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  1. Excellent. Thanks folks. Knew I was on the right track.
  2. Hey folks, I know this is tired as hell at this point but I have a friend from Croatia who has been in Berlin for 4 days. She has had a job interview for a reasonably paid job and got accepted.   The issue is that she's just been here a few days and has no permanent residence i.e she's crashing at a friend's place whilst she looks for a permanent place to stay.   Now obviously for a job you're going to need your Anmeldung, Steuernummer, Krankenversicherung... But getting them all seem dependant on first having a permanent residence (getting the Anmeldung) which I'm guessing isn't possible at the moment as she's just crashing at a mates place.   Any advice you can give in this situation? I want to help her as much as possible but just want to know where to start.   Thanks ever so much!!