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  1. Anger over pork sausages at Germany Islam event

    Salvation Army still do a good tune.
  2. Anger over pork sausages at Germany Islam event

    We talking about blowing us own trumpets?
  3. Anger over pork sausages at Germany Islam event

    In my experience (at least the female) infidels are not even allowed to touch the Koran, let alone open it.   Not quite sure how the outreach is supposed work there...
  4. Your hand smashed the backward-sloping windscreen...   The driver may or may not have accelerated from 0 to 60 in 3 seconds but he sure stepped on the brakes sharply upon contact between you and his vehicle. Why are you not suing for GBH if you were an innocent by-stander and he was a road rager? Is it possible the other damage was sustained simultaneously upon impact with objects other than your person? Just because that damage was not visible in the photos does not mean it was not present... or caused by your good self.
  5. Massive Riots in Paris

    Macron got in by default, not because people actually wanted him. I find the French generally amazingly introspective. If they looked over the Channel they would see where it is all going. They seem 30 years behind the UK socially and economically. There is still the entitlement mentality and the expectation that society owes them a job for life. Things are indeed going downhill but the starting point is pretty good. It is sad they don't appreciate just how much they have to lose. Yes there is wastage and corruption but the State is also pretty extravagant in many ways.
  6. Complete FAIL

    The photographer seems to have a sense of humour... don't let EU see this.
  7. Complete FAIL

      Police informed but no charges filed... remorse expressed. That's alright then.   https://www.bbc.com/news/world-us-canada-46515908
  8. Traffic accident disputes advice needed

    The OP is Chinese...
  9. Xmas family pictures

    Yes, they are worrying...
  10. Anger over pork sausages at Germany Islam event

    = I am a victim. Please invent a new record.
  11. Anger over pork sausages at Germany Islam event

    Halleluja. Can we please give the man credit for finally hitting the nail right on the head on page 7 of this thread?
  12. Three-word story

    or Heather's Band
  13. Spam phone calls

    She needs to install a call blocker. I get calls from Tunisia... just don't answer them.
  14. Halleluja, thank you for pointing out the elephant in the room. Not only are we women disadvantaged from our relative lack of physical strength when compared to the male brawn, the fluctuating effect of our hormones can seriously compromise our performance at certain times. I speak as one who is currently doing the menopause... it is a rude awakening.   Can this please be acknowledged without a raging argument?
  15. Anger over pork sausages at Germany Islam event

    EU does not answer questions. He does however present manipulative, intellectually corrupt arguments quite nicely. Part of the culture in my experience. Politics would also be an apt career choice for this gent.