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  1. Is Prince Harry revolting?

    Let's read all the words very carefully.
  2. A gift to a doctor

    If this becomes a habit, he might one day have a hard time proving that he is not actively exploiting his vulnerable patients. You don't have to accept a will. I think your friend is on very boggy ground.
  3. Is Prince Harry revolting?

      Not necessarily. They do need to go grey rock, however, and completely ditch their public profile.
  4. A gift to a doctor

    Does he use hypnotism? This sounds extremely dubious.
  5. Is Prince Harry revolting?

    It is time a law was introduced in the UK to put a stop to the sale of the utterly superfluous, vicious, hate-inciting gutter press, the like and scale of which does not even exist over the Channel. Can't ban them because of freedom of speech. But like Class-A drugs they should not be legally available for purchase. Think how many trees it would save and the reduction in the carbon imprint if production and distribution were stopped.   Why anyone is amused by such dross and pays good money for same is totally beyond me.
  6. Bought fake item on eBay - seller won't refund

    Or lied? How do we know? Why doesn't the OP send the refund first and then wait for the product to come winging home? Put yourself in the buyer's shoes. He got shafted once. Is he now gonna trust the seller? I wouldn't.
  7. Bought fake item on eBay - seller won't refund

    Are you real? Who is scamming whom? Maybe you met your match?
  8. Is Prince Harry revolting?

    Doubt the nanny would like to be on a folding sofa-bed.
  9. Is Prince Harry revolting?

    Time will tell if happens.
  10. Is Prince Harry revolting?

    No. It's Archie Harrison. Andrew comes in 8th.   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Succession_to_the_British_throne   Would you look at some of those names... Zenouska, Cassius, Davina, Tāne, Senna, Xan (almost forgivable), Cosima, Rufus...
  11. Is Prince Harry revolting?

    They are not in danger... unless the IRA objects again... Charles has more to worry about.   "The Sussexes will not use their HRH titles". Read the words carefully. They have not actually been stripped of their titles, they just won't use them. For now. And expressing a desire to repay the couple of million refurbishment costs for Frogmore is not the same as actually paying back the money.
  12. Very wise. Life is short. Wish I hadn't either but you can't untoll the bell unfortunately. I think cleaning the shit in the toilet is the biggest give-away. Even good Christians have their limits. I hope no minors read TT.
  13. PTSD, Spider. Except this is obviously a sicko novella. People in shock do not write such a carefully constructed, well thought out and lengthy narrative.   "I fractured my big toe kicking her." "I CURSE THE FILTHY WOMB THAT HAD CARRIED HIM!!" Pure mysogyny.   I'm calling BS.
  14. The Vent - No Chat!

    I think you overestimate my desire to be part of your moribond club. You have outmanoevered us by "organising" our appearances without consulting with us and "saving" the organisers our wage. Can see you coming AH.