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  1. What's got you flummoxed today?

    Is it a uniquely male trait?
  2. What's got you flummoxed today?

    I really don't get why some people cannot just admit to their mistakes or below par performances and move on instead of trying to save face at all costs including at my expense. Why bother? Nobody (with any influence) is going to be fooled when the proof is in the pudding.
  3. Maybe I am missing something, but to get offended about the use of the term kid in English - and my understanding and use of it as affectionate and benevolent and absolutely not derogatory - is willfully getting upset about something just because. They can get called far worse...
  4. Sonderkündigungsrecht under the Telekommunkationsgesetz

    It is sharp practice and should be illegal.  But the lawyers are kinda busy.
  5. DHL paket shop xxx closed

    This is so funny - kinda Spike Milliganesque... knowing that the sink is leaking...   People, please be kind to each other. Folk do not wear labels on their foreheads warning the rest of us if they are Aspergers, Schizo, Marginal-but-Harmless, The Next Prime Minister, etc. Having said that, Lisa's three-minute post which so lucidly and concisely hits the nail on the head has now turned into 10 minutes of my life which I will never get back. Got a laugh out of it though.
  6. Sonderkündigungsrecht under the Telekommunkationsgesetz

    Because it is written into their terms and conditions... which is utterly shite.
  7. Risk of overworking in Nebenjob

    Please don't let yourself be exploited. You will pay with your health. It is not worth it. These rules are there for a reason.
  8. Three-word story

    and dodgy decking
  9. Three-word story

    scaring small children
  10. Three-word story

    doing weird stuff
  11. Three-word story

    about that couple
  12. How to legally annoy your live-in landlady/landlord?

    I have 5 flugelhorns. One very special job for pleasure and concerts, one workhorse for outside events. I have three to sell for 300 Euros a throw. Would you be interested in learning to play brass? It will drive her nuts. And you will get a lot out of the music-making. Quiet times between 12 to 15hrs and after 22hrs, official holidays and Sundays. You will be contributing to the cultural life of your host country.
  13. Three-word story

    Is it over?
  14. Foraging for wild garlic

      Saw a family of about 20 a few months ago after sundown. Granny, Grandad, Aunts, Cousins, awesome sight.
  15. Foraging for wild garlic

    Wild garlic leaves are thinner and softer to the touch than Lily of the Valley.   Got a basket full yesterday. Jeremy you are very lucky if you  got them to grow in your garden. It is too dry and exposed where we live. Will try to fry, thanks for the tip!