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  1. What made you laugh today?

    Needlessly nasty.
  2. What's got you flummoxed today?

    Flummoxed that a grown man can insist and persist in insisting that his 12 year old son should hog one of two 1st flugelhorn books in concert containing our repertoire when there are 5 seasoned and variously short-sighted musicians with one 1st flugel and two 2nd flugel books between them. Eventually, after much hoo-ha the kid ended up with 2nd horn - much to his dad's chagrin - but what is wrong with that man's thinking?
  3. What are you cooking today?

    I could not leave that 5kg bag of onions costing 2 Euros in the shop... so took it home and baked an onion pie. Yummy hummy. But global warming is going to accelerate even faster judging by the effect it had... and there are still about 4 kg left..
  4. Yep, I am becoming dangerous. Can't remember why off hand...   What I really relish is where you put that thing in that spot you never usually put it. Or that place where you think it will be really safe. And a little voice in your head tells you not to, cos you ain't never gonna think of looking there when you next need it. But you ignore the voice and do it anyway. And then fail to find what you are looking for when you next need it. You know it is somewhere different and even super safe, but just can't remember where...
  5. What made you smile today?

    My mother's assertion that the shiny white surfaces in her kitchen don't seem to get dirty and just need an occasional wipe. Could it be, Dad, that there is a fairy doing the job? Reminds me of my husband's claim that weeds don't seem to grow in our garden.
  6. What's got you flummoxed today?

    How is it that the person who plays loudest all the time invites others to play piano?   And someone with a rather wide girth dares to make insinuations about my expanding midriff?   Good job I have a sense of humour...
  7. Complete FAIL

  8. Why does our young cat, who thus far does not seem to see me as his prefurred purrson and will not slumber on my knee, like to sit on my keyboard and block the screen?
  9. Why are you happy today?

    The menopause is such a roller-coaster.   This morning up at 6 to move my car from outside my house in avoidance of being towed away while road markings - we had no idea what to expect - were painted along our street... I got twitchy (understatement) seeing the parking spaces that appeared on the main street tacitly putting other places into the realm of the fine-inducing traffic offence. Fully expected the place I park in front of my garage while charging my electric car to be no-go, while also expecting them to paint spaces outside my front windows. This would be an invitation to others to cut out my light and simultaneously afford me an idyllic view of their SUVs. It seems however that we have been spared and the ominous signs were only meant for the main street.. Phew! I am so happy.   Lost one of my favourite (of course) ear-rings. Up and down the road to the space I had parked this morning practically on my knees looking for said earring. No joy. Hoovered all around and even emptied the dust bag over the compost heap, inhaling half of it, just to be sure that rattle had not been my earring... it wasn't. Up and down the street again. On my hands and knees in the garage. Played the film back in my mind (what's left of it) and returned to the parking space. Reversed in at exactly the spot I had been in the dark this morning. On all fours again, nose 6 inches off the ground. And bingo! Found it!! I am so happy.  
  10. What's got you flummoxed today?

    Yeah, I'm saying it loud. I HATE Ticketmaster. Thieves. Not remotely flummoxed about it either.
  11. Why are you unhappy today?

    Be glad he's not your gyno...
  12. Complete FAIL

    A blindman with a super-sensitive nose will find it anyway...
  13. What's got you flummoxed today?

    Flummoxed that some people think a series of really brisk, almost happy-clappy military marches are appropriate for a solemn commemoration.
  14. When is assisting in suicide legal

    Discretion. Rules and the law are not always implemented in practice. In The Netherlands or Switzerland it's possible.