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  1. Gary Glitter found guilty, three-year sentence

    Exactly. It s about narcissistic supply, not their sex drive. Ain t gonna cure 'em. Damaged goods. Bin.
  2. Got to build a driveway

    Have you considered those cheapo honey combed slabs with holes in ? The grass... or daisies if you seed them... will grow through making for a more natural appearance.   https://www.pk-pro.de/JUW-Honeycomb-Paving-Stones-1-35-50x
  3. The War in Ukraine

    Oh bloody hell. Read all the words. On second thoughts, don't. I really wish the government would just ban the Daily Fail. Failing that I would make an appeal to TT mods to stop allowing people to quote it. Yes, it really is that bad. How does it escape you ?
  4. Where to hire midget and/or dwarf

      Aka a masochist ?  who would find this amusing ?
  5. The War in Ukraine

    I had a squeezy thing from DM, I think. Cost a few Euros, not even double figures. Did the job. Still regret not making cheese, just to see... Mother milk, magic stuff.
  6. Wiring a serial light switch.

    Genau. Learning the hard way is not an option.
  7. Diesel cars banned in Frankfurt

    Yes. I have a switch to activate noise when doing under 30km/hr in pédestrian zones. People can be taken by surpise. True. Extreme caution required upon approach from behind. But the decibels from the noise of tyres is nothing to the noise of an engine.
  8. PhD Fail and Re-apply?

      I expect they would know if you asked them. 
  9. Wiring a serial light switch.

    Double Dutch or Cantonese ?   I repeat... if you are not an electrician you are ill advised farting about with the wiring, especially if you ain t gotta clue and have to ask advice. Sorry for the broken record. But this thread looked like the latest fake anyway.
  10. Diesel cars banned in Frankfurt

    Don t forget the silence. If all vehicles were electric, the world would be so much quieter. Traffic noise became a huge problem years ago. Even the birds have to sing louder to compete. I find myself craving silence. Am I alone in this ?
  11. Wiring a serial light switch.

    If you do not employ a professional electrician and there is an issue, I would not expect the insurance to stump up when the building goes up in flames. It being Germany, I would not be surprised if you were even criminally liable in such an event. 
  12. woken up by neighbors alarm

    Gebäudeverwaltung. Mietverein. Search function top right of the screen. (Been done before...)
  13. Gary Glitter found guilty, three-year sentence

    But you are giggling at dongs, aren't you ?
  14. Hotel near HBF Munich - safe area?

    Hidden gem, anyone ?
  15. police cannot decide on car accident

    Breath of fresh air, FF. I have an automatic and still do neutral and handbrake. What does it cost ? If you have some sort of malaise you could be in big trouble drifting into traffic slumped over the driving wheel when your foot slips off the brake. You only know afterwards that for the first time in your life you blacked out for some unknown reason.