normal psychological development.   (And I think I have seen you play the discrimination card before.)
  13. What's got you flummoxed today?

    The best is when you are in the car in the middle of nowhere with your favourite person and things are hotting up   and you unwittingly press that help button that cars have these days in case you have an accident and that you did not even know was there up to this point. And a voice comes out of nowhere asking if you are ok. After you have worked out who is talking to you and reassured the person you are fine and do not need help, thanks all the same, and no you have not had an accident... you cannot help wondering how long this voice has been eaves-dropping on what you thought was a private occasion. Oh boy.
  14. Gender neutral toilets.

    With me it was the opposite. Never had any trouble in UK. AT ALL. Left aged 23 for the Continent. A whole new world opened up. I guess I looked like a lost soul and vulnerable.
  15. unemployment benefit

    I think I spot Aspergers syndrome. Again.