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  1. UK rental income on German tax returns (post-Brexit)

    I would not play ball with anyone who claims to provide a (potential future) service (they are playing on your insécurities and fear), and whacks another 3% plus VAT on their bills for an automatic opt-in scheme. Not the way I would want to do things.   Sharks.
  2. BREXIT positives and negatives

    Brexit will be the scapegoat of all European ills.   Bailing out the PIGS is not something the European club is going to enjoy. Maybe they will get Turkey on board after all.
  3. Sensitive/Difficult Neighbour Complaining About Everything

    I would définitely think hard about what she does ... apart from moan ... that annoys you and make a oiint of complaining back to her. Every time you see her. You do hear her in the stairwell, and when she closes her door, and those cooking smells, or her cigar habit...
  4. I don t know the OP but your last post is clearly ad hominem or rather ad feminam.    Single mother with big problem and fuel in her rocket. I m guessing she will mellow with age.    
  5. You pays your taxes but what civilised (it s not, by the way) 'society' provides will never please all the people all the time. And they still owe you nothing.
  6. Expectations... hmm... you will find the following comment unhelpful and it will not improve your mood, but for the sake of perspective I will dare to say it anyway.   Nobody owes you anything.   The vain promises of politicians are just that.   For what it s worth, I do sympathise with your plight.
  7. How integrated are you?

    My father now pays 20% of his annual income on council tax. The day will come when people cannot afford to continue to live in their own property.   I know people who cannot afford to move back to UK because of house prices. Will soon be in that position myself.
  8. How integrated are you?

    Political gaslighting. Our forebears sacrificed themselves so we could have better lives than them. They built an empire. And a physical infrastructure. It was milked and squandered and not maintained. Then sold off to foreigners and the naive man in the street before it would need investment to fix. (Anybody tried to cash in those British Gas shares online, by the way ?) The quality of life in many parts of The Great British Realm leaves much to be desired for most people, I believe.  Which leads us to the brain drain. The best get on their bikes and leave. And here we are. Uprooted. Trying to integrate.   I gave up on Germany and left. 
  9. Should we/How to introduce ourselves to the neighborhood

    I think your plan cannot be wrong. Do it. And good luck.    Whether or not it is appropriate is irrelevant. You need to start somewhere. They may be a little surprised. So what ? You will définitely need to go to them as I doubt they will come to you.    Germans tend to be wary of strangers and keep to themselves. They also put up a wall when it comes to friendship. Getting beyond the superficial greeting can be a struggle.   Then again you could strike lucky. Fingers crossed for you.
  10. What made you laugh today?

    In sunny Scunny there are still pillar boxes bearing the GR insignia.
  11. How integrated are you?

    People have three jobs with no security and still cannot make ends meet. Slaves to their mortgages paying for cramped housing. Builders and bankers cashing in big time. 
  12. How integrated are you?

    In people s back gardens apparently... loads of sheds, garages, semi permanent buildings gone up without planning permission. In London they occupy beds 24/7 on a rotating shift basis. And pay a fortune for it. Makes Dickens look cushy. 
  13. Queen Elizabeth

    I doubt they will last much longer. The scrutinising press has failed to comment on Meghan s almost cowed appearance behind a grim faced Kate and tense looking Wills at yesterday's event. Charles' inky fingers a sign he s near breaking... schoolboy prank by the master of the pen or chronic mobbing behind the scenes ? The cracks are there if you care to look.
  14. Queen Elizabeth

    ... which evokes Darth Vader.
  15. Queen Elizabeth

    The trills left a bit of a void. And the same three tunes... over and over... and they still needed sheet music ? They did well to keep going non-stop though.